The Dumbo (2019) Trailer Sucks!

MegaSoulhero Disney just released a trailer for one of their three remakes that’s coming out next year. The live action Dumbo movie. Directed by Tim Burton. This trailer came out without any warning whatsoever. I woke up and it was there. So I checked out and guess what. It looks bad!

Getting Tim Burton to do this project was already a mistake. Judging by this trailer, yep. It definitely looks like a Tim Burton movie. Which is not a good thing. Tim Burton’s style just doesn’t seem to fit the story of Dumbo. The original was cute and charming while this one looks like it will be creepy and unsettling. The trailer plays the song, Baby Mine, which is kinda nice. The problem is the song sounds kinda creepy in the trailer. I was almost expecting a jump scare to happen. The time just feels very dark. One of the main things that bothers is that apparently Timothy Mouse isn’t in the movie and he has been replaced by a human family. I don’t like that they decided to do that. Didn’t the friendship between Dumbo and Timothy work because of how ironic it is that an elephant and a mouse are friends despite elephants being afraid of mice? It just seems very cliché to have kids befriend an animal. The movie is already unoriginal and it doesn’t seem like it’s trying to hide that. There are things I liked about trailer though. The CGI is pretty great. The elephant looks very realistic. I also like the addition of a pink elephant bubble. It pretty much shows that Pink Elephants on Parade might be in the movie. Or it’s just an easter egg for nostalgic purposes which these remakes happen to be full of.

This movie looks as bad as I expected. The trailer really didn’t impress me at all. It just looks like another unnecessary remake that doesn’t have the charm of the original. It’s gonna make a lot of money regardless though. Along with Aladdin which we’ll probably see a trailer for a couple of months, and the Lion King which we’ll also probably see a trailer for in a few months. None of which I’m excited for.


The movie looks terrible, but if the elephants on parade scene will be in it, I'm looking that stuff up on Youtube - kempokid

I dunno, could it take a darker turn but yeah where is Timothy? - iliekpiez

It's by Tim Burton too. This dude already butchered Alice In Wonderland - Mcgillacuddy

That was his movie, it seemed that it would be good. This does not look that bad. It will be much better - iliekpiez

There's a father and kids. I know what this will be about. - iliekpiez