Top Ten Worst Looking Mega Evolutions In Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Mega Manectric

They really screwed up with this one. It looks ridiculous. It looks like a dog wearing a costume. - UndeadUchiha

2 Mega Slowbro

I get that it's supposed to be funny, but it ends up coming across as rather stupid-looking. - UndeadUchiha

3 Mega Ampharos

They just gave Ampharos a ton of hair and made it more frilly-looking. Pretty lame for such a cool Pokemon. - UndeadUchiha

4 Mega Heracross

It just looks ugly. This is especially disappointing considering Heracross is one of my favorite Pokemon. - UndeadUchiha

5 Mega Aerodactyl

It generally looks fine, but the rock "goatee" is what makes it look incredibly stupid. Other than that, I just don't understand how adding some rocks to its body counts as a Mega Evolution. - UndeadUchiha

6 Mega Tyranitar

It looks hilariously bulky, and not in a good way. - UndeadUchiha

7 Mega Salamence V 1 Comment
8 Mega Pinsir

Mega Pinsir is generally pretty cool, but it feels like it has a bit too much going on in its design. - UndeadUchiha

9 Mega Camerupt

It just looks a bit weird. Honestly, it looks more like a dog or a sheep than a camel. - UndeadUchiha

10 Mega Venusaur

They didn't really change much on Mega Venusaur. The subtle changes they made generally look cool, but I wish they would've done more with it...aside from those ridiculous looking pink flowers... - UndeadUchiha

The Contenders

11 Mega Gardevoir

I love her stats, but not the design. - RebelGamer

It looks really, really boring, like someone took a gardevoir and gave it a bigger dress. would be better as a mage or a valkyrie, not a princess in a wedding dress.

12 Mega Altaria
13 Mega Mewtwo X
14 Mega Swampert
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