Top Ten Worst Looking Mega Evolutions In Pokemon

The Top Ten

1 Mega Slowbro

It really does have a bad design. - PageEmperor

I get that it's supposed to be funny, but it ends up coming across as rather stupid-looking. - UndeadUchiha

It probably is based on leeches, that the Shellder now engulfed most of its body - PokemonGOSucks

2 Mega Manectric

Now I REALLY like Manectric. It's mega evolution however, took a turn for the worst.

One time me and my sister were looking at mega pokemon toys when I said that my favorite was mega absol and my sister said she liked manectric. Then I said "Why! its just a giant lighting bolt with a wolf head and legs. And I really hate that shade of green. - Pieclone

They really screwed up with this one. It looks ridiculous. It looks like a dog wearing a costume. - UndeadUchiha

It looks really screwed up. - PokemonGOSucks

3 Mega Ampharos

Because getting a wig makes you a dragon. - PageEmperor

They just gave Ampharos a ton of hair and made it more frilly-looking. Pretty lame for such a cool Pokemon. - UndeadUchiha

4 Mega Heracross

It grew hair? - PageEmperor

It just looks ugly. This is especially disappointing considering Heracross is one of my favorite Pokemon. - UndeadUchiha

5 Mega Aerodactyl

It generally looks fine, but the rock "goatee" is what makes it look incredibly stupid. Other than that, I just don't understand how adding some rocks to its body counts as a Mega Evolution. - UndeadUchiha

Looks stupid

6 Mega Tyranitar

It looks hilariously bulky, and not in a good way. - UndeadUchiha

7 Mega Salamence

What is it? - PageEmperor

Looks like a croissant

It actually looks pretty cool...aside from the stubby little arms... - UndeadUchiha

8 Mega Pinsir

I think it looks fine - PageEmperor

Mega Pinsir is generally pretty cool, but it feels like it has a bit too much going on in its design. - UndeadUchiha

Looks like he's gonna kill you. - PokemonGOSucks

9 Mega Camerupt

An ‘M’ on his face? - PageEmperor

It just looks a bit weird. Honestly, it looks more like a dog or a sheep than a camel. - UndeadUchiha

10 Mega Sharpedo

Dat nose - PageEmperor

It looks like a 5-year-old added spikes and stars to make it look “cooler”, but it just looks disgusting and ruined a decent-looking Pokémon.

The Contenders

11 Mega Venusaur

Same thing but with more flowers? - PageEmperor

They didn't really change much on Mega Venusaur. The subtle changes they made generally look cool, but I wish they would've done more with it...aside from those ridiculous looking pink flowers... - UndeadUchiha

They just changed the plant... - PokemonGOSucks

12 Mega Altaria

For some reason it just looks kinda wrong... - PageEmperor

13 Mega Mewtwo X

No, this one is good. - PageEmperor

14 Mega Gardevoir

I like Gardevoir, but it's mega looks almost the same, just with a bigger skirt

Its Shiny variant, though... - PokemonGOSucks

I love her stats, but not the design. - RebelGamer

It looks really, really boring, like someone took a gardevoir and gave it a bigger dress. would be better as a mage or a valkyrie, not a princess in a wedding dress.

15 Mega Swampert
16 Mega Sceptile
17 Mega Charizard Y

His smile looks weird but otherwise its good. - PageEmperor

18 Mega Blastoise
19 Mega Sableye
20 Mega Mawile
21 Mega Aggron
22 Mega Medicham
23 Mega Banette
24 Mega Absol
25 Mega Lopunny
26 Mega Audino
27 Mega Blaziken
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