Movie Review - Woody Woodpecker

MegaSoulhero Woody Woodpecker is a cartoon character that I don’t know much about. I never watched the cartoons. All I know is he’s a woodpecker who causes trouble. I heard that there was a live action movie and I watched the Brazilian trailer for it. It got a theatrical release in Brazil last year and didn’t come to America until this year. I was randomly looking through Netflix and I saw that it was there. Which I wasn’t expecting. Because movies like Yogi Bear, Smurfs, and Alvin and the Chipmunks exist, I was not looking forward to this. But I watched it and I’m gonna talk about it.

We have this plot that involves a guy who works for some company and wants to build a house in the forest. So he takes his son and fiancé to the forest so they can build it. However, whenever they try to get any work done, Woody tries to stop them by doing very cartoonish acts of violence. Just from the beginning of the film, you can already tell how it’s gonna end. We’ve seen this plot so many times. Also, I don’t understand why Woody is trying to prevent them from building the house. It’s never explained. It’s not like they’re trying to destroy his home. They’re just building a house next to his home. The ways he treats the workers are very uncalled for. These aren’t just harmless pranks, he straight tries to kill them. Something like this could be funny in a cartoon, but it looks terrifying when it happens to real people. He even blows up their RV while Lance’s fiancé is inside. And somehow she survives that. For a movie called Woody Woodpecker, the movie’s not really about him. It focuses mostly on the human characters. Who aren’t interesting in the slightest. The only character I found tolerable was Lance’s fiancé, Vanessa. Unfortunately, she only appears in the first half of the film because she breaks up with Lance. And yes, I just spoiled the movie because I don’t care. This leads to Lance developing feelings for the forest ranger because reasons.

There’s also a subplot with Lance’s son Tommy joining a band with a girl who works at a music store and some random boy who was just thrown into the movie so there could be three of them. This whole subplot has no relevance to the story at all. They perform at a talent show, but that was basically just filler. Also, the drummer of the band gets sick so Woody has to take over. He makes a drum set out of cans and they sound like actual drums. That makes absolutely no sense. By the way, I should probably start talking about Woody Woodpecker himself. He is beyond annoying. He practically never stops talking. They make it clear that none of the humans can understand what he’s saying. So what do they hear when he’s trying to communicate? It also must look awkward with those movements and gestures he’s doing. The CGI they used to create Woody is an absolute joke. It never looks like he’s actually there. I get that they’re trying to make act like a cartoon character in a live action world, but it just doesn’t work. It worked in Roger Rabbit because the cartoon characters in that movie actually are supposed to be cartoon characters in the real world. I didn’t find any of the jokes to be funny. Most of them just come from Woody acting like a lunatic throughout the film. Since this is a kids movie, there are poop and fart jokes as well. It’s like they weren’t even trying.

The Woody Woodpecker movie is not worth watching. The stuff involving Woody is annoying and the scenes focusing on the humans are just boring. I don’t know what audience this movie is for. I feel like kids won’t even enjoy this. It’s not the worst movie based on a cartoon, but it is definitely something that I won’t be watching again. If you actually want to watch something funny, just skip to the end of the credits. After the credits, they show a short cartoon about Woody Woodpecker. It’s actually pretty funny. I personally thought that was better than the entire film.

Score: 3/10


Dude, 3/10 is way too nice - 445956

I watched it an I personally give it a 1/10 for shamelessly tarnishing the reputation of one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time it is 90 minutes of my time that I will never get back. - egnomac

I watched I Hate Everything's review, and I would give what I saw of it 2/10 - Gangem