Top 10 Worst Live Action Nickelodeon Characters

Characters from live action Nickelodeon shows that are terrible. Like before animed Nickelodeon characters and live action Disney characters are excluded.

The Top Ten

1 Phoebe Thunderman - The Thundermans Phoebe Thunderman - The Thundermans

Annoying and intentionally written terribly.

2 Louis Preston - The Haunted Hathaways

... Not going in depth why for this one.

3 Henry - Henry Danger

A very terrible protagonist to be honest.

Henry's hot. But what would you know about that - Selfiefan68

4 Triple G - Game Shakers Triple G - Game Shakers

Terrible comedic relief.

5 Captain Man - Henry Danger Captain Man - Henry Danger

His name is so uninspired and the character itself is generic.

Wrong. He's awesome and muscluler and sexy. Mmmm. But what would you know about that. - Selfiefan68

6 Zoey Brooks - Zoey 101 Zoey Brooks - Zoey 101

I'm sorry but Chase would've been a far more likable protagonist.

7 Nevelle Packerman - iCarly

Obnoxious and downright annoying.

8 Stacey Dilsen - Zoey 101 Stacey Dilsen - Zoey 101

Just... no.

9 Trina Vega - Victorious Trina Vega - Victorious

Danillea Monet did a good job of potraying the worst Victorious character of all time.

10 Logan Reese - Zoey 101 Logan Reese - Zoey 101

He's a very unlikable prick in all honesty.

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