Top 10 Worst Locations Excluding Countries

Have you ever been in some place you don't like? Have you ever went on a vacation or something like that? If you can think of something dangerous, add that to the list. This list is about places you should never go. I'm excluding countries on this list because there's a list about worst places to live and all of it is countries. So i'm going to do a different and specific part. Here's the list.

The Top Ten

1 Hell

Hell is the worst thing ever! This is where all the nightmares come from. Pain, suffer, Negativity, War, Terror, everything you can think of bad is all from this disaster. And if you enter hell, YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT OF THERE! - LightningStrike

Yes, of course! This is horrific, though I can't possibly imagine what it is. - MaxAurelius

Let's face it, nothing's worse than hell. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

2 Long Pit

Long pit of DEATH! You go to the end of it means you die. Afraid of heights? You will totally be afraid of this. Thinking about it makes you not go into a singer trip anymore. Oh, all of the accidents that happened, oh how sad it is. - LightningStrike

3 Outer Space

This place is very important to our universe. But if you go there without a space shuttle OR a space suit. You will die in a very... very uncomfortable way. And don't even think about trying either because that is a stupid. Just going to space without resisting? Really? - LightningStrike

I feel this should be 2nd. It seems it would be lonely and heartbreaking to be lost in outer space. - MaxAurelius

4 A Volcano

Why would you be on a volcano? The gasses are partly deadly and have WAY too much carbon dioxide. You know there's also lava in there too, right? It's DEADLY! Out there in Hawaii, beautiful place, but... VOLCANO! - LightningStrike

5 Edge of a Cliff

Instant death! You will die just by Falling off. And you would fall of easily too. And if you're afraid of heights, I say DO NOT go on the edge off a cliff. Also, don't even think about it either. Too scary? Of course it's scary. - LightningStrike

6 The Middle of the Ocean

Imagine swimming for the rest of your LIFE! Or getting eaten by a shark, or maybe even drowning from being tired. Imagine never finding an island. Imagine never going back home. Imagine never being spotted by the SOS. Think about it. - LightningStrike

7 A Cold Desert

Antartica is a very important place, but living there is just wrong. No plants, no nothing, just extreme ice and that's it. If you would live there, you would freeze to instant death. Your blood will become ICE. Scary, huh. - LightningStrike

8 A Hot Desert

Cold deserts are pretty bad, but hot deserts are bad too. You would dehydrate in less than a MINUTE. And you might even die in dehydration. Your skin would be covered in SWEAT. Your face would pant rapidly too. Also, think about the Sahara, there's nothing, no plants, no lakes, nothing but absolute SAND! - LightningStrike

9 Side of a Mountain

Why would you build a house here? You could get us all killed. Like seriously, you could get caught in a landslide too. You know how deadly they are? Very deadly, like you have no idea. - LightningStrike

Do not slip and die, whatever you do, DO NOT slip and die. A side of a mountain is a terrible place to live, and if you decide to build a house on this location, you're an idiot. LANDSLIDES! And I'm talking deadly landslides, they can have a chance of killing you. That's the formation of earth's land is that landslides sometimes happen on mountains. - LightningStrike

10 School

Yep, you all might choose this one. But it's very important to your life too. BUT... It can also go too far as well. There are so many ways you can ruin your life by school, you go in it almost every day, it fells like it takes forever to get out of. Yeah, that's that. A lot of you hate school, I kind of hate school too. - LightningStrike

If it's full of false information - BorisRule

The Contenders

11 Prison

Yes, that's another one - LightningStrike

12 Detroit
13 Bottomless Pit
14 A Pop Concert
15 A Vat of Boiling Oil
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