Worst The Loud House Episodes

As good as the Loud House is, it does have a few bad episodes.

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1 No Such Luck

Cruel episode that took the topic of bad luck WAY too far. The topic of what bad luck could do should have stopped at most at Lincoln not going to fun activities, but banning him from his house and selling his furniture? what? Also, the Loud sisters and parents learn NOTHING once the episode reaches its end, as instead of learning that there is no such thing as good or bad luck, they learn that Lincoln can be accepted in the family if he wears a squirrel suit anywhere he goes with them. Listen, if you're going to have a lesson about luck, it should be something like "Don't believe in superstitions", not "Don't make yourself seem like bad luck or you could be kicked out of your house"! In conclusion, the producers of the show should have made the episode into an actual, light hearted Loud House episode, not a fanfic by some guy who loves stories about people getting hurt and end up being like that for practically forever.

I agree. I hated this episode. I liked Lynn and the Loud parents less after watching it. Not inviting Lincoln to family activities is one thing but banning him from his own house and room? That's too far. Every character was selfish and the ending did nothing to make up for anything. In fact, it seems now the only reason the family wants Lincoln around is so they can take advantage of his good luck. This episode sucks. - regularponyfan09

I don't like the way the sisters even the parents think Lincoln's bad luck, and even though he was taking advantage of it, he did recognize his own mistake, but his sister Lynn was the one who started it, and I didn't like the ending either, I think they should make an alternate ending where the family do gets bad luck without Lincoln, and when they come home and explain to Lincoln, he laughs (but not too mean) at his family similar to a scene in the episode "LL:GG" and also points out that he was right the whole time, then his family starts to feel bad and apologizes to Lincoln (for real) and try to make it up to him.

The loud family should be in jail!

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2 Brawl in the Family

Chris Savino said this was a great episode. I have no idea why. Sure, there are people who like this episode and there's nothing wrong with that. But whether you like it or not, in my case I don't, you have to realize that there are logical problems. Why does Lincoln not know about the Sister Fight Protocol? How do the sisters make up if they are constantly avoiding each other? Why are Lynn Sr and Rita such awful and selfish parents? Chris, I know you still like this episode but these problems still exist no matter what your opinion is. - regularponyfan09

There's no denying that Brawl in the Family actually made me sad. It made me think the sisters only see Lincoln as some stupid idiot boy rather than an actual brother. It scarred me, and it needs to disappear from existence. - YoshiPlayer15

Why is everybody out of character in the episode

If I hear that word Sister Fight Protocol ever again, I will throw something! - Tyler730

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3 April Fools Rule

Huge character derailment from Luan. She took way too much pleasure in being cruel to her family all because of a holiday. Lincoln's so-called plan for saving Ronnie Anne from the pranks was dumb and the parents are once again completely useless. - regularponyfan09

Luan is my favorite of the Loud sisters, but she's a huge jerk in this episode.

Luan went way to far over the line even doing pranks that would kill people


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4 Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

I really hate Lincoln and Clyde's classmates. These school episodes aren't that great in my opinion. - regularponyfan09

Were the girls that cruel to Lincoln? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

5 One of those Boys

My least favorite episode. Stereotypes are not funny. They're stupid. Why do all of the boys here act the same? Couldn't they at least make them resemble their counterparts? Why are Loni and Luke, the gender bents of the two nicest sisters so cruel and disgusting? You know how I would have made this episode work? Have Lincoln assume that his brothers would like all of the things his sisters object to and then when he actually meets them, he would learn that they aren't too different from his sisters after all. Also, the voice actresses for the younger brothers didn't even try to differentiate from their main roles. - regularponyfan09

The one thing Lincoln finds worse than his sisters is having 10 brothers. I like the Loud House, but this is my least favorite episode. EVEN THE LOUD HOUSE ISN'T ENTIRELY PERFECT! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

This episode is so bad that even fans of the Loud House hate this episode.

I hated when the stupid brothers almost got Lincoln to stay in that dimension permentantly. - PeeledBanana

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6 The Green House

Along with Ties that Bind, this episode shows Lincoln at his worst. He convinced his sisters to conserve energy but then he took all of the house's power just to play a video game? Not cool Lincoln. Not cool. - regularponyfan09

OK First off he only played the game because Clyde mentioned it. Every one else here is a jerk especially Mrs. Johnson. HE LIVES IN A BIG FAMILY DEAL WITH IT. But Leni was actually funny.

Just why.

7 Making the Case

Lincoln was so cruel to his sisters in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Come on, lincoln wanted one trophy but no, his sisters had to ruin his chance and

The sisters never ruined his chances. He removed the video out of guilt. Besides, he got a trophy in the end. - regularponyfan09

I like this episode but I get why people hate it. - regularponyfan09

8 Save The Date

I hate Lori. I hated the way she tortured Lincoln. I mean, God. Why did Lincoln say mean things about Ronnie Anne?

I felt sorry for Lincoln in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

ALL the Loud House episodes should be on the list, because I hate Chris Savino. "The Loud House is a good show", yeah, right. THIS is what people are praising, yet forgot that SpongeBob is getting better?! People say that SpongeBob is still getting worse, and Loud House is still good. I never really liked Harvey Beaks. Of course, then again, I never liked Chowder to begin with either. The only good things on Nickelodeon are SpongeBob season 10 and Miraculous Ladybug. Regal Academy was okay, but not as good as Winx Club. People say that even though Stephen Hillenburg is returning, SpongeBob is getting worse, pftt. Yeah right. Screw the Loud House.

Number 1, I've ALWAYS HATED that pathetic, useless, two-faced, child abuser, dictator, whore Lori because just because she's the oldest doesn't mean she has the authority over EVERYTHING and she almost cheated on Bobby with Hugh. Number 2, There were times that I disliked Ronnie Anne because she humiliates, bullies and attacks him and calling him mean names. And number 3, Bobby is SO BORING

Oh yeah, I know deep down inside his heart, he secretly hated Ronnie Anne and her sisters

9 The Sweet Spot

I thought it was okay. I mean the other seats were bad so it would make since that they would fight for the sweet spot. That was the only good seat.

The sisters are poor-piss-poor jerks, he just wanted a good spot.

The sisters were jerks. - PeeledBanana

If it wasn't for its sister episode, I would have hated this show. - regularponyfan09

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10 It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House

The treatment of Lincoln is terrible because they fight over money.

All they do is fight over money. That's it.

Not good, but not bad - regularponyfan09

The Loud family finds out there's money hidden in the house. They fight over it. They find more clues to where the money is. They fight over it. They find out where the money is hidden. They fight over who gets it first. They find the money. They fight over it. Their parents don't give a single crap during the process for some reason. The whole time they were trying to get the siblings to work together to find the money, but no, they have to pull a hurr-durr, we're-gonna-make-them-fight-anyway-lol "joke" that is just flat out irritating. I don't think this is the absolute worst episode of the series (that trophy goes to No Such Luck), but it's up there with some of the worst. This episode is just stupid, annoying, and pointless. - UltimateCraig

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11 Out on a Limo

This stupid idiot Lincoln chose to hang out with a pompous arrogant rich man rather than his sisters. He chose a creepy rich man over his family. What a disgrace this stupid kid iis, he let this wicked man call his sisters riff raff. I wouldve punched that rich jerk right in the mouth if he ever said that about my family. Lincoln sucks for not standing up to this buffoon the way he should have.

Lincoln turned into a spoiled jerk from a few hours in a limo... I won't ride in a limo, if that's the moral.

Lincoln was obsessed with mustard. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

This Episode has SO Many bad Morals

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12 Sound of Silence

I love loud house but I think this episode is just terrible. All because Lincoln wanted some silence, he is belittled by his sister. Just my opinion

Lola: Cause you wouldn't want to make me mad!
Me: Lola, the female bitch.

13 One Flu Over the Loud House

Dumbest and most dramatic episode ever. So what if they have the flu? It doesn't mean that they have to act like zombies when they are sick. So dramatic.

Most vile Loud House episode ever. The worst part is no one gets cured at the end! WHY?!

This is the grossest episode

Okay at best

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14 Come Sale Away

They do there worst but shake


15 Making the Grade
16 The Loudest Yard

Lincoln is too lazy and too much of a coward to try out for football so he tricks Lynn into playing on the team in his place. She does great on the field but when this idiot Lincoln finally decides to play after realising hie behaviour was stupid and selfish, he screws up completely and runs all the way to the other end of the field, thus costing his team the game. I wouldve liked to see his teammates beat the living crap out of him for that. Lincoln is a total loser!

Lincoln may get a charlie horse. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

17 Butterfly Effect

I don't like the ending where Clyde and Lori got married. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

This should be number 1

18 Heavy Meddle

This is one of the first Lincoln torture episodes.

The only bad episode. - DynastiSugarPop

No, this is not the only bad episode. There are MORE bad episodes than this. All thanks to Chris Savino, who killed Nickelodeon.

19 Cheater by the Dozen

This is by far the worst loud House episode of all time do not watch this episode if you missed the first airing

It was desturbing

20 For Bros About to Rock

Luna was really annoying and over enthusiastic in this episode. Also can the writers come up with something original instead of having them see what is basically a Kiss tribute band?

Arrested just for buying Smooch tickets?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I loved this episode! - UltimateCraig

Aw come the hell on, this episode is a personal favorite (but iryo on this episode)

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