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161 Worst Countries To Live In
162 Top 10 Ways Sanjay and Craig is Better Than The Lion King

Lion King is the one who stinks.

Sanjay and Craig Stinks! - ChuckECheese

163 Best Peppa Pig Characters

They all suck. I hate peppa the most.

Screw Peppa Pig - JPK

164 Top Ten Things that Need to End in 2017
165 Top 10 Reasons Why Goanimate is Better Than Flash

Whoever made this list is a close-minded Goanimate fan. - izackak

166 Top 10 Fictional Female Video Game Butts You'd Like to Touch

That's Just Perverted. - kcianciulli

167 Top 10 Reasons Why Blaze the Cat Haters Should Go to Prison

This Guy Doesn't Know About Opinions - JPK

Should have never been approved in the first place. It just shows some people care more about stats for the site and money then dealing with troll lists like this one. - SteelCity99

168 Top 10 Songs from Alt-J's An Awesome Wave
169 Reasons Why Star Wars Episode III Is Better Than Episode V

It is better than V fir sure. - 51im_Ro55_2002

170 Top 10 Worst Playstation 2 Games

Has Ratchet, Sly and Jak on the top 10, enough said - xandermartin98

171 Reasons Why Women are Bitchy
172 Top 10 Things that Should Stop Getting Love
173 Best Songs to Dab To
174 Worst Things to Say to a Real Music Fan

I hope nobody says these things in real life. It'll just make them look bad.

V 2 Comments
175 Top Ten Things People Should Hate

Hitler, Justin Bieber, Murder, Rape etc.

176 Top Ten Most Popular Singers For 10 Year Old Girls
177 Top Ten Laws You Would Create if You Ruled the World

If you can't make fun of your own lists, you can't make fun of others. - Turkeyasylum

178 Worst Racing Games
179 Top Ten Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus

How would you love this prostitute?

There is nothing at all wrong with loving someone who is a prostitute. Are you confused about what love is, or that prostitutes are people who had their individual unique characteristics too? Who are you or anyone to say who anyone else should or shouldn't love? You may not believe in or respect him, but a famous man named Jesus notably loved at least one prostitute and likely all of them. - Billyv

She deserves the hate she gets.

180 Top Ten Things Wrong with Kids Today V 2 Comments
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