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The Top Ten Worst Liv and Maddie Characters

Liv Rooney Olivia "Liv" Rooney is one of the two main protagonists of the Disney Channel original series Liv and Maddie, along with her identical twin sister and best friend Maddie. She is 16 years old and is the oldest member of the Rooney children. Liv also has two younger brothers and two parents who work at ...read more.

Huge Mary-Sue in my opinion. Remember the episode where Liv ditched school with her new "Bestie" and she got tricked into shoplifting? Remember how Maddie ran after to help her and saved her by taking the blame? Remember when Liv confessed to Karen that it was her fault? Remember, how Liv got only TWO WEEKS of doing chores, while Maddie got SIX MONTHS of getting banned from the mall? Sure, she was happy about it, but it kinda shows that Karen obviously favors Liv. It should have been the other way around.
And, like a lot of people say, she is ALWAYS TRYING to fix Maddie's life. And then screams at her when Maddie tries the same. I mean, really? I ain't trying to be a hater, guys. But it just gets on my nerves :3 And I like certain characters, like Willow. - TheAlbinoWolf

Liv is so annoying. Her voice and her laugh make me cringe so much. I hate how she is always getting into Maddie's personal life, and she always makes it about herself. In the episode where it was the twins birthday, Liv completely ignored Maddie's ideas which drove me insane. Also in the episode where Liv "stole" sunglasses and Maddie took the blame for her, Maddie still got punishment and what makes me so mad, is Maddie got a worse punishment than Liv! If I had a twin sister I would wish that she wasn't anything like Liv!

I agree with the last comment. Liv makes me want to hurl. She once preached that Maddie needed to stay out of her life and then turns around and meddles in her life, claiming that she's 'doing what's best for Maddie'. Oh please, hypocrisy anyone?

Liv just makes me want to puke! She is always trying to fix Maddie's life! Just because Maddie is not like her, doesn't mean she gets to ruin
Everything Maddie worked for! Like in the first episode, she DRESSES AS
MADDIE AND ASKS DIGGIE TO THE DANCE! What the heck! It's like this: "Hi I'm Liv Rooney and just because I'm famous I get to walk in and fix my sister's life! " I mean, seriously?! Hope you guys like my review, (even though there is a lot of negativity in it! )

Joey Rooney

I hate his character so much, like you may be smart enough at school, but dumb enough for the real world or even anything. But seriously though, he is such a loser. He can't do a single thing right. And he always ruining Maddie and Diggie's moments. I like Willow, but I have one question, what did you saw on Joey that I or anybody that watching don't? I know it just a show but, I feel irritated and annoyed whenever I see him doing something stupid (things that he does best). I don't really care about him on the first season and after season 1, he is just growing on me, like a rash whenever I saw him on the show. What a show off! Anyways... I don't hate the actor, I just hate the character. He is just the character on the show that people want to hate and despite, am I right?

I agree. Joey is such a loner. I hate his character. He has no interests in particular, he's not funny, and he has no experience with women, I'm tired of characters like him. He's weak... Hell, Parker is stronger than him! He free the final line.

Look, I just watched Falcon a Rooney, and when Artie revealed his secrets, he was brave enough to go back to school and own up. That takes courage. He may act stupid and usually act weird, but he should be put lower on this list.

Weirdo. He replaced a book with an exercise ball, and knocked down the house! What a dumbo

Maddie Rooney

So frikin selfish and self-centered thinking that she is the best in everything and not accepting it when someone is actually better, just look at her when Willow (her bff) got into her dreamed university and she was so jealous that said that she wouldn't even get it without her... And the fact that Liv left several times her dreamed film (at the beggining to comeback and stay with her), then did it again rejecting another good film that would be filmed in another country and then again her serie voltage just to go to the same university that Maddie and stay with her while Maddie at the first chance left Liv without even hesitating, the worst part is that she didn't even apologize, because Liv had to do it even when it was not her fault, and she even told Liv to move next to her in LA AGAIN to be with her, like what? And their parents look like love Maddie more since they blamed Liv to be mad at Maddie when actually Liv had all the right to be mad lol this show is so frustrating, and ...more

I think it's funny how everybody said how good she's at basketball but you actually never see her play - Organ

She plays like an athlete, but looks like a dweeb. - Connor360

Well the only over stereotypes Maddie really has is that she's overly obsessed over basketball and is too over competitive, plus I hate that no matter what type of personality a character has Disney Channel almost always has that character fall in love with some jock. Can't they show a teenage character that doesn't fall in love with somebody. Other than all of that Maddie is actually one of the better characters. - Anonymousxcxc

She legit thinks every single thing is a contest. Remember Big Break-a-Rooney? She lords it over Liv like a child. Maddison is still immature and didn't even grow up! Liv gave up her show for her! Maddie doesn't EVEN CARE! Like? The hell! Liv basically ruined her career and Maddie goes away. Plus she isn't suppose to say anything about the IQ test so that proves she is still a show off braggy child.


This loser really has no real purpose on the show. I mean really.

He's so annoying and can't take a hint that Liv will never like him, at all

I cannot stand Artic he is like Trust on Austin and Ally arrogant and self absorbed

Artie is a fat stupid idiot. The show would just be better without him. he's such a nerd.


I hate him. Maddie was going through a rough time and really missed him. She'd already gone through years without her sister and she just got back. Now she had to deal with losing her boyfriend too. And he didn't even consider how she'd feel when he left again. And that made no sense when he went full-blown Tundrabanian on her. Dude, you were there for a few months, not years. He's sucks, he's a jerk and I hate him.

I hope diggie dies - andre56

Honestly I was glad when he left, just because I wouldn't have to see him again. I just wish Maddie would get over him, he left her twice and keeps begging for forgiveness until she finally accepts, just so he can leave and break her heart again.

Such a selfish, uncaring, inconsiderate piece of crap.

Pete Rooney

I do not hate him...just he's supes annoying

Karen Rooney

She's such a loser. I mean like when she tries to compete with Maddie, she's even willing to cheat to win and she thinks that her family all have flaws and problems blindly ignoring her own. And she has to be the best of almost everything, like when she took over Parker's game and when she claimed that she was more athletic than Maddie. And that whole "Sentimental memories" was obviously hoarding. But then she tries to pull the same trick when Maddie was trying to hold on to something that had real sentimental value. Not to mention the time she refused to care for the sick twins just to compete in a stupid pageant. She's also super annoying, an attention hog, and all around stupid. Hate her so much.

She's irritating, arrogant, a total attention-seeking freak. She tried to butt in on Liv and Maddie's private girl talk, claiming that she was going to be a part of it.

Then at the cheddar brat fest, she was constantly playing head games with her daughters, even trying to leave without them so she and the dad (forget his name) could win the cheese roll by default. She trash-talked but when Maddie dished it back, she complained and whined about it.

There's also the hoarding, the obsession with being better than her daughters at their talents, she's just a loser.

In Season 2 episode 9, Maddie loses her twin charm bracelet. Also, Maddie is competing with Karen after getting her brace off. According to Maddie, it is her most prized possession and it's very important to her. As a mother, Karen should've handeled it as a good mother would, by helping her find it being the most important thing to her. However, she just made Maddie close her eyes as she got in her steps. That is irritating and disrespectful. I also straight up hate her character.

Anyone notice how she kept playing head games during the cheddar brat fest? Most mothers encourage their kids, not try to tear them down.

Parker Rooney

Oh my god! I hate his voice! Every time I hear it I feel like throwing a brick at him!

He is obnoxious and I hate him. He feels a need to brag about his intellengance a really bad trait. And his voice make me want to throw a brick at his head

Why is Parker lower than Maddie!?
Why is Maddie on here!?

He used to be my fave. A mischiveous ten year old boy who was incredibly adorable and charming.
He really went downhill when he was flanderized into a super genius inventor and lost all his charm.
Although he obviously hit puberty and has outgrown his cuteness he's still treaten as an adorable little boy which is ridiculous!
He's an obnoxious and unrealistic character.

Principal Fickman
Johnny Nimbus

Johny or whoever he think he is likes seeing kids drown in shame and misery. If there was a contest to see who the worst comedian is he would win first place. I mean that's why his first...second... And third wife left him. He might as well live on the streets cause he has no life other than cracking lame and dumb jokes and pointing out flaws.

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I saw the first episode of the fourth season and yeah this character got introduced. The stereotypical lonely rich kid wishing for a sibling then finally gets "sort of siblings" and then wa-la she becomes extremely annoying. - Anonymousxcxc

She seem bland and force. All we know one thing she starting to act like the marry sue liv.

I hate ruby. She is always acting like she's better than everyone else. Then she gets a part on sing it louder because liv is on there

She changed the sisters by chance friends by choice picture.


Evan is just a little wimp. He claims he's 9 but he seems 5

He's hella annoying and I don't know why but I hate him

He is so annoying and boring. Apparently he has an overprotective mother, but that's not a good excuse of hime being so annoying. I can't stand him when he "finds his inner dragon" more like inner douchebag.

He's so annoying and obnoxious!


Willow always goes on about joey

Willow is such a bully to joey

She's a Yandere!

Whovever said that willow bullys joey is a total weido... She loves joey


I love you jordan

He's a douchebag - Organ

He acts like a stereotypical gay, broke up with Andy on live T.V. and is incredibly whiny


Audrey thinks she is the most beautiful women in the world. She is way to perky. By the way she is to good for Joey.

Ms. Snodgrass

She is always mean and dose not listen to students

Diggie Smalls

I mean his whole name sounds stupid then don't even get me started on how inconsiderate of Maddie he was, then I loved MoSH but then "no" Diggie had to come back and just because in real life Dove Cameron and him are like engaged that doesn't mean they have to be together in the show😡😡😡😡


I love ocean why did the stoopid show cancel her out?

She is annoying

Ocean was so nice, until Liv had to throw her out. what Liv? Also beautiful name! - TheAlbinoWolf

I ❤️ Ocean


I love her she's so funny

Lives director for skyvolt

South Salamanca

I hate her so much it hurts

Who the hell is this




She's so annoying!

Josh Wilcox



Stains herself will execute you for this appalling transgression, you puny mortal... prepare to feel her wrath, just as those chicken's bones did in that cowboy-themed restaurant... man...

Skippy Ramirez
Kathy Kan
Aunt Dena
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