Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


Good grief! This man doesn't know when to grow up does he? I know people that look up to him as a role model but from what I can see there is nothing inspiring or amazing about him. His abs are so fake it's not even funny, and his clothes set a bad example for teenagers like me. Parents are afraid of their kids dressing like Fifth Harmony rather than him. His Love Yourself song was degrading and lowered my self-confidence. His Baby song was repetitive and annoying. He even HOWLS in Boyfriend which is wrong on multiple levels. His other songs have a crappy beat and worthless lyrics. Now typically I would vote Kanye, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, etc because they're all trash but Justin Bieber absolutely disgusts me. His fans are blinded by his charms. They can't see past his fake abs,

No duh he's the worst singer. He only got in because he has absolutely fake abs and absolutely fake muscles. His songs are terrible, and he gives men a bad name. It's the tone of his voice that freaks me out: every song sounds like he's either hating someone or ready to have sex. He ENJOYS objectification of women and is PROUD to be a cheater. He RUINED Selena Gomez my favorite singer. I'd like to see him dressed appropriately for once- no low riding pants. He has no respect for his body (judging by his constant smoking and excessive tattoos) and thinks he's all that just because one YouTube cover made him famous. And don't even get me started on his horrible Instagram posts. He's a TERRIBLE ROLE model to young boys

WHY IS JUSTIN BIEBER HERE!? "SHE" SHOULD BE ON THE FEMALE LIST! My god I can't stand a single song she sings! I HATE "HER" SO MUCH!

Me and my sister hate justin bieber and once a I drew a picture of him and I kept ripping it up until it was in more than 1,000 pieces! I hate justin bieber! His song baby is so annoying! - pizzza

Where do I even start with this addict? In music you get AWESOMENESS, Good, Meh, Bad, TRASH, AND then you get Justin bieber whose so bad he has his own section. His lyrics sound like they were written by a 2-year old who just watched South Park. He even makes JUNGLE NOISES in Sorry which is one of the freakiest things I've ever heard. He has NO PROBLEM WITH and actually ENJOYS being labelled as a pervert. He can't sing. Top it off with his ugly porn star image, Bieber is the king of bad music.

I'm a boy and do I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER he is just a lame copy of Jesse McCartney ( Who I actually find to be a really good singer ) his voice used to be higher than an average 5 year old girl now his voice is 50 times deeper than an average adult man he still hasn't realized that everyone is just making fun of him everyone watches the video baby BECAUSE IT SUCKS so Justin Bieber why do you still make these horrible songs THAT NO ONE LIKES

Absolutely! He should be Number One on the list! His songs, lyrics, and videos are disturbing and disgusting and he's such an ego-maniac. He's a disgrace to all men and he gives the entire male gender a bad name. Boys, do yourselves a favor and listen to REAL talent like Owl City or Nick Jonas.

He WAS a handsome man in 2012, when he wore suits and appropriately clothing, and his hair was tame. However I wonder how his mom feels to see her little boy running around topless at concerts, singing about sleeping around with women, and making racist parodies. Mine would cut my behind!

What's great about the fact that this is a public forum as opposed to a survey of actual music critics is that you end up with Justin Bieber at the top of the list because people think he has no talent. Like, dude's obnoxious, I'll grant you that, but listen to his live vocals. He's got mad skill. You can dislike him as a person but when you say he has no talent you're clearly just hating to hate.

He's destroying men's reputation and image. He has no problem with and actually ENJOYS being labelled as a sex-addict. Gross. He's one of the men who should NOT be role models to young boys. Oh, and Bieber? We all know your abs are fake

I wish one of his songs would have a good beat, lyrics, good video,...SOMETHING! Shockingly he has only one good song: Company. The notes were good surprisingly this song didn't make me wanna slice my head off with a chainsaw. This is his ONLY good song. But I hate him and I definitely think he deserves to be on the list. But Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas shouldn't be on this list.

Very glad to see this one at number one. The first time I heard him, I thought he was a 5 year old girl doing karaoke on one of those old machines. Right after I made a non-Justin Beaver fan club. He's absolutely nuts. He does drugs, he gets into fights, and that gas mask thing was too weird.

Where do I even start with this addict? Here's the scale of music- Perfect, Good, Meh, Bad, Trash, and then Justin Bieber, who is so bad he has his own section. Even Rebecca Black is better (she actually can sing quite good, she ruined her voice with Friday, the poor thing). You'd find better music in Owl City, than this sex-obsessed freak

Worst singer EVER! Does he even CARE that kids are listening to his music? I don't mind sexual songs normally, but the AMOUNT of sex in his songs are horrible. He even said the n word and sang about the KKK in one of his songs! And don't get me started on his videos.

We hate this singer so much that we would kill him if we ever saw him in our neighborhood
(other sister speaking)- justin go flush your stupid head down the toilet

Justin Bieber says, " Why do you hate me so much?! I just want you to love my music and ME. I only got arrested because I was a drunk driver, I didn't get a valid license after the police saw me. Whoops... Did I say that out loud?!? "

Seriously, his music isn't awful, I just don't enjoy it. It's not good or bad. Justin Boober got this name because I don't like him.

Surely, Justin Bieber is the WORST singer ever! His voice is like a rat or a cat or an animal in general. He has no talent at all. How can Pitbull and Eminem be in this list?

Can I ask you all a question its so hard is Justin Bieber (EWW) is what gender is he? If people vote for him no offense but just sick I hate him like I could him actually kill him he is number one on my to kill list! He should be poor right now how people except him is the music biz I mean oh my gosh a WHY VOTE WORST NOW QUICKLY BEFORE ITS TO LATE!

I wish Justin Bieber and his Cold Water would GO AWAY

Just horrible. Really. He definitely deserves to be number 1. Sounds like a dying buffalo!

SHE is the worst of anything in the world. Did I just say "she"? Whatever, She suppose to be the no.1st Worst Shemale artist.

Um yeah he definitely looks insane and most CERTAINLY deserves this place. But people like Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, and Nick Jonas shouldn't be on here

The first time listened to Baby, just after one minute my head started paining and I felt like vomiting. Justin Bieber SUCKS!

This wrong. I think he is more female, at least his voice. Should be on worst female singers least (too).

When he sings I run to my dog to make sure she isn't CHOKING! - MaxAttaxSportz