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441 Top Ten Hottest Fictional Child Abusers
442 Top 10 Best Music Artists and Bands from Bad Genres

There's no such thing as a bad genre. All music is subjective.

443 Top Ten Theme Songs for Cartoon Shows

This one didn't make any sense.

444 Top Ten Cartoon Characters who Should Start a Specific Kind of Metal Band

This one DEFINITELY made no sense. Why would Ned Flanders wanna start a metal band when he's just gonna think metal is satanic? And why the hell would you compare Fanboy (you know from Fanboy & Chum Chum) to progressive metal? That's just insulting to prog music.

445 Top 10 Reasons Why Every Witch Way Is Better Than Other New Shows On Nickelodeon
446 Top 10 Celebrities Whose Poop Probably Smells Good

100% A Troll List - JPK

447 Worst Things About McDonald's
448 Southeast Asian Countries With the Smelliest People

If this list isn't childish then I don't know what is. - Entranced98

449 Top Ten Reasons Why Phineas and Ferb is Horrible
450 Top Ten Worst Books Ever

This list has religious books in the top ten! - izackak

Why is To Kill A Mockingbird #7?! - naFrovivuS

451 Worst Albums of All Time

Somehow, a troll/hacker got Blackstar at #1. - naFrovivuS

452 Best Cuss Words
453 Female Anime Characters with the Best Boobs
454 Top Ten Reasons To Hate Bronies
455 Top Ten Reasons Why the Nintendo 64 Sucks
456 Most Overrated Video Games
457 Countries With the Worst Music

Canada at number 2 just because of JB when we have Neil Young. So immature. - 445956

458 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Islam
459 Top 10 Things that Should Be on Deviantart
460 Top 10 Worst Playstation Games
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