Worst Little Things People Do


The Top Ten

1 Be Rude And Offensive

This shows you don't have respect for anyone - CoolCat999

2 Litter

What's the point? Just find a garbage can or a recycling bin and stop hurting the environment! - Songsta41

This Ruins The environment - CoolCat999

3 Waste Food

There are people out there who don't have food - CoolCat999

4 Doing Things That Are Bad Influences

This might lead to something really bad happening - CoolCat999

5 Hurt Somebody

Not Killing but like beating someone or anything like that - CoolCat999

Why would anyone? Does this give them pleasure? - Songsta41

6 Killing Animals

Even If its an ant, Killing An Animal is like somebody killing you - CoolCat999

How is this considered a little thing? - Songsta41

7 Suicide

Again, how is this a little thing? - Songsta41

You should not take your life for granted, no need to kill your self - CoolCat999

This is the biggest thing a person could do! - AnonymousChick

8 Stealing Stuff

Even if its small you shouldn't steal, be thankful for what you have - CoolCat999

9 Abuse

It happens every day - CoolCat999

10 Being a showoff

I hate braggers. So you did something. Great. It's not my life. - Songsta41

This just shows that you only care for your self - CoolCat999

The Contenders

11 Making Fun Of Him/Her
12 Hitting People With Sharp Objects
13 Cyber-Bullying
14 Use Bad Language
15 Stalking
16 Spitting on their face
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