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381 Creepiest Bands of All Time
382 The Best Movies of All Time

The Michael Bay fans ruined this list.

383 The Top Ten Worst Poser Metal Bands
384 The Top Ten Most Talented Metal Musicians V 1 Comment
385 Top 10 Songs People Think You're Weird If You Like Them
386 Top Ten Ways Canada is Better Than America
387 Top Ten Best Things About Toilets
388 Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Suck
389 Worst Pixar Movies

All Pixar Movies Rock Except For Finding Dory - VideoGamefan5

I created this list and I agree. I make horrible horrible lists. @VideoGameFan, you are right. THis list needs to be in the top 20. - TeamRocket747

390 Reasons Pop and Rap are Better Than Rock
391 Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Rapunzel Sucks
392 Top Ten Reasons Why Beastie Boys Is Better Than Liv and Maddie

Beastie Boys Is Obviously Better - JPK

393 Top Ten Singers We Wish We Could Trade to Get David Bowie Back

Probably the worst list I've ever made. It turns out that all I've been doing is wishing death on the singers I put on that list. Sure they are bad, but I do agree that it wouldn't be right to wish for someone's death. I don't really know what I was thinking when I made when I made that list. If I could delete it, I would. - Rorywilbren

394 Reasons Why Toy Story is Better Than Adolf Hitler

True, But This List Was Very Unnecessary - JPK

395 Top 10 Fetishes Displayed in the Giantess Scene from "Alphys vs Undyne"

Did this list even needed to be made? - GamerBoy

396 Top 10 Fictional Characters You Wish Would Die

Really - JPK

397 Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Galaxy is Bad
398 Worst People Of The 21st Century

I have to put this here because some people that were not really bad were in the list and my orderings were kinda inaccurate BUT I removed my remix of the list! - Neonco31

399 Top Ten Jacob Satourious Songs
400 Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic Underground is Better Than Adventure Time
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