Top Ten Worst Made-Up Names for a Child

As fake as these names may be, if you had one, you'd want to burn that birth certificate.

The Top Ten

1 Someoneyourownsize

Why pick on me when you can pick on Someoneyourownsize? He's standing right behind you, that would be really sad

"Go pick on someone your own size! He's right over there! " - Puga

Someoneyourownsize? Wow. This list is great! - EpicJake

2 Adolf Saddam Bin Laden

This is clearly the best name.

I would like to use this name - CerealGuy

Only a fool do that to a child


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3 Seymour Butts

Thanks for the material, Bart's phone call! - Puga

4 I.C. Wiener

Thanks for the material, Futurama pilot! - Puga

5 Dick Eetah

The first name is real, but the surname? - Puga

6 Someone Else

Why don't you pick one someone else! He's right behind you. LOL, LMFO RIGHT NOW

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7 Dick Ridah
8 Laughing Stock

Friend: hey look it's laughing stock
Laughing stock: hey we're friends have u turned into a meanie?
Friend: no I'm just calling you laughing stock, your name
Laughing stock: hey my name isn't laughing stoc- ohh, I've got to change my name soon.

9 South Dickerson V 1 Comment
10 Potahto

The Contenders

11 Pinto Guinness
12 Sham Rock
13 Pot O'Gold
14 Deep South
15 Mashed Potahto
16 Firstname Lastname
17 Drew Peacock
18 Get Over Here V 2 Comments
19 Father Ted
20 Creepy Pub
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1. Someoneyourownsize
2. Adolf Saddam Bin Laden
3. Seymour Butts
1. Seymour Butts
2. Someoneyourownsize
3. I.C. Wiener
1. South Dickerson
2. Deep South
3. Get Over Here

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