Top 10 Worst Main Series Pokemon Games

There was a list about handheld games, but not the main series games.

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1 Yellow

To the person who said that because your pikachu can't evolve,that you can't catch em all, you could just catch another pikachu and get raichu that way. Also, yellow should not be in the list. The way how it's based off the anime is great. Maybe the best part is that you can get ALL THREE STARTERS. Seriously, who can complain about that? Also, it keeps a lot the same from red/blue which,in the case of gen 1, is a great thing. Sure, the surfing/flying pikachu gimmick is corny, and the loading screen isn't as good, but pokemon yellow is a great game, and people hate it just because "you could have got a jolteon. And to that, I say YOU GET A FREE FLIPPIN EEVEE!

"I don't actually have this game, but I saw the trailer and it looks like a pretty good game! Even if you don't use pikachu you can catch the other starters in the wild!

Very few choices

Pikachu is the worst starter ever and you lost the chance the get an Eevee bull a jolteon is WAY better than a Pikachu that can't evolve you would have to do glitches if you want to beat this game with in a month because your starter is one of the most important Pokemon on your team.

2 Emerald

Totally overrated

Don't tell me "It's THE BEST GAME! Y U HATE IT? ". Tell me why it's so good, then. I made my reasons why it was bad, tell me why it was "the greatest". Then maybe I'll actually listen to you. - pokemonrater

By the way, if people like it so much, then why are people voting it so high on the list? - pokemonrater

Lol! This list is a joke. Everyone knows Emerald is one of, if not the, best Pokemon game.

3 Diamond/Pearl

Thank god they made platinum which saved this series

Cynthia is overrated and everything is so slow

Terrible story, if you want a better option, choose platinum. - pokemonrater

Why so harsh to diamond and pearl? THIS IS BASICALLY A WHOLE GEN

A whole gen? What happened to Platinum and Heartgold/Soulsilver? Do they not matter to you? - pokemonrater

4 White

1. It's too hard to play.
2. Pokemon designs are sooo bad. Like Trubbish and Klink. Really game freak? Just adding faces to non-living things isn't making new designs. Damn.
3. Making every map 3D and adding depth is a pretty bad idea on a small screen. Just looks so bad. Every pixelated sprite looks distorted.
4. Animated 2D sprites are bad too, in my opinion. Rotating things makes every pixelated sprite look bad.

But that's my opinion. I like the old non-animated sprites.

Those who vote for emerald/diamond and pearl don't know what they're doing. believe me this is the worst, most incomplete pokemon game.

Gen V is my third favorite generation next to Gen VI and Gen VII. The story was very complex for its time, the sprites looked good for their time, the difficulty was hard as f***, and catching the legendary Pokemon was really challenging. Not to mention that I lost multiple times against the Elite Four and Ghetsis. Seriously, I actually had to put a lot of time and effort into training my Pokemon since I kept on losing to them. Honestly, this generation means so much to me since not only was Pokemon Black my first Pokemon game, but it was probably the hardest generation in my opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

To me, the story isn't as developed as the other games, and the wild pokemon ratio is too high. Zekrom doesn't look like they'd choose a hero. They look evil. - pokemonrater

5 Moon

Literally a pokemon tutorial game for the mentally challenged.

The pokemon are gay the people are gay the difficulty is way too easy. I mean the main legendary looks like a dreamcatcher oragami

Story: 0/10
Characters 0/10
Pokemon: Only Nekrozma
Gameplay: There was gameplay?
Art Style: 0/10
Alola Region 0/10
Candy Crush is more creative and less depressing than this. I swear in the name of the only good character who was in that game. Colress.

If 906389 allowed me to reply to his comment, then I would've said that he can't speak for everyone. Gen 6 was not easy, but it wasn't hard either. This game was impossible to complete if you chose Litten instead of Rowlet or the one that no one chose. The only reason why I beat Olivia was because of getting a bunch of critical hits. - pokemonrater

6 Y

I HATE the Gen VI series. The Champion, Elite Four, Gym Leaders, everything is too EASY!

Too easy, story sucks, maybe its burnout but I really didn't feel this one at all.


Y was awesome!

7 Blue Blue

Lavender town duh it killed people like a lot of people this is the worst game I have ever seen in my life by killing all those people in japan

Worse than red because it has crappier pokemon as the game corner prizes, and its pokemon found in grass.

This is no way one of the worst pokemon games. I own and play this game, plus pokemon green is much worse with its pathetic sprites.

Dude, this is the same thing as red, if you're adding them to the list, just make it one listing instead of two. - pokemonrater

8 Sun

Didn't enjoy it. Its bad

God I hate this game! The last enjoyable Pokémon game for me was Soul Silver. Everything after Gen 4 SUCKS!

Nothing wrong with it so far. Only thing is the polarizing SOS mechanic, although I find that mechanic to be a great challenge for me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is one of my favorite ones ever. But its new so I am biased as all hell. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I still believe that Gen V is the hardest generation to date, but I think we can all agree Gen VII is much more challenging than Gen VI. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Red Red

I am very glad to have a conversation with you, ModernSpongeBobSucks. I, Kieran Glen Harris Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil (in the future) am fairly known to hate (modern) Nickelodeon, which is (rarely) inferior to (modern) Disney Channel. Gameplay is the most important aspect of the game. But you are right. The graphics are very weak and dull for Game Boy standards.

This game is overrated

I am waiting for a Genwunner to throw a temper tantrum when he sees a Generation 1 game on this list! Generation 1 is the worst Pokemon Generation!

Yeah, the remakes are better even though I never played them nor the originals. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Its graphics are heavily outdated and haven't aged well. Plus, the mechanics look unpolished compared to newer generations. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You can't blame a game for it's graphics unless they were outdated at the time they were made. - pokemonrater

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10 Let's Go Pikachu

-You have to pay to get Mew
-It's hard to capture pokemon since it's catching mechanic is more of pokemon GO than the other main series games,What if you find a shiny and it escapes?
-You can't evolve Partner Pikachu or Eevee
-Only Gen 1 pokemon! - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

I don't think this is even a main series game.

I don't like that you can't battle pokemon in the wild and its another remake like I've had enough of the same stuff lmao
and by the way you can still get mewtwo without buying pokeball plus (not mew though)

Weird catching mechanics, having mew behind a paywall, and clothing options. at least the graphics are good and have walking pokemon.

The Contenders

11 Green

Never made it across shores because of it's crappy sprites. - pokemonrater


Except for yellow, but besides that, they are all okay in their own way. I just made this list because I didn't enjoy some of the games as much as the other ones. - pokemonrater

12 FireRed/LeafGreen


I'm not voting against this, but I love this remake.

The sprites are better than before (obviously), you can go to different regions, and it's a good step to the new sprites in R/S/E!

I personally think this is good.


I though it was to slow


13 Gold/Silver/Crystal Gold/Silver/Crystal

Terrible graphics, like generation 1, and has a terrible soundtrack.

14 Black 2/White 2

Hugh looks like a douche, but he isn't, Colress isn't actually an evil antagonist, just a guy who doesn't care what happens. - pokemonrater

This is the worst

Dis game is awesome it was meh childhood

15 X

X/Y are incredible but the main story is so bland and just eh :s - moonwolf

It's good, but compared to Generation VII, the graphics aren't as colorful. Also, excluding Mewtwo, Zygarde, and the three legendary birds, Xerneas and Yveltal were pretty easy to catch and the game was too easy. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Black

Just play Black 2

17 Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

Was exited for it, but hated it in the end. - myusernameisthis

Too much water

I felt the exact opposite if what everyone else thought, I was hyped for this but then ended up hating it.

Should've been called Ultra Salt because it hurts to know it's coming out. The only way this could be good is if they add more battle tree characters from previous games. - pokemonrater

18 Heartgold/Soulsilver Heartgold/Soulsilver

Really good it’s just to hard to train your Pokemon

19 Alpha Sapphire

Whoever is splitting up duo/trio games, STOP IT! It's Red/Blue, Gold/Silver/Crystal, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl, Black/White, Black 2/White 2, X/Y, OMEGA RUBY/ALPHA SAPPHIRE! Not Red, Gold, Ruby, Omega Ruby, X, THEY'RE ALL TECHNICALLY THE SAME GAME!

The only Nintendo franchise that improved in the modern era is Pokemon (many other Nintendo franchises like Kirby, Ice Climber [despite no sequels] and Super Smash Bros. remained strong), but Pokemon will always have the same games at this rate.

20 Let's Go Eevee
21 Sword and Shield

I already know it's gonna be awful

No national Pokedex

€ Some leaked gameplay of the graphics look as good as Majoras Mask
• No national Pokedex for bs reasons (someone tested it, and they could have all of the pokemon on there with a tremendous amount of space left over)
• They are only going to have a small amount of pokemon from other generations and I bet the majority will be gen 1 or pokemon no one really likes.
• For Gamefreak, Pokemon isn’t even priority, even though it's so big even your mom will have seen pikachu. Instead the priority is re-releasing a game that its first release was a 2D platformer and got terrible reviews from Mediacritic and Gamespot for the switch. Maybe the game will be good but it sure doesn’t deserve to be above pokemon.
I will not buy this game when it comes out. This will be the first time I did not buy a pokemone game the moment it is released in my lifetime. I urge the rest of you to either not buy it it, or buy it from pre-owned so that Pokemon and Gamefreak actually put some ...more

22 Sapphire

Team Aqua has a terrible plan, which is making it rain to decrease the landmass. Taking the water out of the ocean, and putting it back. They should think it out more. - pokemonrater

That's kind of a bad reason to explain why a Pokemon game sucks. Just saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Funny team aqua

23 Ruby Ruby

Generation 3 was meh, while the remakes were amazing! - pokemonrater

24 Omega Ruby Omega Ruby
25 Platinum

It's the exact thing as diamond and pearl except with a new legendary.

26 SoulSilver SoulSilver

Just to make people mad

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