The Top 10 Worst Little Big Planet Clanners

This list will show some of the worst LBP clanners to come into existence; weather it be because of their lack of skill or idiotic actions towards the clanning community. Either way these people are really bad!

The Top Ten

1 Huntsman007

You forgot to mention my insanity... :P

Huntsman0007 also known as, Huntsmanthe7, -Alder-, AlderGottterisnt, NOD-Kaine-NOD, and many other names is a gender confused child who enjoys trolling and stealing items created by other clanners. He uses Jukewannabe, PolarLab, and NIck-C11's stolen items and creating styles to create his terrible works of art. Usually about 80% of what he makes is just stolen items mashed together to fit his needs. He is also a huge clan hopper (some one who joins multiple clans and leaves them within days for other clans). He is not to be trusted under any circumstances and is best avoided at all costs. - PolarisLabora

2 Zimxim

This special child is also polish and now is starting to spread his aids to Minecraft. - Primevaliam

One of the many "Special Children" who clan on LBP, He is a young kid who likes to steal items from various clanners. He is a terrible creator, and wars almost everyone he sees for no reason. All of the clans he has made have all failed and he is pretty much hated by everyone. - PolarisLabora

All hail emperor Zimxim lel - PolarisLabora

3 Krobb

A delusional clan leader who believes he is invincible and cannot be harmed by anyone. His attempt at trolling is pretty amateur and he has started quarrels with many clan leaders such as Jukewannabe and Yokunobin. Recently his pictures surfaced on Instagram and were sent out through many different social medias. He is described as a hipster and emo. He prefers secluded most of the time when he is not tying to troll. - PolarisLabora

Ew krobb is a parasite.

4 Swordsman9

Basically a zimxim spawn, Ironically though the two both hate each other with a burning passion. Although somewhat better than zim Swordsman is known for his overreacting and constant war declarations. He causes more fights and issues then anyone else. - PolarisLabora

5 Tomboy2011

Tomboy2011 is a great clan leader, he doesn't deserve to be in this list. He makes his members feel wanted -Primevaliam

He is a great leader, I don't know why he's on this list

6 DylanRifle

Also known as Deadpoo, Polarisladora, Iseckg, lewis30100, and many other names; he likes to make parody accounts of various clanners and likes to troll on those accounts. He is a terrible creator and can be prettyy annoying with his stupid jokes. - PolarisLabora

7 XxCommander33xX

An ex member of AOA he is the coleader of xXSakboyheroXx"s Little BIg Army. He is a bad creator with a bad temper; He rages against everyone for the smallest things and will go as far as to destroying their levels in his rage. His current nemesis is Birdman9012. - PolarisLabora

8 M88youngling

How would I describe m88? Corrupt, unimaginative, brainless, manipulative, deceitful, controlling, yet slightly charismatic. This guy will use your friends against you. He'll make them believe he's righteous. Don't get involved or you'll feel like crap.

He is a corrupt leader, he chooses who follows the rules, and who doesn't. He lacks good building skill and he thinks things can only be settled by OCB matches. He manipulates his members by making them feel wanted and respected, and when he gets annoyed by a certain member he'll treat them like dirt and make even their best friends turn on them.

He is a very corrupt leader, his creating ability below average, he also makes you think he's the good guy. And then he turns your friends against you. Stay away.

I'm spying on LBPU and I have got to say, m88 is a terrible leader, and a terrible person. Some guy name Zorthran decided to leave the Union with his two "best friends." M88 was able to manipulate them into thinking the Union is a great clan and that what their friend is doing is wrong. That's right, he can make your best friends become scumbags like him, or maybe they were just terrible friends, just stay away from m88, and if you really want to join the Union, just don't talk or play with m88, or else you'll feel like dirt in the end.

9 firebirdpayton

Just about as bad as Swordsman9 he is a close friend and sidekick to the infamous swordsman until recently when he left LBP for Minecraft. - PolarisLabora

10 Primevaliam

Terrible creating skills 0/10.

This player is a back-stabber and a double-crosser. He makes you think he's innocent and then when he doesn't need or want you he'll leave you in the dirt. He is a spy for TLOE and is currently spying on LBPU. He gets away with it by befriending the members until they wont believe he could do such a thing.

The Contenders

11 Kalebburns
12 Dav_King_G

Sad excuse for a player - Shwyg

13 Kiwifruit2004
14 LBP-Savior-_-

Also known as Kurt the Philosopher. Speaks in riddles such as "your brain is getting in my brain". Often alludes to "results" of some kind.

Runs the Bootleg Axis along with his Head of Hater Control and various screamers. - Hardware34

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1. Zimxim
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1. Huntsman007
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