Top 10 Worst Love Islanders 2017

LOVE ISLAND - is a British show where 14 sexy singles are sent to a party island in Spain. They must then couple up with eachother, drama and excitement awaits!

Who do you think is the worst islander of 2017? Who are the mugs, snakes and FAKES??

The Top Ten

1 Jonny Mitchell Jonny Mitchell

1. Went out with sweetheart Camilla (who was an ex of Prince Harry)
2. DUMPED HER because she was 'too boring'
3. HOOKED UP with alleged escort, Tyla Carr
4. Had massive fights with Theo, who was only telling the truth.
5. Got dumped by Tyla for being 'too boring' (OH THE KARMA)
6. Made out with Chyna (dumped contestant)

what! Can't stand his pepperoni nipples and his man boobs! He is rude and has weird blinking habits. - infinitecirculation

2 Tyla Snakey Carr Tyla Snakey Carr


3 Muggy Mike Thala Muggy Mike Thala

Gorgeous greek god Mike. - infinitecirculation

4 Olivia Attwood Olivia Attwood

She needs a reality check! She is so emotionally and verbally abusive towards Chris yet he still stays with her like a dumb puppy!
She's bipolar and has anger issues, is a disgusting person. - infinitecirculation

5 Amber Davies Amber Davies

She did many bad things in the past but has calmed down. - infinitecirculation

6 Theo The Athlete Theo The Athlete

Many found him to be rude to Jonny and blurting mean things but to be honest he's a savage lmao. - infinitecirculation

7 Chloe Crowhurst Chloe Crowhurst
8 Jessica Hayes Jessica Hayes

*SHEARS. - infinitecirculation

9 Dom The Mug Dom The Mug

Muggy Dom with the brow lift and the snaggle fangs - infinitecirculation

10 Camilla Thurlow Camilla Thurlow

She wants to play a game... - infinitecirculation

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