Worst Madonna Singles

Madonna is one of the most-successful and most-loved artists of all time. As fans, we often discuss and celebrate our favorite songs. But every once in a while, we might disagree with the choice of singles released. We might not even be as big of fans of some of her biggest hits as one might expect. Which of Madonna's single releases is your least favorite? Were you ever disappointed with her choice of singles released?

The Top Ten

1 Hey You
2 Material Girl
3 Spotlight
4 American Life
5 Love Don't Live Here Anymore

I have never minded this song, however I never understood why it was chosen as a single roughly ten years after its first release. There were much better choices from "Something To Remember. "

Why is this on here?! It's awesome

6 Everybody
7 Bitch, I'm Madonna

Excruciatingly bad 🤮

Childish, for an experienced, wannabe role model! You're going to be 60 next year! Is B**ch I'm Madonna all you have left?

8 Turn Up the Radio
9 Justify My Love

Yes, this was a #1 hit and I admire the artistry and the bravery of this song. However, musically it leaves me a little cold with the spoken vocals, no melody, and simple music.

10 Bedtime Story

Very interesting song, but this one just wasn't going to fit in with the mainstream. I do like it, but it will never be a favorite of mine.

The Contenders

11 True Blue

I don't like this song.

Even Madonna herself was never crazy about this one. I still like it and think it's cute, but I don't think it is one of her best.

12 Keep It Together

I do love this song, but I feel like there were better choices from the "Like a Prayer" album that would have made better singles, such as "Til Death Do Us Part" or "Promise To Try. "

13 You Must Love Me
14 Like a Virgin

I love Madonna and even kind of love this classic song, but I just never felt like it was one of her best. My least favorite of her classic hits.

Yeah, I have never understood why this song is always everybody's favorite! She has such better songs than this one.

What the hell? Every song in this list is amazing

15 Fever
16 Nothing Really Matters

This one I actually do love, but the big xylophone solo makes it a strange choice for a single.

17 Lucky Star

Yes, it's a classic. YEs, it's fun. Yes, it's cute. But it isn't among her greatest. Love it, but not on my favorites list.

18 Beautiful Stranger

Still love this song, but it's not an all-time fave.

19 Erotica

My only fault with this song is all of the spoken verses. Since Madonna is a singer and not a rapper, I would have preferred a lead-off single to contain a little more melody.

20 Dear Jessie
21 Oh Father
22 Girl Gone Wild
23 What It Feels Like for a Girl
24 Ray of Light
25 Give Me All Your Luvin'
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