Top Ten Worst The Loud House Season 3 Episodes

With the exception of Fool Me Twice and Ruthless People I like just about all the episodes of season 3 of The Loud House so far, with only a few episodes being meh. There are some episodes from this season that seem to get a decent amount of hate from fans. So I made a list of those episodes. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Ruthless People Ruthless People

This is the only episode of this season that I actually hate - Spongehouse

This episode is no longer the only episode I hate from this season! - Spongehouse

One of the very few really bad episodes of season 3. - egnomac

Awful episode. - iliekpiez

2 Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice

Dumb episode

While this episode did have some really funny moments I just couldn't like it because Luan was really cruel - Spongehouse

Luan was incredibly mean in this episode I'm glad they made her cry, Luan's day of reckoning will come and she will have to awnser for her hurtful pranks. - egnomac

3 House of Lies

Remember kids, if you lie, it's okay as long as no one is offended in the process. - Drawbox

I was actually excited for this episode, but it kind of disappointed me. - Solacress

The moral ruined this episode for me - Spongehouse

I really hated Lisa in this episode. - egnomac

4 No Place Like Homeschool No Place Like Homeschool

This episode was really boring and bland. - egnomac

This one gets more hate than I thought it would - Spongehouse

5 Teachers Union

I'm kinda surprised they haven't fired the coach - Spongehouse

6 Friendzy Friendzy

Some people find this episode mean spirited... I don't know how? - Spongehouse

This was actually a good episode but a little dissapointing at the same time. - egnomac

7 City Slickers City Slickers

I actually really liked this episode. Although I don't get why Ronnie Anne didn't want her friends to see her royal woods sweater. - Solacress

I really liked this episode but it should have been a full 22 minute episode. - egnomac

This should definitely be no. 1. - PageEmperor

It was a meh for me though did feel a bit rushed - Spongehouse

8 What Wood Lincoln Do?

Even though I love this one I can see why people dislike it - Spongehouse

This episode was okay nothing really special. - egnomac

9 Fandom Pains Fandom Pains

I thought it was good. - egnomac

I like this episode. - iliekpiez

I know you'll probably be surprised but I don't really like this one that much. It wasn't really funny or entertaining in my opinion. Plus Lori and Leni were so annoying - Spongehouse

10 Rita Her Rights Rita Her Rights

I'm not bothered by this episode but a lot of others seem to be! I will say that Rita needs to get better at parenting - Spongehouse

The Contenders

11 The Mad Scientist The Mad Scientist

The ending really ruins the episode for me. - egnomac

This episode sucks. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

12 Everybody Loves Leni

I hated Leni's friends so much in this episode! There was barely anything I liked in this episode - Spongehouse

13 Gown and Out

It's overrated in my opinion and like Fandom Pains it was kinda boring - Spongehouse

Unpopular opinions I actually thought this episode was okay. - egnomac

I think was nice to feature an episode with Lori and Lola. - egnomac

I was very excited for this episode! But it really disappointed me - Spongehouse

14 Missed Connection
15 Breaking Dad
16 Pasture Bedtime
17 The Spies Who Loved Me
18 Sitting Bull
19 Middle Men
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