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1 Denethor

I hate him for being so cruel with Faramir, who is one of the greatest guys in the whole book/movie. And he didn't accept the return of the real king, and almost gave away Gondor to Sauron...

IDIOT #1 he tried to set himself on fire with his son all he ended up was drinking oil and setting himself on fire then as he was burning he threw himself off the citidel of gondor which is the highest building ever it literally is the tip of the city and this was all during the biggest war in the whole series! His army was versing 4 different nations while he committed suicide because his oldest son boromir died and his younger son survived. He didn't even care about the war! What an idiot

Dude he is a total freak and cannot accept his younger son and throws himself off a cliff! FAIL.

This guy is so damn frustrating to watch! He might not be the MAIN villain, but I sure hate him more! He's like the Umbridge (Harry Potter) of Lord of the rings!

2 Frodo Frodo Baggins is a fictional character and is the main protagonist of J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings. He was a Hobbit of the Shire during the Third Age. He was also a Ring-bearer, a best friend to Samwise Gamgee, and one of the three Hobbits who sailed from Middle-earth to the Uttermost more.

FIRST OFF I WOULD JUST LIKE EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT I WASTED A VOTE ON FRODO SO I COULD TELL ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED FOR HIM THAT YOU WERE IN EVERY WAY COMPLETELY 100% WRONG. First of all, frodo had the hardest, most challenging and life threatening mission off all of them, and he was carrying the RING so I think he has an excuse for being a little crazy! Without frodo sauron would have easily had the ring and taken control of all middle earth! Frodo was also the only character to not be drawn to the rings power at first notice of it. If you recall, one of the first things he does with the ring is TRY TO GIVE IT BACK TO GANDALF. Everyone else, including SAM was drawn immediately to the rings power. Also he didn't know who to trust with sam and gollum! The ring was messing up with his thoughts, it wasn't his fault you would have probably done the same thing! Oh wait, no you wouldn't have because you would NEVER have made it that far in the first place! K rant over bye

Agreed. People just use these lists to put good characters on here as a joke or because they are just stupid. It's like when you look on a list of the worst and Someone always has to put the best - Dodgers27

Whiney, needy and self-pitying. Clearly and adamantly instructed by Gandalf to NEVER put the ring on, they aren't even out of the Shire when he tries to -- stopped only by Sam. He finally succeeds by "accident" at the Prancing Pony. He could have warned Pippin & Merry not to use the Baggins name. Also, he could have quietly drawn Pippin away from the totally bored patron, who likely wouldn't even have noticed, instead of acting like a clumsy hysteric and making a spectacle of himself. Puts the ring on AGAIN on Weathertop.

At Amon Nen he wanders off like a fool, which is the epitomy of self-centered irresponsibility and stupidity. Not only does he put the ring on AGAIN, he gets Borimer killed, Merry and Pippin captured, and the fellowship broken. Sam waits on and fawns on Frodo, who seems to think himself entitled, and often talks down to Sam and treats him badly.

I do give Frodo credit in that he did keep going, although he never would have made it beyond Bree without ...more

YES! Isn't it brilliant. Frodo complaining all through the trilogy, blaming Sam for things that he hadn't actually had done, misunderstood the obvious, and, in sheer stupidity, holding the one ring clearly in line of sight towards the villains that want to take it from him. I mean seriously, instead of just running away out of sight and keeping the ring hidden underneath his close, he stands in one spot, takes the ring out from either underneath his shirt or his pocket, and uselessly shows it to the person or creature who is after it. What an IDIOT. I'm surprised that Sam went through the whole journey without saying "you know what?, you're an idiot, I'm leaving

Sam didn't say that because Sam is a nice person who will always be loyal to Frodo. - PeeledBanana

Sorry to anyone who likes Frodo, he is kinda the worst. I do give him some credit, he had to keep the ring. But when it comes to personality, meh. He's kinda whiny.

Also Legolas is the BEST!

3 Arwen

Can she ever speak without changing her volume? Seriously, every time she speaks it like (LOUD then soft LOUDER soft LOUD) And she keeps speaking then whispering. JUST EITHER SPEAK, OR WHISPER! Don't DO BOTH! Its difficult to describe in words about how she speaks but hopefully you understand what I mean

I really did not like her. Probably because she was only ever MENTIONED twice in the WHOLE series in the books, AND replaced my favorite character (Glorfindel) just so the movies could be "non-sexist". Such a pile of crap. I don't want so watch a girl cry every time she shouldn't be on screen instead of watching an ancient Elvish Lord rip orcs to shreds.

In the book, her strength was spiritual and emotional. We have this idea that to be a good female character, she has to be an action girl. - FrozenHatingPokefan

A Mary sue, boring, trophy wife, and shoehorned through few phrases in the books and unconvincing mentions in letter. Worst character indeed.

She is ' awesome and pretty, though did she really have to choose Aragorn? Like, cereal?

4 Grima Wormtongue

I don't think you understand. Grima was once a man of Rohan, tainted by Saruman's foul magic. In the end, Grima betrayed Saruman before he was shot himself.

What could he have gained out of screwing around with Rohans leader. If gandolf did not save that king guy than everything would of been bad...

This guy is as ugly asf, is lustful after Eowyn, who he could never get, and is just a servant of Saruman. He killed Saruman as well, which pissed me off, because I actually kind of like Saruman.

He sucks, its that simple

5 Gollum Gollum is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He was introduced in the 1937 children's fantasy novel The Hobbit, and became an important supporting character in its sequel, The Lord of the Rings.

He's creepy. In general all the lotr characters are good. Plus everyone should stop hating on Frodo because his job was very hard.

Everyone stop hating poor Frodo! He had to carry the Ring as a huge burden in all the movies! It's not his fault he was making poor choices! It was the Rings! Sure he was stupid at times, but the Ring did most!

Why does everyone hate fro do

I really do not like him. I cannot believe he blamed Sam for eating the Elvish bread. Why the heck would Gollum throw the only food Frodo and Sam have over a cliff?

6 Galadriel Galadriel is a character created by J.R.R. Tolkien, appearing in his Middle-earth legendarium. She was one of the greatest of the Eldar in Middle-earth, and surpassed nearly all others in beauty, knowledge, and power. She was also the bearer of Nenya, one of the three Elven rings of power. In film, more.

She's really bossy and gives everyone presents.

She's just a bit pointless really and very presumptuous

Everyone makes such a big deal about this chick who does nothing and couldn't be less helpful. She just stands there with that stupid, smug grin being useless

She didn't did anything against Sauron.

7 Boromir

One Shall Not Simply vote for this one

One shall not put Boromir on this list. I don't know why Boromir is on this list. He went down like a boss. He also was the only person to die. That proves he fought his hardest and fought till the very end. We can all be proud of Boromir in our hearts. Should have used his shield though.

He was not a bad character, but he had absolutely nothing to set him apart from a normal soldier besides that he was strong, and was kinda royalty. Not bad, just really bland. I was so happy that he died instead of an important character.

Boromir is one of the very few kind of "human" characters, at least in the movie trilogy. He is my favourite character. As someone else said, he is not much more than a soldier, a human, not some kind of superhuman half-god warrior.

8 Elrond

I kinda don't really like Elrond because he won't let his daughter marry Aragorn even though she loves him and gave up everything for him. I mean, it's a little cruel, right? - Ash_lovesLOTR

People say they hate him because of the arwen situation, but actually, he was pretty cool about it, if a normal dad found out his daughter was gonna die over someone, well he would hack him apart witha, a machete

I wish Elrond was my dad!

Elrond is not that bad. Imagine being immortal and coming to terms with having your daughter die and living without her,forever. You would not be too keen on having that happen. But in the end, he made the greatest sacrifice and let her stay, despite how much it hurt him because he knew the most important thing was his daughters happiness, more important than his own.

9 Gimli

I dislike any person who voted on him. Gimli is an intelligent kind dwarf who wants to help out

Gimli is cool, tough, and rocks

Gimli is awesome and hilarious.

I think he is very funny and he always wants to help fight.

10 Eowyn

Guys, Eowyn was brave. She fell in love and that was sad. She just tried to be in love which I admire. She also is a fighter of the women and this makes me so happy. She is handy with a sword and is very brave and fearless. She slayed a fell beast and killed the witch king! She is awesome and I waisted a vote to tell you how epic she is and how crazy you guys are for putting her on here!

Eowyn was pretty much useless- just flicking her hair around through out the films and lusting so obviously after Aragorn. It's pathetic. Also she is so attention seeking- just constantly wanting to go to battle when really she should've been listening to the King!

Eowyn is one of the best characters! You peeps are crazy!

First of all, they did not replace Glorfindle with Eowyn. They replaced him with Arwen. They really shouldn't have. She killed the Witch King of Angmar of Pellinor Fields. If it wasn't for her, nobody else would've been able to kill him and they probably would lose the battle.

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11 Pippin

I understand why people may fault Pippin - he doesn't use his head much at moments and did cause a lot of trouble for his friends - but honestly he's one of the youngest, more innocent characters in this entire story and grew quite a lot, especially in Return of the King. He learns to be wiser and to use his head and runs into battle right alongside Merry and his friends. It's easy to dismiss Pip as one-note and a "fool of a Took", but I think he has a lot of heart and bravery, just him setting out alone from the Shire and not turning back took courage.

I really can't believe he comes in higher on this list than Sauraman, just saying. - kingmxjup

I actually really like his character. Yes, he caused a lot of trouble, but eventually he had a much more important role and was pretty interesting and likeable.

Although it could be argued that he never meant any harm, all his antics in the earlier part of the story cost his friends dearly every time. They're not small boo-boos that can be dismissed as childish mischief. They're fairly big missteps that have real, life threatening, potentially apocalyptic consequences for everyone.

I didn't want to vote on Pippin, but I had to tell you guys that you're all wrong. Yes, in the first two films he was there for mostly comic relief, but during the Return of the King he was the main vantage point for Minas Tirith. His character evolves from care-free and funny to burdened and wise. His charge with the rest at the Battle of the Black Gate was heroic. He's a great, likeable character and no one should hate him.

12 Bilbo

Agree about Legolas go Legolas! He is the best movie character of all time

He shows middle finger to the cameras of middel earth

Worst character of all time

13 Sauron Sauron is the title character and main antagonist of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Originally a servant of the first Dark Lord, Morgoth. Morgoth was later defeated and Sauron fled. He later came back to Middle Earth and took over as the new Dark Lord by using a Ring of Power. He was later more.

I don't really hate any character so I'm voting for Sauron because he's evil. Hehe. - BKAllmighty

Sauron wasn't even a character in the trilogy. He was just a long range outdoor surveillance camera. He did nothing else than sometimes giving Frodo some LSD to keep him permanently high.

Sauron wasn't even a real character. You get a little background on him, and then he just ends up being this ever-present entity that doesn't actually do anything. He just somehow sends armies in the hope that he will get the ring and destroy the world, but the rest of the time he is completely useless. Just an eye looking for it's ring of power. The ring had more character than Sauron ever did.

Sauron barely appeared in the trilogy and when he did he was reaching for WHO KNOWS WHAT instead of just killing Isildur with the mace that he was holding in his VERY HAND! Not to mention the eye did nothing but look away from Frodo at times convenient for the plot.

14 Legolas Legolas is a character in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He is a Sindarin Elf of the Woodland Realm and one of nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring. He has been portrayed by Orlando Bloom in the live action movies.

He doesn't just shoot arrows. Id say he is a better swordsman than the rest as well. Plus he is the most agile and can accomplish physical feats none of the others can

Legolas is AWESOME no one should vote him as the worst.Frodo is the worst. Arogorn is AWESOME too

I don't dislike Legolas, but I am really annoyed at the people who treat him like the best character ever. He can shoot arrows. I can't really list many other character traits.

Legolas has a certain feeling that makes him funny, but adorable at the same time. He does have traits, but a person like you can't recognize them. - LegoGeek21

Ok I just WASTED a vote to tell you people you are CRAZY for voting Legolas. He is one of da best characters! Curse you if you voted him. - Ash_lovesLOTR

15 Merry

I wasted a vote on poor Merry just to let you all know that the fact he is ranked as a worse character than SAURUMAN just because his name SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL'S is RIDICULOUS.

Merry's brave and eager, throughout the series all he ever does is try to protect his friends. He's willing to ride out into battle for them for goodness sakes even though he's only like 3'5' and doesn't let other people stop him from protecting those he loves.

May I please make something very clear? SAM is #4 ranked on best LotR characters. SAM is also a girl name. MERRY is a boy and a girl name, just like SAM. I'm sorry, but the fact that Merry is in top ten WORST LotR characters because of his Name blew my mind. He's my second favorite character after Pippin. PIPPIN is also a boy AND girl name, thank you!

I wasted s vote on this to share some information. Merry's full name is Meriadoc Brandybuck, Merry is a nicname. Pipin's is the same way, his is Peregrin Took - Hannah_Hannah

He would have been the best character in the book if it weren't for the fact that because of his name I didn't know he was male until chapter four! MERRY IS A GIRL NAME, ACTUALLY SO IS PIPPIN! If Tolkien wanted to give them those names he should have made them girls

16 Sam

Sam is awesome, I mean when he carried Frodo up the mountain, you can't beat that

What's Wrong With Sam?

This guy was so in love with frodo it made the whole movie so cringy my god I swore I fast forward the scenes with him and frodo its just not good at all I think its just the actor

I don't want to sound mean or anything but for part of the whole series, he was just too clingy towards Frodo, getting paranoid whenever something bad happens to him.

17 Eomer

Stupid ugly jerk should have died at battle at the black gate

What is the problem with him?

I wish Legolas killed him

He is ugly and useless

18 Mrs. Sackville-Baggins

Couldn't wait for Bilbo to die :P

19 Tom Bombadil

He is one of the kindest characters in the book series. He doesn't do a lot in the books, but that isn't the reason to hate him.

Honestly, he was kind of pointless in the books and I almost stopped reading it because of him.

There's a reason he wasn't in the movies lol

He sucks, mostly because of the fact that around the time of his chapter, I almost stopped reading the books.

20 Otho Sackville-Baggins
21 Saruman Saruman the White is a fictional character and a major antagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.

Ok why does everyone hate Sam!? Forget about far! Frodo wouldn't of gone ANYWHERE without Sam!

The White Wizard. The Elder and wise Istari. The First badass Bad guy. Puppet of Sauron, still, a Good character.

It's Christopher Lee! How can you hate Christopher Lee? He is Willy Wonka's father and a Sith Lord...

He died singing trololololololo

22 Hama

Why do you guys hate him? What did he ever do to become on this list?

What did he ever do to get on this list?!

23 Braga

He isn't even in the lord of the rings! He is in the Hobbit, not the LOTR series because he died already by getting crushed by a greedy dragon

24 Fatty Bolger

He's fat and he fights like my grandmas gramdmas great grandma

25 Deagol

The only thing he does is to die!

26 Gothmog

He is ugly, very ugly

Whoa.. the arrogant and ugly (even amid the orcs community) bastard. Not the worst character but definitely the most annoying one.

He was awesome directing the siege of Gondor. So what if he's deformed? They're probably scars from previous battles! - IronSabbathPriest

27 Tauriel

Was not in the books and was just used to make teenage girls squeal over the romance

Extremely pointless.

What did she ever do?!

The only Elf-woman who is red-haired is poor Nerdanel!

28 Mr. Sackville-Baggins
29 Thranduil

I hate him for capturing the dwarves, if Gandalf was with the dwarves at that time, then they wouldn't be captured. Thranduil should get his head cut off by Gandalf, he deserves it, really.

He is racist towards Dwarves. I mean he doesn't even want to reconcile he just goes straight to being grumpy and war hungry the moment the Dwarves ask him for his Jewels or whatever

Thranduil is the biggest jerk and I hate him.

30 Master of Laketown

He is ugly and fat and greedy. Why the heck didn't bard chop of his head when he still could!
Jobs, shelter and food are no laughing matter! I hope Smaug personally murders him in the next hobbit movie

I sued the master of lake-town... Oh do I even need a reason?

Why are Thranduil, Frodo, Galadriel and Pippin on this list? Clearly Frodo was the main reason this whole trilogy even happened.

31 Alfrid

I'm pretty sure he was only put in the Hobbit movies just for everybody to hate.

He is mean, greedy, and a huge coward

32 Gandalf Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, is a fictional character and one of the protagonists in J. R. R. Tolkien's novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He was an Istar, sent by the West in the Third Age to combat the threat of Sauron, as well as leader of the Fellowship of the Ring more.

He lit a light

The GRAND Wizard who did not cast a single spell in the whole movie, I mean offensive spells. Is it not what a wizard does? Casting spells? Destructive or protective? He was using his staff as a melee weapon, nothing else. Ok I admit he did some Jedi trick on the possessed king but I wasn't satisfied by one trick. Show us some meteor shower or at least some fireballs. Lvl1 magician spell in every gameXD.

33 Orcs

The UGLY orcs must be the 2nd in this list after goblins.

They tortured Gallup. 'enough said. Moria Orcs are a different story though.

34 Théoden

I cannot believe no one mentioned anything about Théoden, the king of Rohan. He was totally helpless and yet showed so much attitude to Gandalf and Aragorn.

He's a fine character. enough said

Théoden has got to be one of the complainiest "poor me" characters of all time. Beyond shocked that there aren't more people that have voted for him. I mean seriously, in The Two Towers when he had his whole "Who am I? " speech I just couldn't help but hate him. Sack up, fight for your own people like everyone else is doing!

35 Lurtz
36 Glorfindel
37 Gil-Galad
38 Isildur

He could have thrown the ring in the Fire then nothing would have happened

39 Mim
40 Aragorn Aragorn II, the son of Arathorn II and Gilraen, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium and is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. He was a great ranger and warrior, and as Isildur's heir he bore the shards of Narsil, reforged and renamed Andúril, in the War more.

I love Aragorn! I mean he would do anything for Those little hobbits and he protects everyone and is very wise (maybe not as much as Gandalf) ❤

Just shoved into the spotlight too often. I believe he was overdone...

Creepy as hell. I try to understand why this guy annoys me so much. That line in the film: "The age of Men is over. The time of the Orc has come. " Yeah, like Sauron thought the Orcs as more than just servants and soldiers

AGAIN...Here I am wasting ANOTHER vote to tell yu crazy peeps your CRAZY for voting Aragorn. I was already pissed off when peeps voted LEGOLAS in dis list but now I am even MORE pissed off because YOU voted ARAGORN in this list. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! 🤬 Grrr... - Ash_lovesLOTR

41 Gamling

What's wrong with him?!

42 Bain

He's from The Hobbit not L.O.T.R.

Who the heck is Bain?

43 Kili the Dwarf

Annoying. Acts like a typical immature American teenager or college boy. And worst of all, he stole spotlight from Fili, who was much cooler.

Yeah, I think Kili is slightly overrated, but he is still cool. Fili is better looking in my opinion and he is a better fighter.

44 Oin the Dwarf

If you dislike him for being a fool to try to reclaim Moria, then it's fine with me

45 Tilda
46 Sigrid
47 Madril

Why did they add him in the movies? He's just a minor captain of the ithilien Rangers who gets impaled by an ugly Orc.

48 Elros
49 Shelob

She's an evil fat ugly spider. Of course everyone hates her.

50 Rosie

What a stupid name!

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