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1 No Such Luck No Such Luck

This episode pretty much sums up how bad Season 2 is, and this time, slaps you in the face like bad modern cartoon would do. This is more cruel than 90% of Nickelodeon's Dark age, and that's saying something. Basically, Lynn assumes that Lincoln is bad luck whenever he shows up in one of her games. Good, hey? Next, Lincoln takes advantage of it until his entire family rejects him, but why did they start doing so? Because Lynn claims it, what garbage logic is that? The parents agree to it and do so as well, WHY? Lynn literally enforced Lincoln to come, and said junk that makes everyone in the family reject him. Cool writing isn't it? Lynn realizes that he wasn't bad luck at the end of the episode, BUT the family now rejects his looks?! How did Chris Savino, the director of the episode, let the scribes get away with this? This already adds another continuity error in season 2, yet there's too many of them in season 2. Thank goodness Season 3 is the best yet, or else we'd be seeing more ...more

What can really be said about this episode that hasn't already be said its mean and cruel because they think Lincoln is so unlucky they kick him out and banish him from their activities and I must say this did it ever occur to Lynn the reason her team lost when Lincoln was their was because the other team was better than hers no instead of sucking it up and being a good sport about it she immediately blames Lincoln even though she forced him to come in the first place. - egnomac

This is the episode where Lynn became one of the most hated sisters in the show.

This will forever be the worst ever episode of Loud House.

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2 Brawl in the Family Brawl in the Family

I hate this episode so much, Lori and Leni get into a fight and the whole house is on lockdown and the sisters are all hypocrite's they tell Lincoln not to get involved yet back in Heavy Meddle all they did was get involved despite him telling them not to get involved, and lets not forget the parents they've stopped the Loud kids from fighting in the past yet in this episode they do absolutely nothing to stop it and another thing how is it that Lincoln is the only one who doesn't' know about the sister protocol he lives in the same house with them, eventually all the sister start fighting with each other while trying to keep Leni and Lori apart and the most insulting part about this is in the end after Lincoln leaves the house they all made up are you FN kidding me they were all avoiding each other and then as soon as he leaves they all make up that makes no sense and worst the whole fight starts all over again after Lincoln for no reason stirs the sisters up by telling them about ...more - egnomac

Another idea of me, your to kind! - Gangem

I hate this episode with a passion - Spongehouse

This episode was so stupid.

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3 Future Tense Future Tense

After meeting their new neighbors and seeing how successful and perfect their kids our Lynn Sr. and Rita fear that they are failing their kids so what do they do they decide to force their kids into taking extra classes and activities they really don't wanna do and if that wasn't bad enough they force them to do community service and even more activities they don't wanna do and not even letting them get enough sleep and they end up turning them into boring robots, I know they mean well but they just went way overboard in trying to keep up with their neighbors the Yates. - egnomac

4 L is For Love

Great, another episode focused on Luna, the least useful character besides Lily.

To be honest, this was a pretty good episode for the otherwise mediocre at best season 2.

This is possibility one of the best episodes from season 2.

The ending feels forced.

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5 Making The Grade Making The Grade

Lisa is transferred into Lincoln class and be cause she's super smart all of his classmates and even his friends get mad at him and even refuse to let him set with them during lunch and even banish him to the sticky table he then tells Lisa to be more average so his friends won't hate him so Lisa makes herself average and all his friends and classmates are happy until Lisa decides to completely give up being a super genius which ends up now making the family hate Lincoln even though he never told her to completely stop being a genius all together even Lisa's former teacher gets angry at him because Lisa gave up being smart is unable to make a cure for her sick class. - egnomac

6 Change of Heart

A very disappointing episode in my opinion - Spongehouse

7 Vantastic Voyage Vantastic Voyage

The kids trick dad into getting a new van and he turns into a complete jerk to everyone. - egnomac

I don't like how the mother acts in the beginning!. the van is broken and then she tells the kids to push it WHAT KIND OF PARENT/MOM IS THAT?. 2. Lynn.Sr doesn't let anyone in the van and 3. The ending is so bad for this episode

8 Cheater by the Dozen Cheater by the Dozen

This episode is centered on Clyde, Lincoln and his sisters thinking that Bobby is cheating on Lori, the big major problem with this episode is Clyde who has no reason be in this episode or to get involved since Lori isn't even his sister and not even his problem and if they were going to do this plot it should have been either Lincoln or one of his sisters who suspects that Bobby was cheating on Lori, this type of episode has been done before and done a lot better than this episode/ - egnomac

This episode is super forgettable - Spongehouse

9 Intern For The Worst Intern For The Worst

A very predictable episode was very forgettable.

10 No Laughing Matter No Laughing Matter

So the lesson in this episode is if someone criticises you, you should give up your passion. Which that is a terrible lesson! - Spongehouse

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11 Out of The Picture

The episode consists of Lincoln and Clyde trying to sneak into other group photos for the year book and that's pretty much the whole episode there's also the part with Lola trying to get a new picture taken of her for the yearbook again not very interesting. - egnomac

12 Spell It Out Spell It Out

This episode is just really boring and kinda annoying - Spongehouse

The ending just ruins the episode. - egnomac

13 Fed Up Fed Up

I personally never found this episode that good or funny.

This one is one of the best of this season - Spongehouse

14 Lynner Takes All Lynner Takes All

Actually this episode isn't really that bad except for Lynn being an incredibly obnoxious jerk to her siblings every time she wins even after they finally beat her at something by ganging up on her she goes into crazy overdrive and turns everything they do into a competition. - egnomac

Lynn is a jerk in this episode.

I actually like this episode! - Spongehouse

15 Fool's Paradise Fool's Paradise

Horrible episode - Spongehouse

16 Read Aloud Read Aloud
17 Health Kicked Health Kicked
18 Arggh! You for Real? Arggh! You for Real?

This episode just felt very disappointing in my opinion, the episode is exactly like the episode from Hey Arnold Eugene Goes Bad except Clyde never confronts Hunter about the show being fake which really hurts the episode. - egnomac

19 Not a Loud

Am I the only one who likes this episode!?

20 The Whole Picture The Whole Picture

I never did understand the hate this episode gets - Spongehouse

21 Room with a Feud Room with a Feud
22 Lock N' Loud
23 One of the Girls

This isn't even an episode! - Spongehouse

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1. Brawl in the Family
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1. Brawl in the Family
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