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Frodo Baggins is a fictional character and is the main protagonist of J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings. He was a Hobbit of the Shire during the Third Age. He was also a Ring-bearer, a best friend to Samwise Gamgee, and one of the three Hobbits who sailed from Middle-earth to the Uttermost more.


Frodo is incompetent, and constantly moans. He says he wishes the Ring had never come to him, but he volunteered for the quest a few scenes earlier! He trusts Gollum more than Sam. He tries to give the Ring to Galadriel and Aragorn. He leaves Middle-Earth without telling his friends in advance, which clearly emotionally distressed them. He is always falling over, and I don't think he even tries to fight an Orc once.

Frodo only dies and cries! Like at the Mines of Moria in the film, when he gets stabbed by the troll he cries and gasps and pretends he's hurt! But as soon as the fightings over he casually sits up and says he's fine, and that his Mithril vest protected him! Well if it protected him and he's 'not hurt', then why we're you gasping and fainting?! Aaagh! And why does he give the Ring to everyone he meets? Why does he blame Sam for everything? Why does he have so many death scenes? Why does he always cry? He's so attention seeking! I HATE FRODO!

Why oh why does frodo offer the ring to pretty much everyone he meets? What happened to 'keep it secret. Keep it safe'? Ugh! He's so my least favourite character by far.

When it comes to the fight scenes in the movies, I think we can agree that Frodo is useless... Okay yes before the 3rd movie, Merry and Pippin weren't that great either but they both learn how to fight and become knights of sorts when the final battle comes! Even Sam has some skill when fighting and he uses a frying pan! All Frodo does is stand around in one singular spot whilst looking bloody petrified! Everyone basically has to hold Frodo's hand during the battles and when he gets injured, (which he always bloody well does), everyone caters for him because he can't do anything right.

As the supposed "hero" of the story, Frodo is a surprisingly weak character. Now, I might be biased because I don't like Elijah Wood's performance in the movie, it was a little too child-like. He's supposed to be like 50 years old, but his mannerisms make him seem like a kid. For instance, as Gandalf falls, "NO". That was over-acted.

Frodo is a complete wimp and a waste of space. He falls over at least ten times in each movie! He pulls creepy faces,. He trusts his enemies and doesn't trust his friends. He tries to give the Ring to everyone he meets, the idiot. He's such a wimp. He needs to stop crying all the time. In short, Frodo completely sucks.

Why is everyone hating on him? He had to carry the ring, it's the ring that made him act that way, I mean come on give him some slack. just a wake up call because he took on such a hard, hard task!

Well, all Frodo does go, "Oh, Sam" or blame Sam for something he didn't do. When I just don't understand why Frodo refused to drop the ring in the volcano. If he really wanted the ring, why could he sneak off later with the ring and safe bunch of time and lives?

He is just so helpless as a character! Never doing anything for himself and doing things like falling (for no reason) into the dead marshes! He also has (in my opinion) a heightened sense of his own importance

LOSER! Why ask to take the ring if you can't handle it?! Sam is the ultimate hero of the film at the end, not frodo who CONSTANTLY has "fainting" spells where he puts everyone in danger by putting on the darn ring! - Misskaycee

Why does everyone hate Frodo? He's a great character who had to go through a life threatening mission. If you hate Frodo, you're no The Lord of the Rings fan. - PeeledBanana

Every scene Frodo is in I simply fast forward as he and the rest of the hobbits are the most boring characters in the series. They are small, weak and moan all the time. Plus he just has one of those faces you want to punch

He says he wishes the ring had never come to him, but he VOLUNTEERED just ten minutes ago! He seems to always be crying. He believes Gollum over Sam. He is a whiny crybaby!

In he book and animated movie, Frodo is actually a very likeable character. But thanks to Elijah Wood's acting and the fact most people know about Lord of the Rings from the live-action films, most people hate Frodo.

I think there are justified reasons for his behaviour that you all keep complaining about (such as not trusting sam). I dislike him because he keeps being recognised as the hero when in actual fact it was Sam

He does not even throw the ring into the volcano for crying out loud! Sam is the true hero. Plus, he is really mean to all of the other hobbits in the book.

Obviously none of you have read the books. The films undermine Frodo a lot. - IronSabbathPriest

Always nearly dies then ends up all right. He acts like he's dying and he puts all his friends in danger by his actions

Sam tried to warn Frodo about Gollum and yet was blamed for something that wasn't his fault. Sam was right; if I were him, I would've ditched Frodo for being a disloyal friend, take the ring with me, and take it to Mordor by myself to watch it burn!

one of the alltime worst movie/book characters he's an idiot, sam on the other hand was the real hero - CaptainComedy17

Agree Frodo is a useless hobbit just like all hobbits. Honestly the message is good but if only the hobbits where too.

O come on frodo was the main character who had to cary it which made him angry and evil

Sam does most of the work and is the real hero

frodo just isn't the hero type at all, and not in the feel-bad-for-him-way, he's just eeky - I<3Queen

Frodo is the most revolting, pathetic, boring and uninspiring little turd I've ever seen in the entire trilogy! I mean seriously all he does is nag, then drops dead, then gets up without a scratch, nags, drops dead again and the story continues... has the habit of taunting all the enemies by showing them the ring and then standing in the exact spot motionless for them to take it(it got me to the point of thinking that he's actually on their side! )... trusts deformed freaks over his best friend and kinsman... and at the very end in some moronic and awkward way he decides to keep the ring...
Now contrary to Frodo's incompetence and aggravating character, The character of Sam was the true hero as he did almost all the work, even carrying Frodo while he nagged about the ring being such a tremendous burden(sigh). Sam will always be my most favorite character in LOTRs. - NightRay