Worst Lyrics of the 21st Century

Title says it all; The worst song and rap lyrics of the 21st century. In no particular order at first, but your vote and contributions can change that.

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41 Let me educate ya, and I ain't talkin' book - Jake Paul, It's everyday bro

You don't need a book to "educate" us. Get a pencil. - naFrovivuS

What does book have to do by educating someone? - Catacorn

42 "Every time I look at my d**k, I'm like holy s**t, that's a big d**k And every time I look at your d**k, I'm like holy s**t, that's a small d**k" - 3OH!3, My D**k
43 "Never let me slip, cause if I slip, then I'm slippin', but if I got my Nina then ya know I'm straight trippin" - Dr. Dre, Nuthin But a G-Thang

This wasn't from the the 21st century. - RalphBob

This is in the '90's so nah. - AlphaQ

44 "Let's be friends so we can make out. You're so hot let me show you around." - Emily Osment, Let's Be Friends

We can make out? Inappropriate behavior, Emily Osment. - DynastiNoble

My childhood. Ruined... - RiverClanRocks

I'm at a loss... - WonkeyDude98

45 "I can tell you're curious It's written on your lips Ain't no need to hold it back Go head and talk your s***" - Ariana Grande, Focus

There's very few things I can think of less edgy than Ariana Grande swearing. - WonkeyDude98

Inappropriate! - DynastiNoble

46 "Your lies are bullets, your mouth's a gun." - Selena Gomez, Kill Em With Kindness

Whoever added this is on drugs

She is describing Danganronpa here, not knowing she is. - SelfDestruct

47 "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hon" - Nicki Minaj, Anaconda
48 "Tell me why are we wasting time on all your wasted crying when you should be with me instead." - Shawn Mendes, Treat You Better

If this woman is in an abusive relationship, why not let her have an arm to cry on? This contradicts the part where Shawn claimed that the woman deserves a gentleman. - NiktheWiz

Shawn Mendes is a naked mole rat for being terrible at writing lyric. - AlphaQ

49 "Mix my milk with your Cocoa Puffs" - The Black Eyed Peas My Humps

Oh yeah. Pure class.

50 "She says, 'Boys like a little more booty to hold at night'" - Meghan Trainor, All About That Bass

I mean, she's not exactly wrong. But still, this lyric is terrible. - WonkeyDude98

51 "Black X6, Phantom. White X6 looks like a Panda" - Desiigner, Panda

Panda is a great song. Just that, this lyric is confusing. This and Desiigner are Future and his songs done right. 4.5/5 - AlphaQ

Coming from someone who likes Panda by Desiigner, I will admit this lyric was stupid. Why?
1. He name-dropped a Rolls-Royce (Phantom) when taking about a BMW X6 (Rolls Royce Phantom and BMW X6 have nothing in common, at least that's what I know.).
2. A pure-white BMW X6 will never look like a panda.
Sorry Desiigner. Still, you made a good song though. - SelfDestruct

He meant that the cars look like a panda together. Either way, the lyrics still don't make sense. But the song is still good lol - BlueTopazIceVanilla

52 "Let's green egg and ham it" - Mr. Material, Shaquille O'Neal

Who can forget THIS hilariously awful line?

53 "Now lemme see you milfshake" - Fergie, M.I.L.F $

Right when I thought this song could not get any worse, this lyric popped up. - NiktheWiz

54 "Last night you were in my room, now my bedsheets smell like you." - Ed Sheeran, Shape of You

This kinda makes sense. I mean, what if she was wearing perfume? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

55 "So, baby, pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover" - The Chainsmokers, Closer

Why did they ever write this song? Anyways bad lyrics. - Lucretia

56 "Once I was 11 years old, My mama told me go get a wife or you'll be lonely." - Lukas Graham, 7 Years

You can't ask your son to marry a girl at 11, dip $hit. Also who'd want to fall for this talentless hack? - AlphaQ

57 "Did the man who invented college, go to college?" - Hopsin, Fly

Woke - BlueTopazIceVanilla

58 "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." - Lady Gaga, LoveGame
59 "I was a h*e. And I'm admitting it. I won't take it back. Cause I did the s**t." - Mariahlynn, Once Upon A Time
60 This one goes out to ladies, at breakfast, in last night's dress - Katy Perry, this is how we do
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