Worst Major League Baseball Umpires

This is a list of worst umpires in Major League Baseball so if you have an opinion please list them in the comment section below.

The Top Ten

1 Angel Hernandez

Worst strike I have ever seen. You can count on any call he makes being the wrong one.

Most inconsistent umpire in mlb. Starts with a high strike zone then moves it down during the game.

Carries himself like a Mob Boss, but couldn't be a consistent Walmart greeter!

How is this guy still umpiring. Calls strikes that are 4 inches off the plate.

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2 Joe West

This guy has it out for the White Sox. He shouldn't be allowed to ump their games.

Worst of my lifetime and I've been watching baseball for 60 years.

I agree looks like it's a chore for him to raise his hand

Old fart needs to retire

3 C. B. Bucknor

Consistently inconsistent.

Has a moving strike zone

Terrible. Blind.

He is the sole reason MLB will be forced to use video instead of umpires to call balls and strikes.

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4 Bob Davidson

Short tempered, especially against Joe Maddon and Charlie Manuel which I thought the incident between Bob and Charlie was hilarious even though MLB suspended them both for one game.

Bob Davidson is a cranky ass.

Davidson is precisely the most controversial umpire if you want to argue with him. - wisconsinboy

5 Vic Carapazza

Goes out of his way to suck.

I remember watching the blue jays game on canada day 2016... Vic carapazza is the worst umpire in the mlb

6 Phil Cuzzi


Inconsistent strike zone doesn’t know the rules

7 Alfonzo Marquez


8 Marty Foster

Doesn't know a strike from a ball.

He robbed the game away from the Rays in Texas by calling strike three on a full count from Ben Zobrist whichever the pitch was clearly out of the strike zone.

9 Jerry Meals

He blew the game for the Pirates and it would have cost them playoff contention. - wisconsinboy

10 Ron Kulpa

Disrespectful and unprofessional.


Just Trash

The Contenders

11 Fieldin Culbreth
12 Laz Díaz

Inconsistent strike zone and always has a chip on his shoulder.

Consistent inconsistency is his strike zone

Picked fight with Harper

13 Jim Joyce

Cost a pitcher major record. Pathetic at his "job". Should never work another game. Needs to be dropping fries.

14 Chris Guccione
15 Doug Eddings
16 Tripp Gibson

Needs remedial instruction on strike zone. Simply ridiculous.

Worst ball/strike umpire I’ve seen since Ken Kaiser. When Kaiser left the game, he gave his coin to Gibson (heads = strike, tails = ball),

Worst home plate umpire.zone is at the ankles.

17 Andy Fletcher

Inconsistent strike zone. Short tempered. Throws managers and players out of a game way to quickly.

18 Mark Wegner
19 Joshua Wharton
20 Joe Maddon

Maddon 19 is a waste of money

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