No Such Luck


I agree. I hated this episode. I liked Lynn and the Loud parents less after watching it. Not inviting Lincoln to family activities is one thing but banning him from his own house and room? That's too far. Every character was selfish and the ending did nothing to make up for anything. In fact, it seems now the only reason the family wants Lincoln around is so they can take advantage of his good luck. This episode sucks. - regularponyfan09

This episode should have ended with Lynn lost the game and learn that she can't win every time because things happen. Since Lincoln wasn't there she realize he wasn't bad luck. She apologizes to him. That ending wound save the episode. The parents and the sisters should have apologize for real. This episode should be banned and ship. The loud family lost all respects from the fans and they don't deserve to haven Lincoln in their family!

I don't like the way the sisters even the parents think Lincoln's bad luck, and even though he was taking advantage of it, he did recognize his own mistake, but his sister Lynn was the one who started it, and I didn't like the ending either, I think they should make an alternate ending where the family do gets bad luck without Lincoln, and when they come home and explain to Lincoln, he laughs (but not too mean) at his family similar to a scene in the episode "LL:GG" and also points out that he was right the whole time, then his family starts to feel bad and apologizes to Lincoln (for real) and try to make it up to him.

It was really harsh to see how Lincoln was kicked out and banned from even going to the movies! I mean come on! Even Charles the family dog ditched him. The ending didn't make anything better either. I felt Like punching the whole family. I can tolerate a lot of episodes like brawl in the family, Or even the green house. But this was the first episode I actually wanted to hug Lincoln. I highly recommend skipping this one.

Let's see:

Character torture? Check (Lincoln)

Character assassination? Check (Leni, Lucy, Luna, Lana, Rita, Lynn Sr, Lisa)

Unlikable characters? Check (The Loud Sisters and parents, especially Lynn Jr)

Mean spirited? Check (Does "Please step farther away from the house" ring a bell)

Bad Morals? Check (Don't lie to your family or you'll be kicked out of your house)

Unsatisfying Ending? Check (We sold your furniture)

Bad Character Development? Check (Lynn Jr)

This episode has almost all of the elements needed to make a bad episode. And it is a bad episode. People hated it so bad, Wiki had to permanently disable the comments for it's page.

This episode was flat out terrible. Lincoln goes to one of Lynn's games, her team loses, then they think he's bad luck. Lincoln goes along with this because he hates going to his sister's events. Alright, it started out OK, but then it gets bad. They actually had the nerve to make Lincoln's family lock him out of the house and force him to sleep outside in the cold. Lincoln is just miserable! Ugh, what a sad, pathetic episode for an otherwise awesome show! - UltimateCraig

I hate this episode! It is so mean spirited! I understand thinking he's bad luck, but kicking him out of the house and selling his furniture? Why? That is so out of character! And Lincoln doesn't even win or anything at the end! Sure he gets to go to the beach, but only in that squirrel costume! Easily the worst episode of the show. - TheCriticalCritic

First, the way everyone treated Lincoln in it was horrible and inexcusable, particularly the parents for going along with it. Second, it was extremely out of character for Lisa to buy into the "bad luck" hysteria, since she's normally a hardened skeptic of those sorts of things. Just a really mean spirited episode.

The very idea that a family with many bonds is broken by superstition is truly moronic. Just seeing Lincoln suffer because his family doesn't know the difference between a lie and a large correlation between events is dumbfounding to say the least. I really hope an episode like this does not occur again.

Nothing save this episode for me not even the ending. Lynn only lost the game because of karma. She forces Lincoln to come with a bat. The family should be in jail in the end ; the olders sisters and the parents. The younger sisters in foster care. The loud family are worst family in Royal woods. This episode should be forgot and ship. The episode should be flash in the toilet. I hate this episode!

I hated this episode, lynn is one of my favorite characters but she made me mad because she blamed it on lincoln when she lost her softball game and HIS WHOLE FAMILY MADE HIM SLEEP OUTSIDE AND RITA SOLD HIS FURNITURE! this episode was horrible

This episode totally sucks. The sisters and parents treated Lincoln like he wasn't part of the family. The only reason Lynn blamed Lincoln for her loss at her game is because she's a poor sport. Blaming others for your failure is immature.

Such a stupid episode, I mean. Why is this episode existing? There could have been a better ending, or at least no child abuse. If it was the point of the episode then BURN IT WITH FIRE, BURN IT ALL, period.

The Loud House is generally a good cartoon. In fact, it's my favorite Nickelodeon show as of the moment, along with Spongebob. However, this is a terrible episode. This episode is the equivalent of a torture porn and can pass up as an atrocity in Mr Enter's bucket list.

This disgrace of a "episode" why did all of them kick out Lincoln. Just he's bad luck? No he isn't but he goes along with it what's worst they refuse to let him back in and they sold all stuff like they didn't expect him to come back. that is child neglect I would've just called the police on them if I was there. Anyway this is the worst "episode" of the loud house ever!

The parents and Lynn and basically everybody else are just idiots. Why did they ban him from HIS ROOM? That's just cruel and mean-spirited. Terrible character development. This episode DOES deserve to be #1.

This episode left me feeling terrible for Lincoln and the parnets kick him out of the house there terrible sure Lincoln avoided his sisters and told them he's bad luck but he told them he's sorry plus told them that he's not bad luck this episode is so bad they are trying to ban it the way he is treated is not right!

How this is not number 1, we will never know. Unlike the other episodes, this has no happy ending! Unless you call being stuck in a suit just to spend time with the family...

This episode is extremely sad. I mean, it is alright to kick Lincoln out of the house because of "bad luck"? This is the most hated episode in existence.

Everyone Can't Always win I just cry and get get over it. Just like American Dad it is the true #1 Lynn Is A Dumbass And Worse Than A Real Life Football Player

I bleep hates this episode! Lincoln is one of my favorite characters of the show ; he shouldn't be treated this way! The loud family should got arrested!

Let's just call this episode: "The Loud House's "Boys of Bummer (The Simpsons)"

I'd like to see Bob the Builder try to fix THIS episode, sadly I think he can't.

I didn't find this episode all that bad. Lincoln brought all that happened onto himself which makes this episode not bad, but just a little boring

But you can't blame him, his entire weekend is taken up by his sisters' activities. - GreninjaGuy

Lincoln should have called child protective services on his parents and have them arrested along with all of his sisters. - egnomac

I don't think this episode is that bad, but the Louds REALLY get on my nerves. Lincoln can't be part of their family because Lynn might lose a baseball game or a movie might get sold out?! As Luna would say, way harsh dude.