Worst Major League Baseball Umpires

This is a list of worst umpires in Major League Baseball so if you have an opinion please list them in the comment section below.

The Top Ten

1 Angel Hernandez

There's long been a huge problem with MLB umpires, stemming from the widespread attitude among them that it's THEIR game; that they OWN it. There's no respect for the strike zone. It's whatever a particular ump feels like on any given day. And that's subject to change at any moment. They squawked like old biddies back in the late 90s when the overhead plate cams came in, cause they didn't want anyone to know how bad so many calls are. And too many infield umps don't position themselves for a clear view of close plays. Finally they're being challenged more often, and video doesn't lie. Suck it up.

Angel Hernandez is by far the worst umpire. He always finds a way to mess up calls. For example, the 2013 game between the Athletics and the Indians, A's Adam Rosales hits a fly ball to left field and hits the fence. Bob Melvin, A's manager, comes out and asks Hernandez to review the play and the replay shows that the ball did hit the fence but Hernandez upheld the call and Melvin came out to argue and was ejected for arguing. MLB later acknowledged that Hernandez's call was incorrect. Hernandez is just awful. - wisconsinboy

He has to be the center of attention. He has a short fuse.

2 C. B. Bucknor

He nearly cost the Nationals the win by saying that the last batter fouled it off which it didn't. - wisconsinboy

3 Joe West

Old fart needs to retire

4 Bob Davidson

Davidson is precisely the most controversial umpire if you want to argue with him. - wisconsinboy

5 Phil Cuzzi
6 Vic Carapazza

I remember watching the blue jays game on canada day 2016... Vic carapazza is the worst umpire in the mlb

7 Alfonzo Marquez
8 Marty Foster
9 Jerry Meals

He blew the game for the Pirates and it would have cost them playoff contention. - wisconsinboy

10 Fieldin Culbreth

The Contenders

11 Tripp Gibson

Needs remedial instruction on strike zone. Simply ridiculous.

Worst home plate umpire.zone is at the ankles.

12 Joshua Wharton
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