Worst The Loud House Episodes

As good as the Loud House is, it does have a few bad episodes.

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1 No Such Luck No Such Luck

Good lord this episode. When I was on vacation and watching Nickelodeon, I watched this episode. Afterwards I had a sour taste in my mouth, the one that you can only get rid of by playing mini golf with your family, and even so you still have scars. The plot of the episode is that Lincoln gets his family to believe he's bad luck so he can avoid his family's activities. While this may seem like Lincoln is being a jerk, think about it. Lincoln has 10 sisters who all have activities. Let's say each activity is 45 minutes. So that means Lincoln's day is taken up by about 8 HOURS. So it's no wonder Lincoln want's to have some relaxation. However this is where the crap hits the fan. Lincoln's family believes that since his bad luck can affect everyone of their activities, including going to dairyland (the loud house equivalent of Disneyland). Now I can somewhat get Lincoln's parents doing this to him because this would teach Lincoln not to avoid family activities (even though they should ...more - GreninjaGuy

Cruel episode that took the topic of bad luck WAY too far. The topic of what bad luck could do should have stopped at most at Lincoln not going to fun activities, but banning him from his house and selling his furniture? what? Also, the Loud sisters and parents learn NOTHING once the episode reaches its end, as instead of learning that there is no such thing as good or bad luck, they learn that Lincoln can be accepted in the family if he wears a squirrel suit anywhere he goes with them. Listen, if you're going to have a lesson about luck, it should be something like "Don't believe in superstitions", not "Don't make yourself seem like bad luck or you could be kicked out of your house"! In conclusion, the producers of the show should have made the episode into an actual, light hearted Loud House episode, not a fanfic by some guy who loves stories about people getting hurt and end up being like that for practically forever.

There is no such thing as luck. That should have been the moral of the episode. Instead, Lincoln's family takes it way too far! I mean, seriously. What were the writers thinking? Making an episode about how Lincoln tells everybody he is bad luck just so he can avoid going to their activities, but his family takes it WAY too far and kicks him out of the house? Is that a reasonable plot? NO! And I hate Lynn with a burning passion. I used to like her, but after this episode, everything changed. So what if you lose just one measly softball game? You can't win all the time! She needs to realize that part of playing a sport requires you to take defeat in order to get better and learn good sportsmanship! Bottom line, this show is going majorly downhill.

This episode is not that bad! In my opinion, Lincoln deserves what he’s getting because he didn’t want to spend time with his family. In fact, this feels like a rewrite of Sound of Silence, but done correctly! This episode shouldn’t get the hatred that it gets, and that is what I have to say about the episode.

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2 Brawl in the Family Brawl in the Family

Chris Savino said this was a great episode. I have no idea why. Sure, there are people who like this episode and there's nothing wrong with that. But whether you like it or not, in my case I don't, you have to realize that there are logical problems. Why does Lincoln not know about the Sister Fight Protocol? How do the sisters make up if they are constantly avoiding each other? Why are Lynn Sr and Rita such awful and selfish parents? Chris, I know you still like this episode but these problems still exist no matter what your opinion is. - regularponyfan09

There's no denying that Brawl in the Family actually made me sad. It made me think the sisters only see Lincoln as some stupid idiot boy rather than an actual brother. It scarred me, and it needs to disappear from existence. - YoshiPlayer15

Why is everybody out of character in the episode

All I have to say is "F-K THIS EPISODE" this and No Such Luck. - egnomac

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3 The Green House The Green House

One of the issues Lincoln faces in many episodes is unfortunate implications. The plot of this episode is that the class is doing a thing where the kids' families have to conserve energy to save baby polar bears. The teacher is grading everyone the same despite the sizes of the families and Lincoln gets peer pressure from dumb luck. Clyde gets a good grade because his parents have solar panels which was mentioned in the episode. Lincoln has 10 sisters and 2 parents, something he can't control and it is shown several times in the episode he has NO CONTROL. I also hate Lincoln in the end, and the fact that one video game takes up the power of the whole house just seems unrealistic. - IHSCOUTII1973

Along with Ties that Bind, this episode shows Lincoln at his worst. He convinced his sisters to conserve energy but then he took all of the house's power just to play a video game? Not cool Lincoln. Not cool. - regularponyfan09

This episode is heartless - AinezoChan

Let's save the environment by disposing this DUMB episode...

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4 One of those Boys One of those Boys

My least favorite episode. Stereotypes are not funny. They're stupid. Why do all of the boys here act the same? Couldn't they at least make them resemble their counterparts? Why are Loni and Luke, the gender bents of the two nicest sisters so cruel and disgusting? You know how I would have made this episode work? Have Lincoln assume that his brothers would like all of the things his sisters object to and then when he actually meets them, he would learn that they aren't too different from his sisters after all. Also, the voice actresses for the younger brothers didn't even try to differentiate from their main roles. - regularponyfan09

The one thing Lincoln finds worse than his sisters is having 10 brothers. I like the Loud House, but this is my least favorite episode. EVEN THE LOUD HOUSE ISN'T ENTIRELY PERFECT! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

This episode is so bad that even fans of the Loud House hate this episode.

I hate when characters are relegated to stereotypes - iliekpiez

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5 Making the Case Making the Case

Lincoln 's classmates are BIG jerks! The sisters should tell Lincoln 's classmates are lame because they laughed at their brother.

I kinda like this episode, but it's so cruel. The fact that that stupid hamster cam wins just puts salt on the wound. - TheCriticalCritic

Come on, lincoln wanted one trophy but no, his sisters had to ruin his chance and

The sisters never ruined his chances. He removed the video out of guilt. Besides, he got a trophy in the end. - regularponyfan09

How could they pick an unfunny hamster video over an awesome stunt video?! - WitherKichian

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6 April Fools Rule April Fools Rule

Huge character derailment from Luan. She took way too much pleasure in being cruel to her family all because of a holiday. Lincoln's so-called plan for saving Ronnie Anne from the pranks was dumb and the parents are once again completely useless. - regularponyfan09

Luan is easily one of my favorite characters, but she is so out of character here. Sure she tells jokes and pranks, but they are usually harmless and fun! - TheCriticalCritic

Luan went way to far over the line even doing pranks that would kill people

This is the worst episode ever to me. I can't belive it they just prank Luan back and ronnie anne throws a pie at Luan. The ending was nice by the way

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7 L is For Love L is For Love

I really don't see a problem with this episode, people make way too big a deal about the idea of Luna having on crush on Sam who's a girl and for the record Luna is not gay she's bisexual there's a huge difference between being gay and being Bi. - egnomac

The hole of the episode is fine, but why did they make Luna have a crush on Sam? Also, Lucy liked Rocky, is she cheating on him? - Datguyisweird666

I don't mind this episode, it goes as far to be a pioneer with gay relationships especially in the midst of the pulse nightclub shooting and trump removing transgenders from the military. - IHSCOUTII1973

This is by far the worst episode because Luna sends a love letter to a GIRL and we find out she is a lesbian kids don't need to be seeing this

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8 Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

This episode is my 2nd least but this one is also god awful. If the last 30 seconds didn't exist it would e fine what happened you say hmm torture of Lincoln, public humiliation, child abuse from Mrs. Johnson and gym teacher, Clyde allowing it because it's good business, and Mrs. Johnson said I was a fantastic business idea. The rest of the episode is really eh but the last 30 seconds makes it god awful

Were the girls that cruel to Lincoln? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I really hate Lincoln and Clyde's classmates. These school episodes aren't that great in my opinion. - regularponyfan09

The ending is the only bad part of this episode - Spongehouse

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9 Save The Date

Now if I were to teach those stupid, idiotic and jerk-faced classmates a lesson about how they bullied Lincoln just because he likes Ronnie Anne how shall I do it?

Oh, I know! I'll turn those boys into ants! Stupid little ants. Then I'll put those ants in a box, and then I'll put that box inside of another box, and then I'll mail that box to myself. And when it arrives, HAHAAHA! I'LL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!

Or to save on postage, I'll have a Death Song encase them in amber and let them dangle over a pit full of crocodiles. BRILLIANT!

There was no reason for either Lori or Bobby to be in this episode all they did was take away a lot of the focus away from Lincoln and Ronnie Anne I mean the whole reason for the double date was for Lori to force Lincoln to make things right with Ronnie Anne so she and Bobby can get back together again. - egnomac

The only reason those boys from Lincoln's class were making fun of him for Ronnie Anne Liking him was because they were jealous because he actually has a girl who likes him plus Lincoln actually got to kiss her because no girl in their right mind would ever go out with any of them and the closes any of them will come to a date is a calendar. - egnomac

Ronnie Anne is a bully put sandwiches in Lincolns pants and put trash in Lincolns closet Bobby needs to learn to stop being gullible Lori bossing her brother around is sooo stupid Ronnie Anne doesn't deserve Lincoln

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10 Out on a Limo Out on a Limo

This stupid idiot Lincoln chose to hang out with a pompous arrogant rich man rather than his sisters. He chose a creepy rich man over his family. What a disgrace this stupid kid iis, he let this wicked man call his sisters riff raff. I wouldve punched that rich jerk right in the mouth if he ever said that about my family. Lincoln sucks for not standing up to this buffoon the way he should have.

Lincoln turned into a spoiled jerk from a few hours in a limo... I won't ride in a limo, if that's the moral.

Lincoln was obsessed with mustard. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

A lot about his episode makes no sense just why the hell would Tetherby waste his time with an 11 year old who's not rich and more importantly why whould Lincoln even listen to this him. - egnomac

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? Ties That Bind Ties That Bind

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11 No Laughing Matter No Laughing Matter

I just watched this one and I personally liked it. While it can be argued that Laun just can't take critism (Excuse my spelling), keep in mind she's at the extremely awkward year of 14. And, imagine hearing your own family not even criticizing, but flat out saying pretty mean stuff about her. Also, in the episode where she helps Lucy with her poems she made it clear she can take a rejection letter (or in her case, a few). Having low self esteem myself, I can her understand her hesitance of performing when your own family says they down right say they hate your jokes and you're or not funny. Also, I personally love her jokes, don't judge me I can kind of understand why some people may hate it though

The plot was stupid and the jokes were awkward.

I think this episode is actually very good. Seems weird to say that, but I like it. It feels like Luan's version of "Not Normal". - Svampbob164

This episode shows that Luan can't handle critism - Spongehouse

12 The Sweet Spot

I hate this episode with a passion. All it's about is Lincoln finding a car seat, his sisters find out and fight then cancel the trip and get grounded. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS EPISODE?! Because it is funny? BO! It's mean spirited. Imagine it happened in real life, it would be horrid. - AinezoChan

The sisters are poor-piss-poor jerks, he just wanted a good spot.

I thought it was okay. I mean the other seats were bad so it would make since that they would fight for the sweet spot. That was the only good seat.

I actually love this episode - Spongehouse

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13 Cheater by the Dozen Cheater by the Dozen

Clyde really has no reason to be in this episode all he wanted was to bust Booby cheating on Lori so they would break up and he can be with Lori which of course would never happen. - egnomac

I Voted Cheater By The Dozen Because It's Way Too Lazy, And The Title Is A Ripoff Of Cheaper By The Dozen

This is by far the worst! So many adult jokes and is weird that Lincoln is spying on Bobby. - ElephantEric

Clyde should just grow up already and finally realize Lori will never love him! - Spongehouse

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14 Change of Heart Change of Heart

This episode could have led to some character development with Clyde getting over his stupid, creepy crush on Lori. But no. What a let down. Not to mention, the excessive nosebleeds are NOT funny. It's gross and weird, just like Clyde's stupid ass crush on Lori.

What a letdown of an episode! - Spongehouse

Stupidest concept yet. - ElephantEric

Just dissapointing

15 A Tale of Two Tables

What? Most ageist episode I have ever seen. And it teaches people to misbehave at a table. - AinezoChan

This episode restraints maturity and encourages 17 year olds to act like 2 year olds - IHSCOUTII1973

My least favourite, the older sisters were jerks and it was not funny at all - Gangem

16 It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House

The treatment of Lincoln is terrible because they fight over money.

All they do is fight over money. That's it.

Not good, but not bad - regularponyfan09

More like It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Episode.

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17 Sound of Silence

I love loud house but I think this episode is just terrible. All because Lincoln wanted some silence, he is belittled by his sister. Just my opinion

Proof that Lola is a nincompoop. - AinezoChan

This feels like a modern spongebob squidward torment episode

"Hello Darkness My Old Friend..." - Datguyisweird666

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18 Fool's Paradise Fool's Paradise

I feel like I'm the only one who hates this episode and In Tents Debate. This episode replaced April Fool's Rules as my second least favorite episode. - regularponyfan09

You are not the only one who hates this episode because I hate it too - Spongehouse

I do not get it why people hate "April Fools Rules" but love this episode - Spongehouse

The only mediocre part of this episode was when the family was mad at Lincoln when the room was messed up.

I like the ending of this episode >:3. It is just my opinion don't hate me (not trying to be rude).

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19 Ruthless People

This episode just couldn't catch a break it was super predictable from start to finish Lincoln and the others switch places with the others so they could stay with Pop Pop at the retirement home thinking they will have a better time than they would be at Aunt Ruth's but the opposite happens they have a miserable time while the others go stay at Aunt Ruth's Summer house and have a great time since when the hell did she have a summer house so they switch again but again they end up in another horrible situation as Lana brought some of the termites from home there meaning they have to stay at Ruth's home and an even bigger middle finger the others go on a cruise with the seniors because of the broken A/C which is a really unrealistic ending the more they try to make things better for themselves the more they suffer if they actually went with the original plan they would have gotten to go to Aunt Ruth's Summer house but there was no way they would know that, this is by far the worst ...more - egnomac

This is the only bad episode of season 3 so far in my opinion. This episode is just plain awful because it does nothing but torture Lincoln, Lynn. Jr, Lynn. Sr, Lola, Luna, and Lori while the others get nothing but good luck, even when they swap places nothing changes and Albert is not his awesome self in this episode as they totally degraded him. Lincoln's group suffers and gets to have 0 fun, while Rita's group gets to relax and have all the fun they want. Also Lana gets no comeuppance for bringing the termites to Aunt Ruth's lake house. I knew I was going to at least hate one episode in this season but I did not expect it to be this one. - Spongehouse

20 The Loudest Yard

Lincoln is too lazy and too much of a coward to try out for football so he tricks Lynn into playing on the team in his place. She does great on the field but when this idiot Lincoln finally decides to play after realising hie behaviour was stupid and selfish, he screws up completely and runs all the way to the other end of the field, thus costing his team the game. I wouldve liked to see his teammates beat the living crap out of him for that. Lincoln is a total loser!

Lincoln may get a charlie horse. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

It's mediocre in my opinion but the only problem was Lincoln

Lincoln didn't have to deserve such useless defeat at the ending. ¡He just does not know how to play American Football! ¡It's completely stupid that he has to get beaten up by Lola and his teammates! ¡HOW USELESS, AND STUPID! 😠

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21 Making the Grade Making the Grade

This is another Lincoln being unfairly punished for no real reason all for someone else's actions all he wanted was for Lisa to act normal in class so his class doesn't hate him he never told Lisa to give up being smart all together yet she's happy giving up all that so long as Lincoln gets all the blame as she constantly reminds everyone that is was Lincoln who told her to give up being smart. - egnomac

The beginning of season 2 has a lot of episodes that I hate like Brawl in the Family, Cheater by the Dozen, No Such Luck, and this crappy episode - Spongehouse

I think this episode is worse than No Such Luck. Just my opinion.

Lincoln shoukd not be at fault for Lisa's decision.

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22 Cereal Offender

Lincoln worked his butt off to get that cereal with his sisters acting like a bunch of jerks. They beg to come only so they can get in the way, none of them even think about helping him, in the end after somewhat successfully keeping his sisters our of trouble and getting the things on the list. They all act like selfish jerks and ruin everything. This was very simply a Lincoln torture porn episode and I hated it.

Lincoln assured his mom that he could handle the grocery shopping but he showed that he couldn't even do that much less keep his sisters from getting out of control. Lincoln can't even handle a thought, let alone a simple chore like grocery shopping. This kid needs to be kicked in the ass and he didn't even deserve to get his Zombie Bran cereal.

Stupid sisters - PeeledBanana

The ending almost makes up for the episode. - egnomac

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23 Two Boys And A Baby

I actually really enjoy this one despite its awful ending! - Spongehouse

The ending was way worse. - DynastiSugarPop

Gross - AinezoChan

24 Heavy Meddle

Is someone who bullies you loves you a moral? FLIP NO. - AinezoChan

Chris didn't kill Nickelodeon you nostalgist - Tyler730

This is one of the first Lincoln torture episodes.

No, this is not the only bad episode. There are MORE bad episodes than this. All thanks to Chris Savino, who killed Nickelodeon.

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25 In Tents Debate In Tents Debate

I thought this episode was okay, but I hated the ending. Sure, Lincoln got a lot of relaxation out of his sisters so he can vote for their team, but once they go on they vacation they make Lincoln a SLAVE! At least the Loud sisters treated Lincoln in a group, but Lincoln had to treat all his sisters by HIMSELF. And the things Lincoln had to do in the end were WAY worst than what the sisters had to do. Lincoln almost got killed by a bear because of his stupid sisters. I just hate Lincoln torture because the sisters just think that they can take advantage of Lincoln just because he is the only boy, they don't treat him like a brother.

They didn't make him a slave Lincoln made the choice to be their servant in the end after he constantly delayed making his decision even if he did make his choice half of his sisters who be made at him at least this way they all wouldn't get mad at him. - egnomac

This was actually a pretty good episode until the ending which made me hate the episode - Spongehouse

One word: political and I absolutely hate political decisions

26 Butterfly Effect

I don't like the ending where Clyde and Lori got married. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Other than the nimble comedy Lincoln being clumsy is an overused and boring plot. - IHSCOUTII1973

It was confusing what happened to Lincoln's sisters and it was boring and STUPID!

This is my personal favorite TLH episode, get it off the list! - UltimateCraig

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27 Sleuth or Consequences

This has a good message, so Lincoln gets told Luna ruins concert, then he finds out she is going. He gets mad at her finding a girl like him, and teaching him how to dance. He then tells and says she ruins everything. They buy illegal tickets and Lincoln and Clyde go to prison. Luna saves them but bobby buts in and sells Luna out. Then she tells Lincoln she just wanted him to be happy and remember his concert, because it's his first so it's a big deal. They get let out of prison. Luna goes to the concert and gets Lincoln, Clyde and herself on stage to sing with smooch. Lincoln realises she was just trying for him to be happy and it's okay to be a bit wild at a concert. - Jermaineb12

I couldn't care less who can handle insults, Lucy needs to admit what she did ESPECIALLY after she said she WOULDN'T MIND being grounded! Lucy will grow up having trouble taking responsibility for her actions if her siblings keep sucking up for her. - IHSCOUTII1973

Mean spirited episode. Lincoln torture episode. Sure, the morals and intentions are good, but this comes across as a mean spirited episode. Lori and Lola are unbearable in this episode.

Dammit, Lola, I ADORE you, but at the same time I DESPISE you. Your new motto should most likely be this:

When in doubt, blame Lincoln! He's the only one in the family aside from our dad with a penis, so it's A-OK to pin everything on him! - NightShadow2955

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28 One Flu Over the Loud House

Dumbest and most dramatic episode ever. So what if they have the flu? It doesn't mean that they have to act like zombies when they are sick. So dramatic.

Most vile Loud House episode ever. The worst part is no one gets cured at the end! WHY?!

I like how this show blows things comically out of proportion but people acting like zombies because they have the flu is too far. - IHSCOUTII1973


Worst episode ever.

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29 Come Sale Away

As quoted to my friend in a text message: "The lesson in Come Sale Away is 'if your parents have your little sister's blanket the whole time while your selfishly selling furniture, the whole family can twerk'".

They do there worst but shake

Teaches you how to disobey your parents. - AinezoChan

This episode was ok in the beginning but once Lily’s blanket went away, the episode went downhill from there. The crying was kind of annoying, everyone became derailed beyond belief and insanely competitive. When the search for Lily’s blanket was over, the moral was attempted but was thrown away in a big pit of flames because of the unnecessary twerking (which probably was filler).

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30 Study Muffin

The Loud sisters really creeped me out in this truly disturbing episode where they go all gaga over a lameass British boy who is nothing more than a cheesy Hugh Grant wannabe. Lisa really gave me the creeps the way she smiled at this guy. Lori would dump Bobby in a heartbeat for this guy by the way she reacted when she first saw him. Lincoln flunked his exam because of his sisters' stupid crush on this guy. It was really creepy of the Loud sisters and their dad chasing him down the street. Truly a disturbing episode and one I will avoid watching again from now on.

I like the episode but the problem is the plot of the sisters crushing on Hugh and going completely bonkers over him completely takes away the focus from Lincoln's main problem of him failing. - egnomac

Lincoln's sisters suggest him a tutor then disallow him to study with him. (yes I said "his" 3 times in 1 sentence) - IHSCOUTII1973

This episode made me want to die.

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31 Pulp Friction

How is this episode bad? - Spongehouse

32 Not a Loud

This didn't make any sense - PokemonRPGbro

Pienso que hicieron este episodio solo para sacarse de encima el tema de "Lincoln adoptado"

33 Vantastic Voyage

Overrated - AinezoChan

34 Hand-Me-Downer

Lincoln worked hard for a bike that fit his gender so what made him give it away in 2 seconds and then not have a bike? - IHSCOUTII1973

This episode is ridiculous - AinezoChan

Zzz... so boring... zzz...

35 No Place Like Homeschool

This episode was great in my opinion - Spongehouse

This is a really boring episode not much to write about. - egnomac

I really hated this episode I just couldn't get into it. - egnomac

36 A Tattler's Tale

I could riff on this one all day! Where do I start? Just, how? How do so many people like this episode? I mean, it's fine if you do, but I just don't see why? Even though I do enjoy watching this one, it is technically really awful. The idea that, "Oh, you better do this for me, or I'll tell Mom and Dad you did this," has been done since the dawn of T.V.. I can forgive this if they add something new to the plot, but that's my problem here! It's just everything you've seen before in entertainment, a term I use very loosely here. Fortunately, this doesn't go on very long, so I could forgive it if the episode improves. Does it? No! It gets much worse! The ending was just sickening. Lola is clearly trying to play victim and act like it was her siblings' fault for not spending time with her. Just how she acted throughout the episode and how she tried to act like she was being unfairly treated when they threatened to tell on her spells it out for you plain and simple. She was clearly taking ...more - AlexZedKawa

Its just lola is brat why did they let her join the secret club

This is one of Lola's better episodes - Spongehouse

Lola that bitch - AinezoChan

37 Chore and Peace

I am shocked this episode isn't any higher on this list. If the sisters wanted Lincoln to do his chore, why didn't they give him one of theirs so he could understand why he was wrong about wanting to do another chore?! And they get angry at Lincoln when his refusal makes their lives more difficult?! That's NOT the way it's supposed to work!

Lincoln's job is by far the worst and 1: how does he think garbage workers make money and 2: why the hell are the parents not paying them and not to mention the parents are useless here. - IHSCOUTII1973

38 For Bros About to Rock

Luna was really annoying and over enthusiastic in this episode. Also can the writers come up with something original instead of having them see what is basically a Kiss tribute band?

"Here, let me disgrace you with my presence because the plot demands it, despite the fact I haven't been told ANYTHING about this concert! " - NightShadow2955

One of the best for sure - UltimateCraig

It's overrated but not bad - Spongehouse

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39 Fool Me Twice

I felt bad for the family - Spongehouse

This is the worst episode ever to me I didn't like the prank they did to Luan and then they tell her to chase the truck -_- what if she gets lost like are they gonna be happy ;-;

40 Space Invader

What do you mean? This was a good episode in my opinion

Lynn was so creepy here. - AinezoChan

Lynn was so unlikeable in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

2nd best season 1 episode - Spongehouse

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41 Raw Deal Raw Deal

He is stressing over nothing! - PokemonRPGbro

Lincoln torture! - Spongehouse

42 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

Why do I need 2 episodes centered around a secondary character and why does this have to be the only hint of continuity in the show? by the way I think continuity in the loud house is bad. - IHSCOUTII1973


43 Tricked Tricked

The only reason I didn’t like this episode is because it didn’t feature a loud sister covering themselves with a white sheet and being a ghost in any capacity. (Lily’s moments in the intro doesn’t count, it isn’t in the actual episode, and therefore didn’t happen in the timeline). I wanna see at least one loud sister dress as a sheet ghost at one point.

44 Undie Pressure

I don't like how Lincoln lost. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I actually LIKE Lola in the end. She brings some logic to the whole episode. - IHSCOUTII1973

In my opinion, Undie Pressure is the best episode ever. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

This episode was AMAZING! in my opinion - Spongehouse

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45 Get the Message

Lori is cruel to Lincoln.

This should be number 1! - Jodan111

Gross, icky and dumb. - AinezoChan

46 The Crying Dame

SO ANNOYING! 1/3 of the episode is crying, 1/3 of the episode is that cruddy song, and the other 1/3 is a failure to develop the plot! - ElephantEric

I liked this episode and the song - Spongehouse

MY EARS! - Tyler730

I love this episode. I agree with you Spongehouse. The song was amazing, I don't understand the Fandom and Louds about that...The only part that was upsetting was when they took Fenton away. I still have a special object and I'm sure a lot of people do...Thanks a lot Lols.._. (7.5/10)

47 Potty Mouth Potty Mouth

This episode is a horrible way to use swear words unlike sailor mouth. - ElephantEric

I actually enjoyed this one because it is very funny and entertaining - Spongehouse

This is my favorite episode, why is it here? - Datguyisweird666

Do we really need more of these type of episodes
(Rugrats) Word of the day - Good
(Spongebob) Sailor Mouth - Amazing
(Arthur) Bleep - Meh
(The Loud House) Potty Mouth - Ugh another one - YoshiApple

48 Baby Steps - The Loud House Baby Steps - The Loud House
49 House Music

I think a lot of people are way too harsh on Luna yeah she acted very arrogant and selfish in this episode but at by the end of the episode she realized her mistakes and apologized to her family for the way she acted and also considering that after hearing her idol Mick Swagger the person who inspired her passion for music was going to be at the family fair of course she's going to lose focus on what's really important. - egnomac

Luna acted like a arrogant, selfish jerk to her family in this episode, at least she learned her lesson at the end.

I love this episode it is super funny - Spongehouse

Luna that hypocrite - AinezoChan

50 Changing the Baby

The children were ABUSING Lily. Why would you want to make someone do something you want to do a BABY in particular?! I hated this episode. - Tyler730

Teaches baby abuse - AinezoChan

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