Top 10 Worst Live-Action Comedy Films

Time to acknowledge some of the absolute worst live action comedies to ever be put on the big screen! Such painful movies to watch!

The Top Ten Worst Live-Action Comedy Films

1 Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up a hill to make a terrible movie! I hate a lot of Adam Sandler movies but this is definitely his worst one! Adam Sandler plays a guy who has an obnoxious sister who also happens to be played by Adam Sandler. Just from the trailers, I knew this would be a bad movie! This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen! The other Adam Sandler movies I've seen have had at least one joke that would make me laugh. This one got NO laugh out of me! Not even a smile! I have no idea why Al Pacino was in this movie. He was probably threatened at gunpoint or something. Seeing Adam Sandler dressed as an overweight woman is just nightmare inducing! And the voice he does is really annoying! I suggest you avoid this movie at all cost! - MegaSoulhero

An absolute disgrace to Adam Sandler.

I was cringing at this trash movie all the way through. - Jackamalio

When this movie came out, I actually thought it would be about the nursery rhyme. Turns out it was about Adan Sandler in drag :/

2 Freddy Got Fingered

All you need to know about this sorry excuse for a comedy is that it's disgusting, the main character is annoying, and the humor is awful. I don't know how they ever approved of this! I don't want to talk about it too much because I get sick just from thinking about it! - MegaSoulhero

This isn't a comedy it's a horror movie, not once did I ever laugh at this piece of S-T of a movie. - egnomac

Can't stand this movie

3 Disaster Movie

It is definitely a disaster! Everyone pretty much hates this movie! This is probably the worst parody movie out there! Why do Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer keep making movies? All of their movies suck! Every single parody here was dumb! I don't have a problem with the actors! They were just given terrible scripts! I was really close to turning off the movie at the 10 minute mark! I feel like they knew it was going to be bad movie but still thought people would laugh at how dumb it is. They were wrong! This movie isn't so bad it's good! It's just bad! I wanted to laugh but they make it so hard. - MegaSoulhero

The only part I enjoyed was the ending song on the unrated version the song "I'M F-k Matt Damon". - egnomac

Beyond trash

The title says it all

4 Movie 43

Ugh! This movie is BEYOND horrendous! This was the most painful thing I have ever watched! I hated everything about this movie! The entire movie is made up of comedic skits that feature some very well known celebrities. But the problem is NONS OF THE SKITS ARE FUNNY IN THE SLIGHTEST! One of them involved Hugh Jackman with balls on his chin! Another one was about Gerard Butler as a Leprechaun! Another one was about Chloe Grace Moretz having a period! Pretty much EVERY skit in this movie is terrible! This is an absolutely unwatchable film! Everything about it is terrible! I have no idea how it ever got greenlit! Most of the actors in this film are great actors but I felt very embarrassed for them here! This is the absolute worst movie I have ever seen! What were they thinking with this one!? It's unfunny, disgusting, and torturous! DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE AT ALL! - MegaSoulhero

5 The Smurfs (2011)

This movie is such a piece of smurf! I wasn't a fan of the Smurfs cartoon. It didn't really interest me that much. But this movie, it's just terrible! This is a really bad movie! Basically what happens in this movie is the smurfs enter the real world. Specifically New York City so they could put as much product placement in this movie as possible! While in the real world, they end up meeting Neil Patrick Harris. NPH is such a great actor! So it pains me to see him in a movie like this! There are moments in the film where I feel like some of the actors aren't trying and don't even want to be there. Makes sense because this movie is complete garbage! The only actor who actually looked like he was trying was Hank Azaria as Gargamel! I found his performance to be entertaining at times. The film is very annoying, none of the jokes are funny, and there a lot of plot holes! This might be something nice for kids to watch but for me, I would skip it. I hope the Lost Village is better! - MegaSoulhero


6 The Master of Disguise

This movie was on Netflix, so out of curiosity I decided to watch it. I regret that decision! It's about some Italian waiter (played by Dana Carvey) who finds out he comes from a family with disguise skills, and they just so happen to have the last name "Disguisey", and he uses this ability to stop a villain from stealing merchandise. Yes, it's just as dumb as it sounds! Pretty much the entire movie is Dana Carvey dressing up in different outfits in hopes that it would get people to laugh! Nothing about this film was funny! There's an entire scene that takes place in a turtle club so Dana's character dresses up like a turtle and he constantly says the word "turtle" over and over! HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!? There are also fart jokes in the movie. When your best joke is a fart joke, then you know you've failed! What more can I say about this film? It sucks! - MegaSoulhero

TURTLE! - phillysports

7 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
8 The Love Guru

The movie that destroyed Mike Myers career. - egnomac

9 Bratz: The Movie

Who the hell thought making a movie about dolls was good?


10 The Cat in the Hat

Oh, MY GOD! This movie came out when I was 6 back in 2003. Thank God, I did not see this horrid garbage. I'm 20 now, and this movie makes still me feel uncomfortable. I regret telling my little cousins about this trash. At least my cousin's cousin, who is ten years younger than me knows about this long lost 2003 of a film. First of all, Mike Meyers as the creepy, pedo-ass, Cat in The Hat looks like Ronald McDoanld, an 80's freak with a big dark mullet, and Pepee'La Pou. All he wanted to do in that was to have fun, make a mess in the Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and Sally's (Dakota Fanning) house. This film also has some sexual innuendos. The first one was when Cat (Mike Meyers) found a picture of Conrad and Sally's mom, Erin (Kelly Preston), his hat became a boner. I was like, what? Second, The Cat almost reference the "S"word. And I thought the Disney's show, Jessie was bad because they're no adults or parents in the building. Anyway, the goldfish played by Sean Hayes was annoyed that ...more - KaylaRae897

Can't stand this

Its kind of scary

The Contenders

11 Bio-Dome

A 90’s version of Fanboy and Chum Chum, Teen Titans Go, Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig and Rocket Monkeys

12 Funny People

Nothing funny about this movie. - egnomac

13 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

I know. Unpopular opinion. But I personally can't stand this movie! First of all, why did they give Neighbors a sequel? It wasn't even that good! I didn't hate it but it's not something I would watch again! I absolutely hated Neighbors 2 though! One problem that I also had with the first movie was that none of the characters act like real people! They act like cartoon characters! In this film, instead of a sorority of boys living next door, there's a Sorority of girls! I guess the first movie wanted to attract girls whereas this movie wanted to attract boys. That's actually why I saw it. I did not find this movie to be very funny! It was sexist and annoying! The only thing I liked about it was Rose Byrne! Her character was the best thing about the first movie and this movie! She is actually pretty funny! But the rest of the movie just sucks! - MegaSoulhero

14 Chairman of the Board
15 The Smurfs 2
16 Alvin & the Chipmunks
17 Gigli

I love Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck but this is terrible! The actors in this movie are good but their talent was wasted on terrible writing! I read many bad reviews of this movie, so I decided to give it a watch online so I could see just how bad it is. And they were right! It's an awful film! Barely anything happens in this movie. Most of the time, it was just boring! But the parts that are supposed to be exciting aren't even exciting! They're just stupid! Why did J-Lo and Affleck agree to do this movie? At least Ben Affleck went on to become Batman! - MegaSoulhero

18 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
19 Son of the Mask
20 Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
21 Howard the Duck
22 Baby Geniuses

Just like Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004), they got DOC Brown (Christopher Llyod) written into this?! and KATHLEEN TURNER?! - KaylaRae897

23 Grown Ups 2

Hey look! A sequel that NO ONE asked for! I'm surprised Adam Sandler still makes movies! I really thought this movie would be good but I couldn't stand it. The acting was terrible, the jokes weren't funny, and there is no plot! It's almost as if the movie was written by 3 year olds! Very childish humor! I didn't enjoy watching this movie! I don't know how it was ever released! - MegaSoulhero

To Dennis Dugan: this movie sucks,all your other ones do even yourself,even netflix is putting all of adam sandler's crappy movies on here.this make the south park movie look like if it was rated PG. 5/10

24 Epic Movie

The irony is that it's not epic! In fact, it's pretty stupid! This is one of those movies that parodies other movies. And it kind of sucks! The humor is very forced and most of the jokes are unfunny! There's not much of a plot. The movie's main focus is to try to recreate movies but with different surprises and junk. They weren't that entertaining! I'll admit, I laughed a few times, but it wasn't enough for me to enjoy the movie. If you want to watch an epic movie, just watch the "Epic" movie from Blue Sky Studios. Overall, Epic Movie is an epic failure. - MegaSoulhero

More like Epic Failure Movie. - egnomac

25 Fifty Shades of Black
26 Daddy Day Camp
27 North
28 Daddy Day Care
29 Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
30 Nine Lives (2016)

I saw this movie like almost 2 years ago, and I regret seeing this! First of all, rapist Kevin Spacey plays this executive who has to get a birthday present for her daughter, Rebecca. So, he gets her a cat for her 11th birthday. Soon, Kevin Spacey slips into a coma, and Rebecca and his second wife, Jennifer Gardner are so upset. Above all, this movie ripped The Shaggy Dog (2006) and Jack Frost (1998). I can't believe the director of Men In Black (1997) directed this awful The Shaggy Dog rip off. - KaylaRae897

31 The Room

One of the worst movies

32 That's My Boy


33 Date Movie
34 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2


35 Fred: The Movie

NONe of the fred movies were good

36 Meet the Spartans
37 InAPPropriate Comedy
38 A Million Ways to Die In the West
39 Sex Tape
40 Scary Movie 5
41 Kangaroo Jack
42 Norbit
43 The Hottie and the Nottie
44 Little Nicky
45 Dumb And Dumber To
46 Pixels
47 Just Go With It
48 What to Expect When You're Expecting
49 The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
50 Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat
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