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1 Lincoln's sisters being jerks in "No Such Luck"

If this was real, I would personally call the police and tell them what the family did and considering the fact that I live 1,892.4 miles away from where the show takes place. That's how bad this episode is.

The loud family should be jail in the end of the episode.

Hated that - blackflower

That episode was annoying

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2 Lincoln gets kicked out of the house by the family in "No Such Luck"

Wait, that's illegal. - TheAwesomeBowser

This scene shows the sisters being total crapheads. Did you know that this episode was almost BANNED?!? There's truly no such thing as luck.

Made me mad - blackflower

He should have set the house in fire and killed everyone.

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3 Lori being a jerk to Lincoln after Bobby breaks up with her after Lincoln accidentally made Ronnie Anne cry in "Save the Date"

The only thing I need to tell that the scene where Lori force Lincoln to Go to the "Double Date" with a "table" made me hate the episode
Lincoln could said: "Sending me to the hospital will not make me go"
No Blame to him

Poor Lincoln - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Poor Lincoln doesn't even get a chance to tell his side of things and more importantly Bobby had no real reason to break up with Lori it wasn't her fault Lincoln made Ronnie Anne cry not only that it isn't even Bobby or Lori's problem they should have just let Lincoln and Ronnie deal with their problem on their own. - egnomac

4 Lincoln lying to his sisters in "Dance, Dance Resolution"

It's come to the point where I feel like people are just looking for reasons to hate the show because they want to hate the show. - MegaSoulhero

5 Sisters arguing in "Brawl in the Family"

It's what sisters do. - MegaSoulhero

6 Lola cheating to win but still losing by being tricked in "Undie Pressure"

How is this a bad thing? She deserved to lose! Like you said, she was cheating! - MegaSoulhero

7 Lori sabotaging Leni' in "Driving Miss Hazy"

So rude - blackflower

8 Luna being a jerk to the family in "House Music"

I really hate Luna's attitude because she just kick her own dad

9 Lynn Sr. and Rita attempt to make the kids more rounded in "Future Tense"
10 Lincoln dressing as Lily in "Cover Girls"

So weird - blackflower

Why is this number 1? - MegaSoulhero

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? Tetherby Turns Lincoln Into a Big Jerk from Out in a Limo

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11 Loud Brother dogpile on Lincoln and perform a Dutch oven on him "One of the Boys"
12 The sisters having a crush on Hugh in "Study Muffin"

That was actually pretty funny. - egnomac

Can you blame them? - MegaSoulhero

13 Lola blackmailing the Loud siblings in "A Tattlers Tale"

What A Selfish Brat! - mccrae

14 Loud Brothers (except Lincoln) being jerks and tricking him in "One of the Boys"

I'm pretty sure a lot of people missed the point and that is be careful what you ask for because what you think you want in this case Lincoln wanting to have 10 brothers instead of sisters may not be what you actually wanted hence despite having a great time with the brothers in the beginning then finding out the downside of having brothers there fore Lincoln appreciating how lucky he is to have 10 caring and loving sisters. - egnomac

Something tells me you didn't get the point of this episode. - MegaSoulhero

15 The Loud Sisters getting into a fight with Lincoln and getting them kicked out of the store "Cereal Offender"
16 Lola being mean to Lincoln in "Toads and Tiaras"

She technically had every right to be mean to him in that episode. Lincoln wanted to win the pageant for his own selfish reasons. - MegaSoulhero

Lola has NO RIGHT to talk to the best character like that! I love Lola, but LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Lincoln!

She Needs To Be Herself,Not act a queen to get what she wants - mccrae

17 Sam reads Luna's love letter in "L is for Love"

The episode should have ended with the family kicking Luna out.

One gay couple was more than enough.

Until this episode, I used to like Luna.

This was one of the best moments of the episode. - egnomac

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18 Lisa pretending to be friends with Darcy in order to raise her grade in "Friend or Faux"
19 Lincoln getting grounded even though he didn't clog the toilet in "Sleuth or Consequences"

One of the reasons why Sleuth or Consequences sucks

Well, he kind of brought it on himself when he took the blame for Lucy's actions. - AlexZedKawa


20 Luan being a jerk in "Funny Business"

Luan wasn't the jerk Lincoln was thinking he knows more than Luan and tried to go solo and failing miserably if Luan was a jerk then she wouldn't have bailed him out in the end, just saying. - egnomac

LUNA CALLED, She wants her ancient fairy dragon back!

How was she being a jerk? - MegaSoulhero

21 Lincoln getting kicked out of the van in "Making the Grade"

Yea! If Lincoln got lost, it would be ALL Lori's fault! Lori really needs to die, by the way (no offense to fans of this character.)

sigh - MegaSoulhero

22 All of the Goths and parents treating Lincoln like garbage in “Funny Business”

I want to punch all of the goths and give them some sense into their dark brains, Lincoln is trying his best and you treat him like trash, also the parents of the goths are just as terrible as their children. It’s ridiculous

23 Lincoln secretly video taping his sisters embarrassing moments for a contest in "Making the Case"
24 Lincoln using Lori to get free stuff in order to bribe Chandler to get an invite to his party in "The Waiting Game"
25 Lana and Lola crying like babies cause they are scared of the dark in “Left in the Dark”

This deserves to be there

26 Everyone blaming Lincoln for changing Lisa's personality "Making the Grade"
27 Sisters blame and tease Lincoln in "Sleuth or Consequences"
28 Luna threatens Lincoln “Garage Banned”

Luna supposed to be Lincoln’s guardian forever.

29 Lori kicks Lincoln out of her room “Get a Message”
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1. Lincoln gets kicked out of the house by the family in "No Such Luck"
2. Lori being a jerk to Lincoln after Bobby breaks up with her after Lincoln accidentally made Ronnie Anne cry in "Save the Date"
3. Lori sabotaging Leni' in "Driving Miss Hazy"
1. Lincoln's sisters being jerks in "No Such Luck"
2. Lincoln dressing as Lily in "Cover Girls"
3. Lincoln lying to his sisters in "Dance, Dance Resolution"


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