Worst The Loud House Episodes

As good as the Loud House is, it does have a few bad episodes.

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21 Fool's Paradise

I feel like I'm the only one who hates this episode and In Tents Debate. This episode replaced April Fool's Rules as my second least favorite episode. - regularponyfan09

You are not the only one who hates this episode because I hate it too - Spongehouse

The only mediocre part of this episode was when the family was mad at Lincoln when the room was messed up.

I do not get it why people hate "April Fools Rules" but love this episode - Spongehouse

22 Butterfly Effect

I don't like the ending where Clyde and Lori got married. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Other than the nimble comedy Lincoln being clumsy is an overused and boring plot. - IHSCOUTII1973

This should be number 1

This is my personal favorite TLH episode, get it off the list! - UltimateCraig

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23 Come Sale Away

Teaches you how to disobey your parents. - AinezoChan

They do there worst but shake

As quoted to my friend in a text message: "The lesson in Come Sale Away is 'if your parents have your little sister's blanket the whole time while your selfishly selling furniture, the whole family can twerk'".

Everyone is annoying especially Lincoln and the twerking is just cringey - IHSCOUTII1973

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24 Vantastic Voyage

Overrated - AinezoChan

25 Sleuth or Consequences

This has a good message, so Lincoln gets told Luna ruins concert, then he finds out she is going. He gets mad at her finding a girl like him, and teaching him how to dance. He then tells and says she ruins everything. They buy illegal tickets and Lincoln and Clyde go to prison. Luna saves them but bobby buts in and sells Luna out. Then she tells Lincoln she just wanted him to be happy and remember his concert, because it's his first so it's a big deal. They get let out of prison. Luna goes to the concert and gets Lincoln, Clyde and herself on stage to sing with smooch. Lincoln realises she was just trying for him to be happy and it's okay to be a bit wild at a concert. - Jermaineb12

I couldn't care less who can handle insults, Lucy needs to admit what she did ESPECIALLY after she said she WOULDN'T MIND being grounded! Lucy will grow up having trouble taking responsibility for her actions if her siblings keep sucking up for her. - IHSCOUTII1973

Lola should have got grounded for tailing on her brother. The dad is really unfair in this episode.

Lola's too sneaky to be grounded. She'll find a way to get someone else to fall under her assumptive and manipulative charm. In fact, Lincoln seems to be her only target. - NightShadow2955

Dammit, Lola, I ADORE you, but at the same time I DESPISE you. Your new motto should most likely be this:

When in doubt, blame Lincoln! He's the only one in the family aside from our dad with a penis, so it's A-OK to pin everything on him! - NightShadow2955

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26 One Flu Over the Loud House

Dumbest and most dramatic episode ever. So what if they have the flu? It doesn't mean that they have to act like zombies when they are sick. So dramatic.

Most vile Loud House episode ever. The worst part is no one gets cured at the end! WHY?!

I like how this show blows things comically out of proportion but people acting like zombies because they have the flu is too far. - IHSCOUTII1973

My 6th favorite episode of season 1 but not top 10 worthy (either 14th or 12th) in my favorite TLH episode list rating: 9/10

Pros: the atmosphere and action, Leni, the over the top sick sisters, and Lincoln deserved to be sick because he was mistreating the sick

cons: Lincoln and the surviving sisters (sans Leni) are unlikable, and the moral is alright but not executed well

rating: 9/10 grade: A-

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27 Hand-Me-Downer

Lincoln worked hard for a bike that fit his gender so what made him give it away in 2 seconds and then not have a bike? - IHSCOUTII1973

This episode is ridiculous - AinezoChan

Zzz... so boring... zzz...

28 Study Muffin

The Loud sisters really creeped me out in this truly disturbing episode where they go all gaga over a lameass British boy who is nothing more than a cheesy Hugh Grant wannabe. Lisa really gave me the creeps the way she smiled at this guy. Lori would dump Bobby in a heartbeat for this guy by the way she reacted when she first saw him. Lincoln flunked his exam because of his sisters' stupid crush on this guy. It was really creepy of the Loud sisters and their dad chasing him down the street. Truly a disturbing episode and one I will avoid watching again from now on.

I like the episode but the problem is the plot of the sisters crushing on Hugh and going completely bonkers over him completely takes away the focus from Lincoln's main problem of him failing. - egnomac

Lincoln's sisters suggest him a tutor then disallow him to study with him. (yes I said "his" 3 times in 1 sentence) - IHSCOUTII1973

Pedophilic episode - AinezoChan

29 A Tattler's Tale

I could riff on this one all day! Where do I start? Just, how? How do so many people like this episode? I mean, it's fine if you do, but I just don't see why? Even though I do enjoy watching this one, it is technically really awful. The idea that, "Oh, you better do this for me, or I'll tell Mom and Dad you did this," has been done since the dawn of T.V.. I can forgive this if they add something new to the plot, but that's my problem here! It's just everything you've seen before in entertainment, a term I use very loosely here. Fortunately, this doesn't go on very long, so I could forgive it if the episode improves. Does it? No! It gets much worse! The ending was just sickening. Lola is clearly trying to play victim and act like it was her siblings' fault for not spending time with her. Just how she acted throughout the episode and how she tried to act like she was being unfairly treated when they threatened to tell on her spells it out for you plain and simple. She was clearly taking ...more - AlexZedKawa

Its just lola is brat why did they let her join the secret club

This is one of Lola's better episodes - Spongehouse

Lola that bitch - AinezoChan

30 Making the Grade

I think this episode is worse than No Such Luck. Just my opinion.

Not as bad as "Making the Case" but still pretty bad - Spongehouse

This episode is so cruel. And no one felt bad for Lincoln. - AinezoChan

I believe he got a trophy after embarrassing himself for being selfish. - TheReviewer20

Lincoln shoukd not be at fault for Lisa's decision.

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31 Undie Pressure

I don't like how Lincoln lost. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

In my opinion, Undie Pressure is the best episode ever. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

I actually LIKE Lola in the end. She brings some logic to the whole episode. - IHSCOUTII1973

This episode is inappropriate - AinezoChan

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32 Two Boys And A Baby

The ending was way worse. - DynastiSugarPop

Gross - AinezoChan

33 Chore and Peace

Lincoln's job is by far the worst and 1: how does he think garbage workers make money and 2: why the hell are the parents not paying them and not to mention the parents are useless here. - IHSCOUTII1973

34 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

Why do I need 2 episodes centered around a secondary character and why does this have to be the only hint of continuity in the show? by the way I think continuity in the loud house is bad. - IHSCOUTII1973


35 Change of Heart Change of Heart

Just dissapointing

36 Space Invader

What do you mean? This was a good episode in my opinion

Lynn was so creepy here. - AinezoChan

Lynn was so unlikeable in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I love this episode but I do not ship lyyncoln - Spongehouse

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37 Tricked Tricked
38 Get the Message

Lori is cruel to Lincoln.

Gross, icky and dumb. - AinezoChan

39 Changing the Baby

The children were ABUSING Lily. Why would you want to make someone do something you want to do a BABY in particular?! I hated this episode. - Tyler730

Teaches baby abuse - AinezoChan

40 Lynner Takes All

They did it. They finally did it. Chris Savino finally made Lincoln unlikable. Now, I REALLY wanna kill him!

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