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161 Top Ten Best Things About Islam

Really? Stop hating on religions, people! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

162 Top 10 TopTenners Who Should Watch Fred: The Movie V 1 Comment
163 Top 10 Reasons To Hate Taylor Swift

I hate this list even though I agree with some of contains on the list. - BeaM456

What? I like this list-AnimeDrawer85

164 Worst Metal Bands of All Time

Half the bands on there aren't even metal. - somelifeonaplanet

165 Meanest Things Justin Bieber Has Done

Get this off the list! - Croy987

People really hate the Bieber... - SwagFlicks

166 Top 10 Worst Things the YouTuber Keemstar Has Actually Done

Half the things on things list aren't even things he's done. - dimentioditto

167 10 Reasons Why Mario is Better Than Sonic

Get this off from there! - ChuckECheese

But It's True Since Late 2006

168 Reasons Why Finding Dory is Awful

*looks at videogamefan5* - TeamRocket747

169 Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go is Better Than Moms

Top Ten Reasons why TheTopTens is a cesspool of toxic list creators. - somelifeonaplanet

170 Reasons Why Nintendo Is Better Than Microsoft & Sony
171 Top 10 Sexiest TopTenners

I actually WOULD be quite high on this if we could actually see what we looked like - xandermartin98

Gross - lovefrombadlands

1. You're on a website and can't see what they look like
2. What if the girl you put on their is a 50 yr old man in the basement? - SoldierOfFortune

ewww what - TeamRocket747

172 Reasons Why Liv and Maddie is the Greatest Show On the Face of the Earth

I bet a certain user is going to flip when he sees this item on the list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I can't believe it - LaST_LiGHT

173 Top 10 Characters and TopTenners That Should Kill Amy Rose
174 Hottest Women in the World
175 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Rainbow Dash

Haters gonna hate - Neonco31

176 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Survivor
177 Worst Countries To Live In
178 Best Peppa Pig Characters

They all suck. I hate peppa the most.

Screw Peppa Pig - JPK

179 Top Ten Things that Need to End in 2017
180 Top 10 Reasons Why Goanimate is Better Than Flash

Whoever made this list is a close-minded Goanimate fan. - izackak

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