Top Ten Worst The Loud House Season 3 Episodes

With the exception of Fool Me Twice and Ruthless People I like just about all the episodes of season 3 of The Loud House so far, with only a few episodes being meh. There are some episodes from this season that seem to get a decent amount of hate from fans. So I made a list of those episodes. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Ruthless People Ruthless People

This is the only episode of this season that I actually hate - Spongehouse

This episode is no longer the only episode I hate from this season! - Spongehouse

One of the very few really bad episodes of season 3. - egnomac

Awful episode. - iliekpiez

2 Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice

Dumb episode

While this episode did have some really funny moments I just couldn't like it because Luan was really cruel - Spongehouse

this suck

Luan was incredibly mean in this episode I'm glad they made her cry, Luan's day of reckoning will come and she will have to awnser for her hurtful pranks. - egnomac

3 House of Lies

Remember kids, if you lie, it's okay as long as no one is offended in the process. - Drawbox

I was actually excited for this episode, but it kind of disappointed me. - Solacress

The moral ruined this episode for me - Spongehouse

I really hated Lisa in this episode. - egnomac

4 No Place Like Homeschool No Place Like Homeschool

This episode was really boring and bland. - egnomac

This one gets more hate than I thought it would - Spongehouse

5 Teachers Union Teachers Union

I'm kinda surprised they haven't fired the coach - Spongehouse

6 Fandom Pains Fandom Pains

I thought it was good. - egnomac

I like this episode. - iliekpiez

I know you'll probably be surprised but I don't really like this one that much. It wasn't really funny or entertaining in my opinion. Plus Lori and Leni were so annoying - Spongehouse

7 Everybody Loves Leni

I hated Leni's friends so much in this episode! There was barely anything I liked in this episode - Spongehouse

8 What Wood Lincoln Do?

Even though I love this one I can see why people dislike it - Spongehouse

This episode was okay nothing really special. - egnomac

9 The Mad Scientist The Mad Scientist

The ending really ruins the episode for me. - egnomac

This episode sucks. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

10 Really Loud Music Really Loud Music

The Contenders

11 Friendzy Friendzy

Some people find this episode mean spirited... I don't know how? - Spongehouse

This was actually a good episode but a little dissapointing at the same time. - egnomac

12 City Slickers City Slickers

I actually really liked this episode. Although I don't get why Ronnie Anne didn't want her friends to see her royal woods sweater. - Solacress

I really liked this episode but it should have been a full 22 minute episode. - egnomac

This should definitely be no. 1. - PageEmperor

It was a meh for me though did feel a bit rushed - Spongehouse

13 Rita Her Rights Rita Her Rights

I'm not bothered by this episode but a lot of others seem to be! I will say that Rita needs to get better at parenting - Spongehouse

14 Missed Connection
15 Gown and Out

It's overrated in my opinion and like Fandom Pains it was kinda boring - Spongehouse

Unpopular opinions I actually thought this episode was okay. - egnomac

I think was nice to feature an episode with Lori and Lola. - egnomac

I was very excited for this episode! But it really disappointed me - Spongehouse

16 Breaking Dad
17 Pasture Bedtime
18 The Spies Who Loved Me
19 Sitting Bull
20 Middle Men
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