Worst Malcolm In the Middle Characters

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1 Jessica

Ugly and annoying

She was selfish and always butted herself into the lives of the family. Only Lois liked her, because she was like a daughter figure.

She is awful, no redeeming qualities, and never inspires a laugh. A very frustrating and unlikable character.

Remember in "Stereo Store" when Hal gets a job he hires JESSICA to babysit the boys. She was Malcolm's age and such a hypocrite. She made Dewey eat carrot sticks when she probably orders pizza. And she tells the boys to go to bed at 7:30?! what! The only good part about that episode is when the boys made Jessica cry! BEST SCENE EVER!

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2 Craig

Craig is creepy, needy, and gross. I wish they had phased him out after Lois turned him down in Season 1.

I hats Craig. He's annoying, fat and nerdy. How is Dewey in first? I love Dewey, best character in the show. - icecreammanjb

Craig should be #1 with Jessica at #2

All the other characters are great except Francis for one of course who just bitches constantly and takes everything for granted... but come on Craig is bat crazy and neurotic, he has some stalkerish obsession with Lois of which he is rude to hal about, not to mention he abuses power the first chance he gets, I find him extremely obnoxious and over bearing and I just can't stand to look at his face for more than a second without losing interest in whatever he is talking about. Also he has binoculars in his once (before burnt down) house just to watch the family he is legit a psychopath and undoubtedly THE WORST character on the show despite the shows many other amazing roles.

3 Lavernia

How can someone have a job and be in debt from it? She is the worst!

4 Dewey

LOVE DEWEY, he shouldn't be here

Anyone who voted on this is not a true believer if you ask me every character brings something great to the show and who cares if there mean if you don't like it then find another show because this one is based on a family that can't express themselves normally

I never liked dewey his brothers were neglected just like him but dewey just has to be the victim. Also he bad at acting, his cries make me cringe and I think the show would be better without him

He is the most annoying little brat that did literally nothing of value and I hate him and I HOPE HE GETS CANCER!

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5 Lois

Lois is a terrible mother

She is literally the worst mother ever! She sent Reese to jail, she is way too aggressive and she doesn't want her kids to get a girlfriend! Jeez Lois if your kids get girlfriends be HAPPY for them! And also she grounded Malcolm on his BIRTHDAY! She's everything bad you could imagine!

Annoying voice, Cold, ALWAYS SCREAMING!
Your lying if you can tell me you'd want her as a mom!

Lois is an absolute nightmare of a character. Everything about her screams for the desire to be hated. She is obnoxious, not at all understanding of ANYTHING, and most of all simply a horrible parent and person.

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6 Malcolm

He was never the star of the show

I hate malcolm because he always constantly complaining about his own life

Worst thing about malcolm in the middle is malcolm

Too stupid for his 160 IQ. Dumber than everyone except in counting numbers. Poor acting and an annoying dialogue delivery style.

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7 Stevey

I agree with this too! He's a stupid character who doesn't really contribute to the show.

His voice is really annoying

I think it is stupid that his voice is so slo you can barlie understand what he is saying

Always hated his attitude I guess lol he's just too annoying for me, and it doesn't have anything to do with the characters disabilities

8 Reese

Reese can be pure evil time to time like when he gets himself and Malcolm grounded on Malcolm's birthday and on Cynthia's back Reese only wanted to date Cynthia to look at her breasts. Isn't that evil

I love Reese he should not be in the list..

Reese is the second best character in the show after Dewey. Putting him this low on the list is criminal. Below Stevie and Jessica! No way..

Man I don't know why Resse is on this damn list he is the best charcter on the show and is a ' badass

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9 Francis

How dare you! I personally think he's the best.

He's arrogant, obnoxious and always throwing tantrums. The kid needs to be sent farther than military school--- PLEASE.

Francis is best boy what are y’all smokin

Annoying, arrogant and one of the worst characters ever made.

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10 Piama

She is so annoying

She's stupid, obnoxious, ignorant and loud mouthed peasant.

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11 Grandma

Just an overall horrible person

Grandma is incredibly rude and mean, and hard to understand.

She has no redeeming traits. I wish the truck had killed her.

She is always being mean to the children. And she smokes. Boo

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12 Hal

Hal is one of the funniest characters on the show

He's just not funny in any way. His parenting sucks and he's very arrogant and selfish. I really don't like him at all.

He's very annoying. His storyline is pointless and honestly stupid.

A stupid and irresponsible father.

13 Jamie

Really, you put Jamie on this list. Jamie was just a baby in the show so he didn't have that much of an evolved personality like his older brothers. Besides, he gave us a laugh once in a while on the show.
P.S. I think Reese is the funniest character in the whole show, no matter what, his stupidity cracks me up!

He may be just a baby, but he was the catalyst that made some of the middle seasons suck so badly. Lois and Hal are having this baby that they can't afford, even when their awful parenting has already screwed up their first four kids... and we're supposed to believe that because they love each other, everything's OK. Then we get Jamie, who only exists to cry and poop on everything. I know that's basically what babies do, but they played it up so much in his earlier episodes that you start to wonder why they don't just drop him off at a fire station or something.

He's one of the worst babies on T.V.. There is nothing cute about him; he only exists to make the lives of the main characters worse. He's the most annoying kind of obstacle in a show, because they can't just get rid of him. He's the BAYBEEE, so everyone has to put up with him no matter how horrible he is. Babies in real life aren't that annoying. I know it's played up for comedy, but if I had a child like that, I would ...more

14 Cynthia

The way she snorts though...

She is so damn annoying

15 Mr. Herkabe

He's so mean and selfish. He was such a jerk to Reese and Malcolm.

16 Kitty

Simply she leaves her family causes them large amounts of suffering comes back and expects no one to be mad and besides that she throws a temper tantrum basically, and treats her son like a kid who has 2 days to live

When she's not being OCD, she's being loud and angry.

17 Commandant Spangler
18 Richie


19 Spath
20 Leland
21 Kevin
22 Eric
23 George
24 Abe
25 Allison
26 Lloyd
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