Worst the Loud House Season 1 Episodes


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1 The Green House The Green House

This episode was garbage and everyone in the episode was a big jerk - Spongehouse

I hate this episode they really messed up the moral big time. - egnomac

2 Making the Case Making the Case

Lincoln should have know that his sisters would find out about the video some of them go to his school. - egnomac

3 A Tale Of Two Tables A Tale Of Two Tables
4 One of the Boys One of the Boys

This episode had a lot of potential but with an 11 minute run time it felt very rushed they could have made it great if they had more time with it and my other complaint is the names for some of the male versions of the Loud Sisters, in my opinion Loni should have been Lenny, Levi should have been Lex, though Luke was a good name for Luna's male counterpart though I would have gone with Lucas, for Lexx I would have gone with Lance and Lars should have been Lucifer not only that but they should have made Lars design more like Lincoln's goth design from Space Invader. - egnomac

I'm probably one of the few people who like this episode, It was a great concept but I felt they didn't do enough with it. - egnomac

This is the most disappointing episode of the whole show in my opinion - Spongehouse

5 April Fools Rules April Fools Rules

Luan's gonna go to jail one of these days due to all her extreme pranking. - egnomac

6 Sound of Silence Sound of Silence
7 Out on a Limo Out on a Limo
8 Come Sale Away Come Sale Away

Why do people hate this episode? - MegaSoulhero

9 The Waiting Game
10 Study Muffin Study Muffin

The Contenders

11 A Tattler's Tale A Tattler's Tale

I actually thought this episode was pretty good - Spongehouse

12 The Sweet Spot The Sweet Spot
13 Project Loud House

This episode felt like it should of been the pilot - Spongehouse

14 Chore and Peace Chore and Peace

Lincoln goes on strike after the other sisters refuse to change chores with him so the other sisters also go on strike resulting in the house turning into a complete pigsty meanwhile mom and dad yet again just stand by and do nothing like they always do and the ending is just stupid. - egnomac

15 Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru
16 House Music House Music
17 Linc or Swim Linc or Swim
18 Butterfly Effect Butterfly Effect
19 In Tents Debate In Tents Debate
20 Sleuth or Consequences Sleuth or Consequences
21 Get that Message

I hate this episode so much! - Jodan111

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1. The Green House
2. One of the Boys
3. Making the Case
1. The Green House
2. Making the Case
3. A Tale Of Two Tables
1. The Green House
2. April Fools Rules
3. Come Sale Away


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