Worst Looking 2016 Films

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1 Norm of the North

This "Norm of the North hate" is getting annoying, just leave it behind if you dislike it, I'm getting annoyed this is always shown in first or second place in EVERY Worst 2016 list.

There are movies way worse than this, this is not perfect but still great, just look at the enviroment and the characters, it's the perfect movie for a 2 year old, there's no unnecessary swearing, the plot was a bit confusing but it still really worked out, and the relationship between Norm, Vera and Olympia was done very well, there's no racism, sexism or disturbing moments (unless you count fart jokes as disturbing) like in Zootopia, Zootopia HAS racism and disturbing moments (like the naked animals scene).
I know the animals in Norm of the North dsen't have clothes either, but at least the creators didn't make it look disgusting.

I was impressed by this movie and I'm expecting more of the two upcoming sequels. - darthvadern

The elephants wouldn't let Nick buy an ice cream for his son because he was a fox, that was racist. - darthvadern

The animation is terrible, it belongs in a direct to dvd throwaway

Name one good thing about this movie, seriously, how anyone could defend this movie is beyond me, kids are smarter than this movie, and same goes with THE EMOJI MOVIE - VideoGamefan5

2 Alice Through the Looking Glass

Trash, garbage, dull, you name it - VideoGamefan5

3 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Crap, at least the DC got their act right with wonder woman and lego batman movie - VideoGamefan5

4 Suicide Squad

I agree plot was bad but IT WAS a good movie overall, the joker was great and Harley Quinn was such a hotty! - darthvadern

Who cares if the harley quinn was hot, oh for crying out loud, who the HELL cares? - VideoGamefan5

Crap, and garbage - VideoGamefan5

5 Ice Age: Collision Course

"I'm NOT 5, I'm almost 13 and yet can I respect opinions"

He's right, VGfan5. If you can't take a bad opinion, why are you bothering to make lists in the first place?

Awful, and unfunny - VideoGamefan5

Same as Norm of the North, this hate is unnecessary, While I hate the bathroom humour, it was mild compared to the originals one, the originals bathroom humour was WAY WORSE!
There's was a scene where Sid threw a diaper in Manny's face in the original, TAKE THAT ORIGINAL! - darthvadern

6 Max Steel
7 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
8 Fifty Shades of Black

Why does this even exist! It's a black Fifty Shades of Grey - Himalayansalt

9 The 5th Wave
10 The Wild Life

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11 X-Men: Apocalypse
12 The Darkness
13 Bling

The animation wants me to throw up

14 Why Him?

I can't stand this film!

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