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21 Die Another Day Die Another Day
22 Nobody Knows Me Nobody Knows Me

Sorry again Maddy but another tallied up " STINKER " - georgegoony

23 Spanish Eyes V 1 Comment
24 Get Together Get Together

starting to warm up to it... but still a very long road ahead... also her performance of this song on a British chat show did nothing for my lack of love of the song - georgegoony

A Bit To Over Rated, It�'s Not A Great Dance Hit!

One�'s Like Hung Up and Vogue are more better

25 Holiday Holiday

Personally I think it sounds like a cat being strangled while being runover at the same time and plus I can't get the annoying tune out of my head - thetopten

26 Celebration Celebration
27 Hung Up Hung Up

Hung up is her best. It should not be in this list!

28 I Love New York I Love New York

Laziest lyrics on any Madonna song. It's so so obvious this was thrown together in a couple of days before the album was finalized.

True the lyrics are crap, with the exception of the "get off my street" part. But in my opinion, this was the most danceable song on the album. Even more than "Hung Up". I can't help myself not to start dancing when I hear this. - theOpinionatedOne

29 Vogue Vogue

This shouldn't be on this list but I must say it's catchy as hell and has a sick beat that makes you want to dance

30 Gone Gone
31 Promise to Try Promise to Try V 1 Comment
32 Angel Angel
33 Justify My Love Justify My Love
34 Hollywood Hollywood

My dog howls and runs for the bedroom closet with even the mere mention of this stinker

" Peaches " even when personally asked by Madonna for a remix, said no way and screamed this song " sucks the biscuit "

... there's no help for this song! - georgegoony

Actually "Deeper and Deeper" is very nice song. "Hollywood" is the only one I dislike but still Madge is the greatest female artist ever and forever - Alexandr

I actually really like this song and it SHOULD NOT be in the top ten list of WORST Madonna songs
I like this song get it out of this list. Please

35 You Must Love Me You Must Love Me

maddy can do slow songs well & very well with the right production but this song just lacks something to make it your typical Madonna classic - georgegoony

V 1 Comment
36 4 Minutes 4 Minutes

Another weak song, a duet from madonna & one half of a very pretentious production team( Timberlake & Timberland )... not even the remixes can keep my interest - georgegoony

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