Top Ten Worst Made Up Warrior Names

I found a website where you can randomize warrior names. It has a column for prefixes and a xolumn for sufixes. It chooses a random from each and makes a warrior name. Here are some I got.

The Top Ten

1 Fireice

This one doesn't even make sense!

This reminds me of the warrior book Fire and Ice! - Maplecloud

2 Sootthicket
3 Endlessstalker

Didn't even know that could be a name. - lulu223

That's disturbing yet hilarious

4 Adderbone

Ah... Gross. Also Adders don't even have bone!

5 Deadwing
6 Eclipsesinger
7 Voleflower
8 Dustdust
9 Runningeye

That's kinda gross. it makes me think that's the cats eye ran away.. lol

10 Griffinclaw

The Contenders

11 Starstarstar
12 Moonstorm
13 Dancingthorn

Me and my friend came up with this one. - Wolftail

I just imagined a dancing thorn. - RiverClanRocks

Dance party! - Gassystar

14 Dognose
15 Twolegsareawesome
16 Galaxyfur
17 Nightvampire
18 Raggedface
19 Deathberrykit
20 Dragonstorm
21 Clayshape

O.O Who else thinks that this is quite disturbing?!

22 Toadwish
23 Mouseglow
24 Tinyice
25 Mousebrain

So first it comes mousekit.. then mousepaw.. then finnaly the leader names his sufixx 'brain.. which would be mousebrain.

26 Kuklux
27 Greenchicken

Can't imagine this - Gassystar

28 Gatorclaw
29 MarySue
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