Top 10 Worst Live-Action Disney Movies


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1 Teen Beach Movie

A poor man's version of Grease (duology), High School Musical (trilogy), Starstruck and Spectacular!

2 The Lone Ranger

bad movie

3 Hannah Montana: The Movie
4 Song of the South

Why is this number 1? The hints of racism aren't even that big a deal when you take into account that Walt Disney was a raging antisemetic. The movie is still good, even with the questionable undertones.

This is only #1 because it's racist.

Why is this above G-Force and Inspector Gadget 2? Sure, it is racist, but it isn't a bad film. - 445956

5 High School Musical

I wasted my vote of G-Force but now I am crying because this is below Mary Poppins - 445956

6 The Haunted Mansion
7 High School Musical 2
8 G-Force
9 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

I wouldn't give anything to this

10 Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

It's one of the most overrated Disney movies of all time. The character design is engrossing.

The Contenders

11 James and the Giant Peach
12 Inspector Gadget 2
13 Mary Poppins

Odd... I could have sworn this was much better...

The reason this movie is on here is because it's annoying, but that's just my opinion. - MegaSoulhero

I love this film I wish it was not in this list

14 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
15 Twitches
16 Teen Beach 2
17 Old Dogs
18 Blank Check
19 Into the Woods
20 The Country Bears
21 Pete's Dragon
22 Camp Rock
23 The Cheetah Girls
24 Inspector Gadget
25 Jungle 2 Jungle
26 High School Musical 3: Senior Year
27 Frenemies
28 Flubber
29 Maleficent
30 Mr. Magoo
31 I'll Be Home for Christmas

I thought 1 this movie make me what to watch a bad moms Christmas And 2 there’s no heart is not funny and

32 Bedtime Stories

Disney and Adam Sandler really don't go together. Like, at all.

33 The Parent Trap
34 Air Buddies

Air Bud was Satan and he summoned these five imps of Hell to corrupt minds. The other movies with them are even worse. Treasure Buddies insults cats, they didn't care for the huskies in Snow Buddies, and Santa Buddies was an atrocity. When my class voted to watch it, I felt a distrust of them I've never felt before. Puppy Paws is a spoiled brat, and the Buddies, you ask?
Rosebud:Annoying girly-girl like in my class.
Budderball:Idiotic glutton and his name sounds like a Skydoesminecraft fan.
Buddha:The guy obsessed with philosophy and the only good buddy.
Mudbud:Dirty victim of bullying.
B-Dog:Showoff. He should be fed to a family of mangy, starving coyotes.
I literally took that from a rant I had on my mom's computer (on Pages). Anyway, to make a long review short, Stereotypical Dog Movie:Holiday Edition corrupted my class' minds, had bad humor, and was racist. With my rating scale, I gave it the worst of the second-worst rating, horrible rating, or 11/100. One joke ...more

35 Tron: Legacy

This list sucks, but this should be here. - RalphBob

36 Gordy
37 Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
38 Cloud 9
39 Zapped
40 How to Build a Better Boy
41 Descendants
42 The Princess Diaries
43 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
44 Girl vs. Monster
45 Radio Rebel
46 The Suite Life Movie
47 The Cheetah Girls 2
48 Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!
49 The Cheetah Girls: One World
50 Dadnapped
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1. High School Musical
2. Teen Beach Movie
3. High School Musical 2
1. Into the Woods
2. James and the Giant Peach
3. Hannah Montana: The Movie
1. Song of the South
2. Mary Poppins
3. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

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