Top Ten Worst Lyrics That Could Be Put In a Song


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1 "Oh baby, I cheated on you"

Yep. Plus, does every song always have to have these words "baby", and "girl"? This crap is the only thing I see nowadays

2 "Walking into a club like Elvis"
3 "When you see me in the dark, I will be spying on your girl"
4 "You're only popular Cause of you got over 20 girlfriends"
5 "How did you get that girl?"
6 "I just stole your girl"
7 "I'm way better then JB"

I do hate JB, but this would be the lamest lyrics. - Mumbizz01

8 "I'm More Intimidating Than the Kinder Egg Man"

No one should EVER reference the Kinder Egg Man NO matter what!

Please make sure this never, EVER happens no matter what.

I can't believe someone actually had the balls to reference this horrifying abomination.


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9 "Man that's some good gum"
10 "We rode through the hills and scared the hell outta Iron Maiden"

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11 "He said my ass belongs in a donkey show"
12 "Michael Bay the boss just wishes he'd direct Harry Potter"
13 "Sex in a pool best idea ever"

That sounds like it would hurt.

I refuse to think about this...

Please lord NEVER put this lyric in a song EVER!

NEVER EVER put a lyric like this in a song EVER!

14 "Hey teacher, ya free tonight cause I'm single?"
15 "i got me some super swag"

Super swag? Dear god NO!

16 "I make her ass scream like deathcore bands"
17 "When I die, bury me inside the porn store"
18 "When I die, bury me inside the booty club"

I know this lyric's already in a song but it's so bad that I had to include it on here.

19 "One day I was writing bad books, now I'm here watchin' gravity with ya. Oh, oh, are you a virgin, oh, oh, I like spit stuff"
20 "I steal, party, vandalize, bang chicks, smoke, drink, bully, and beat kids til they're in the dirt, but that's ok because I go to church"
21 "He said my booty could be the new female president"
22 "I'm the New Nicki Minaj"

Please NO! Not another Nicki Minaj! Anything but another Nicki Minaj!

23 "Is It Weird That Your Ass Remind Me of a Kanye West Song?"

It already exists, but it's so bad I had to put it on here.

24 "Let's Green Eggs and Ham It!"

This is from the movie Kazaam.

Not even the Nostalgia Critic would like this.

25 "I Hate N*****S!"
26 "She got a big booty so I call her big booty"
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