Top 10 Worst The Loud House Season 2 & 3 Episodes

Time for the worst Loud House episodes from both Season 2 and 3 and if you like theses episodes than as always that's fine its just personal opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Brawl in the Family Brawl in the Family

Worst episode of the entire show in my opinion! I don't think they could ever make an episode worse than this! - Spongehouse

I hate this episode they've managed to make the character in the episode as unlikable as possible nothing about this episode made me laugh. - egnomac

If godzilla was here he could end the fights with a spam of atomic breaths - leepee

2 No Such Luck No Such Luck

Still yet to find and Loud House episode that's worst than this and Brawl in the Family. - egnomac

While I don't think this episode is as bad as BITF I still think it is completely awful - Spongehouse

3 Ruthless People Ruthless People

A recent episode I personally didn't like the episode the Loud Family house is infested with termites and half of the family goes to stay at Aunt Ruth's and the others with Pop Pop at the retirement home they decide by drawing names out of a hat with Rita, Luan, Lisa, Leni, Lily and Lana going to the retirement home while Lincoln, Lynn, Luna, Lola, Lori and Lynn Sr. have to go to Aunt Ruth which they really don't want to go Lincoln ends up convincing Lana to switch with him Lola finds out and tells the others who decide to do the same but find out staying with Pop Pop is worst while Mom and the others end up staying at Aunt Ruth's summer home so they switch again and at first it starts off good it quickly goes bad as Ruth's Summer home is now infested with termites thanks to Lana and now have to stay at Ruth's home with all her cats and even more insulting the others along with Pop Pop and the rest of the seniors are on a cruise ship, the episode is too predictable and plays out like ...more - egnomac

This episode just feels like a torture porn with Lincoln side getting all the downsides while Mom's side getting all the positives and when they switch places nothing changes the ending is downright insulting. - egnomac

I was loving every single episode that was coming out of season 3, that is until this crappy episode came out! - Spongehouse

Uhh... What the he'll did I just watch. At first I just thought it was boring but the more I thought about it, the more sour it became. Not only was it poorly structured but it ended really abruptly. Most of the episode was just Lincolns side getting tortured. That's it. And when you really think about it, what the hell did Lincolns side even do to deserve this (except for Lymn Jr. Who broke a wall) Yeah they avoided going to aunt Ruth's but it was never said that they hated her, in fact they just didn't wanna go to her house and when his side switched with Lanas side, they at least made offers. Speaking of Karma, the only character that neede it didn't get any at all. That's right I'm talking about Lana. She saved the termites and brought them to Aunt Ruth's lake house just to risk her family's safety again and got off scotfree. You know you've done something wrong when you make Lola look better than Lana in terms of behavior. Doesn't Lana eat bugs anyways? Oh right we can't have ...more

4 Making The Grade Making The Grade

Doesn't make any sense for the family to blame Lincoln for Lisa's actions - Spongehouse

5 What Wood Lincoln Do?

Seen this type of episode played out before its nothing I haven't seen before Lincoln has to do a project for woodshop and he cheats to pass his grade by first having Rita do his project for him then using Walt's birdhouse to pass as his own project then Mrs. Johnson expects him to build her a dresser for her why the hell she would ask a 11 year old to build her a dresser is beyond me why not actually hire a professional instead, Lincoln with Clyde's help tries to get out of this mess by buying a dresser since he obviously can't make one and while trying to sneak it into Mrs. Johnson's house via the upstairs window Walt still angry at Lincoln for returning his birdhouse shows up and tears the rope causing the dresser to fall a break and Lincoln finally confesses and Mrs. Johnson is disappointed in him but he does attempt to make something with wood and does a crappy job of it and she gives him a pass, while there were a few funny moments its not a good episode. - egnomac

I personally didn't care for this episode it was pretty weak.

What is wrong with this episode? I thought it was amazing! - Spongehouse

6 Future Tense Future Tense

This was a interesting episode in my opinion - Spongehouse

7 Cheater by the Dozen

This one was really really weird - Spongehouse

8 Change of Heart Change of Heart

Why isn't this episode higher!?!? It is one of the worst episodes of the whole show in my opinion - Spongehouse

9 Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice

Duuummbb episode

Worst ending with worst episode

10 Teacher's Union Teacher's Union

The parts with Lori were the only parts I didn't like - Spongehouse

Lincoln and Clyde try to get Coach Pacowski and Mrs. Johnson together to make gym class more tolerable and of course they screw everything up for him. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 No Laughing Matter No Laughing Matter

This episode was just boring and lame in my opinion. It also didn't make any sense that Luan got so upset over her family hating her jokes, when in other episodes she just ignored them when they complained about her jokes - Spongehouse

12 Fool's Paradise Fool's Paradise

I know most people like this episode but I just can't! - Spongehouse

13 No Place Like Homeschool No Place Like Homeschool

It's a pretty dull episode, the other Loud siblings want to be homeschooled so they can have more time to do the things they want to do never thinking they have to do any actual work until mom tells them if they don't pass their test they would have to go back to regular school. - egnomac

I can understand if you think this episode is boring but I actually thought it was very good - Spongehouse

14 Vantastic Voyage Vantastic Voyage

Say what you want about this episode but I actually thought it was very good - Spongehouse

15 Friendzy Friendzy

I liked the episode but I was disappointed that they didn't do a whole lot with the friend characters I liked seeing Sam again but she had no lines in the whole episode plus many characters were missing like Tabby, Chunk, Polly Pain, Rusty, Zach and many others - egnomac

Unpopular opinion: This was a great episode - Gangem

16 L is For Love L is For Love
17 Spell It Out Spell It Out
18 Pasture Bedtime

What was wrong with this episode? - Spongehouse

19 The Mad Scientist The Mad Scientist

I thought this episode was really good - Spongehouse

I liked the episode expect for the ending. - egnomac

I hate this episode! - Gangem

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