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21 Space Invader

Lynn was so unlikeable in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

22 Sleuth or Consequences

It sucks

23 Cereal Offender

Lincoln assured his mom that he could handle the grocery shopping but he showed that he couldn't even do that much less keep his sisters from getting out of control. Lincoln can't even handle a thought, let alone a simple chore like grocery shopping. This kid needs to be kicked in the ass and he didn't even deserve to get his Zombie Bran cereal.

Stupid sisters - PeeledBanana

Lincoln's mom is hypocriticl bitch

24 House Music

Luna acted like a arrogant, selfish jerk to her family in this episode, at least she learned her lesson at the end.

25 Two Boys And A Baby V 1 Comment
26 Get the Message

Lori is cruel to Lincoln.

27 Undie Pressure

I don't like how Lincoln lost. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

In my opinion, Undie Pressure is the best episode ever. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

Someone deleted my comment here - Tyler730

This episode is the BIGGEST reason I hate Lola - Tyler730

28 Snow Bored

Made me hate Lisa more than already do. And she's already my LEAST favorite sister

29 Funny Business

Lincoln is cruel to Lincoln.

It's very boring episode.Nothing especial and onliest sister is Luan

30 Left in the Dark V 1 Comment
31 Hand-Me-Downer
32 Changing the Baby

The children were ABUSING Lily. Why would you want to make someone do something you want to do a BABY in particular?! I hated this episode. - Tyler730

33 A Tale of Two Tables
34 11 Louds A Leapin'

What?! This episode was great! - regularponyfan09

This has got to be the WORST Christmas episode of a Nicktoon I have EVER watched since that Icemas episode of Fanboy and Chum Chum. Chris Savino has killed Christmas once again, since "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas" from the Powerpuff Girls.

35 A Tattler's Tale

Its just lola is brat why did they let her join the secret club

36 Toads and Tiaras
37 Project Loud House
38 Vantastic Voyage
39 Study Muffin

The Loud sisters really creeped me out in this truly disturbing episode where they go all gaga over a lameass British boy who is nothing more than a cheesy Hugh Grant wannabe. Lisa really gave me the creeps the way she smiled at this guy. Lori would dump Bobby in a heartbeat for this guy by the way she reacted when she first saw him. Lincoln flunked his exam because of his sisters' stupid crush on this guy. It was really creepy of the Loud sisters and their dad chasing him down the street. Truly a disturbing episode and one I will avoid watching again from now on.

40 Dance Dance Resolution

It's the worst because it makes all of his sisters dance with roniane
And it's also about a girl Dancing with a boy
Also it makes Lincolns friends in love with girls and dancing with the girls

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