Top 10 Worst Loud House Moments from Season 3

Season 3 of Loud House is pretty good but does have plenty of awful moments.

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1 Luan Trapping The Family in the Garage and Force Them to Watch Their Stunt Double Humiliate Them (Fool Me Twice)

Luan has done a lot of horrible things to the family on April Fool's Day but this has to be the worst trapping them in the garage and convincing the stunt doubles to humiliate them while they watch in horror as she ruins their lives. - egnomac

2 Lincoln and the Others Switching to Go to Aunt Ruth's Lake House Only for It to Have Termites Left By Lana (Ruthless People)

After having a miserable time at the old folks home Lincoln, Luna, Lori, Lynn, Lola and Lynn Sr. make deals with the other family so they can switch and go to Aunt Ruth's Lake House only to find it infested with termites thanks to Lana and end up staying at Aunt Ruth's home while the others go on a cruise with the other seniors. - egnomac

3 Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty and Zach's Humiliation (Pasture Bedtime)

They sneak away while at Liam's sleepover to go to Girl Jordan's party and all end up being humiliated with Rusty having an allergic reaction to hot sauce, Zach losing some of his hair from spray that causes hair loss in red hairs and Lincoln and Clyde since they didn't bring their bathing suits jump in the pool in their underwear and have their clothes stolen. - egnomac

4 Lincoln and the Others Switching with the Others to Go Stay with Pop Pop at the Senior Home Only to Have a Miserable Time (Ruthless People)
5 Ronnie Anne Telling Lincoln That She Never Asked Him to Come Back in the First Place (City Slickers)

Lincoln reunites with Ronnie Anne but while hanging with her friends he realizes that she never told them that they're from Royal Woods and doesn't want them to find out following a disagreement Lincoln vows that he won't cover for her lies which leads to Ronnie Anne telling him that he's messing everything up for her and that she didn't even ask him to come to the city in the first place leaving Lincoln upset that he goes back to the bodega to pack up and leave and Ronnie Anne realizing that she has made a huge mistake. - egnomac

6 Lori's Horrible Time in the City (City Slickers)

Like a lot of people Lori thinks that city life will be a lot like the opening of the Mary Tyler Moore Show where everyone is nice to her and everything goes smoothly and of course she gets a heavy dose of reality as the city is nothing like she imagined and has a horrible time. - egnomac

7 The Siblings Cause Lola to Fail Her Test (No Place Like Homeschool)

Instead of studying like Lola says they goof off and are unprepared for the test for which if they fail they'll be sent back to regular school not wanting to fail they wake Lola up and beg her to help them which she does, the next day they all pass but since Lola was unable to sleep she fails her test and is going to be sent back to regular school. - egnomac

8 Lincoln Cheating On His Wood Working Projects (What Wood Lincoln Do)

Since he has so much trouble with wood working Lincoln decides to pass of his mom's built step ladder and Walt's birdhouse as he's own for class and of course Mrs. Johnson now expects him to build something ridiculousy difficult for an 11 year old a dresser seriously who does she think he is Tim Allen or Norm Abram. - egnomac

He should’ve just tried. Also, why are all these moments where something bad happens to a character on the list? - ButterBoy

9 Lincoln and Clyde Screwing Things Up Between Coach Pacowski and Mrs. Johnson

Looks like meddling has really rubbed off on Lincoln and Clyde desperate to make gym class less painful they decide to make Coach Pacowski and Mrs. Johnson a couple and of course they screw it up by misleading Mrs. Johnson to thinking that Coach is interesting without getting all the facts strait causing them to break up and leaving Coach completely depressed. - egnomac

10 Luan's Dreams Crushed (Head Poet's Anxiety)

Early in the episode Luan expressed that her dream was the be the youngest to perform at the Royal Wood's Theater, she then helps Lucy develop her poetry skills happy but in the process because she helped Lucy, Lucy is now given the opportunity to headline the Royal Woods Theater and this leaves Luan devastated as her dreams have been taken by her younger sibling. - egnomac

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11 Rita Gets Arrested (Rita Her Rights)

Rita on PURPOSELY went on a crime spree just to do community service and have fun with nature.

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