This hate is out of control

Ok first of all sorry for my bad English, I'm italian, ok let's start! (Warning, really long):

I just came here again and I've noticed how PATHETIC this list is, I mean I know there are a lot of opinions, but there are also A LOT of LIES!

Let's start with Princess Peach:
you know who she is, the NICE princess of the Mushroom Kingdoom and Mario's love.
She's absolutely OVERHATED! Like seriously just look at the comments, "OMG! SHE'S BOSSY! MEAN! USELESS! OVERRATED!!!" Peach is supposed to be NICE, come on she's always polite and feminine, she cry, she didn't use violence and well, she's pink.
Overrated? How she can be overrated if everyone hates her? And she appears in every game because her character is FONDAMENTAL for the series.
Useless? This is a joke, did you know that Peach is the most important female Mario character? And she's the main reason of why Mario starts his adventures? And without her we can't have Mario games in general? So useless? I don't think so. OK she got kindapped tons of times... a lot of times but her appearences hwlp the games to... EXIST, and sometimes she's playable too!

Now is Princess Daisy turn:
Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, she's a tomboy and Luigi's love interest.
Annoying? Ok I can understand if you found her voice is annoying but the voice is JUST the voice! It does not make a character, also she said HI I'M DAISY in 4 games...
Peach clone? She was created to be her own character in Super Mario Land, a game where Peach DIDN'T APPEAR AT ALL! and no she was not a Peach substitute, it was only if Peach was planned but replaced with Daisy, but this never happened. She has started to team up with Peach is sports in GCN days, AFTER her re-introduction in Mario Tennis 64 (she was Luigi and Birdo partner in this game).
In addition Daisy's personality is COMPLETELY different from Peach's one, heck even the voice actress is not the same, she always had a rounder face, different hairs, eyes, nose, mouth, flowers on the dress since HER FIRST GAME! And yes her dress is similar to Peach one but 1 it's not the same, 2 the dress is just a removable thing unlike the base of the character, on her body she only shares the eyes color even the skin is not the same and Daisy is shorther than Peach, 3 Luigi and Waluigi's clothes are more close than Mario and Wario ones than Daisy's dress is close to Peach one.
Useless? Daisy had TWO reasons for be in Super Mario Land instead of Peach:
1- The developers wanted a game in a new location, Sarasaland, NOT the Mushroom Kingdoom, so why Tatanga should Kindap Peach and bring her to Sarasaland, a far land? Where's the sense? It could be if the game was in the MK but that's not what the game is supposed to be, with this logic you can replace the Delfino island in Sunshine with the Beach world from the MK, Bowser jr with a Koopaling, in SMG you can replace Rosalina and the lumas with Honey Queen and the bees etc. it sounds crazy, but if you broke this type of rule you can change ANYTHING in EVERY game, unfortunately (for some of you) the game was supposed to be in Sarasaland so no, no Peach.
2- They weren't autorized on use Peach soooo...
And without her Super Mario Land will never been created, this also delte the sequel, Wario since he debut in this game, his games and Waluigi, so Daisy didn't do anything and without her nothing will change? WRONG!
Oh and Daisy is a tomboy:
Tomboys likes sports, Daisy likes it too,
Tomboys aren't that refined, same for Daisy,
Tomboys are loud, like Daisy,
Tomboys are competitive in sports and competitions, like Daisy,
Tomboys are energetic, like Daisy,
Tomboys can be rude and rarely cry, like Daisy,Tomboys are strong and athletique, like Daisy.
Before you use the dress or flowers excuses: flowers are not random things added on her character, watch how she got her name and you will see why she's associated with flowers, for the dress... hello? SHE'S A F*CKING PRINCESS! Princess can't wear boyish dresses, this will ruin their image: Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Sprixie Princesses, Shroob Princesses EVERY PRINCESS WEARS A DRESS IN MARIO!
And no her air kisses are not girly, they're sassy aka the 2nd half of Daisy's personality.
Oh and Nintendo confirmed that she is a Tomboy like 20 times since Super Mario Land so ops! You can't say anything for deconfirm it, HA!

Let's go with Rosalina:
She has helped Mario in the Super Mario Galaxy game becoming a relevant character today.
Overrated? Yes? Sure? the most overrated? No, just look how she's hated today, she's in the top ten of this list!
Peach clone? They only shares similarites on the face, and nothing else, the hair are blonde but it's a different type of blonde, also she's much taller than Peach, her personality is more motherly, smart, emotionless and strong compared to Peach, different vioce actress and she was never kindapped.
Rosalina replaces Daisy? NO! NO AND NO! Rosalina has her own spot, Daisy was underrated by Nintendo way before Rosalina came out, in Super Mario 3D World Rosalina was unlockable in a space world after the main story, how this can fit for Daisy? I can understand over Blue Toad sonce he's filler but not over Rosalina.
For Smash, Rosalina was not choosen for importance, popularity or because she deserved it, she was choosen because they needed a puppetter character, Daisy has chanches for a new moveset but not for a puppetter one, also Rosalina was planned since 2012 BEFORE her confirmation in SM3DW. Come on guys, Smash is just a CROSSOVER! This game is not important for the Mario franchise, it's just an extra.
Rosalina was only becoming important like Peach and Daisy are, she appears a lot but not in every game (she's not in Paper Mario Color Splash), also Toadette and the Koopalings have started to appear a lot, why nobody is complaining about this?

Next is Birdo:
Birdo js hated because is "a male with a female dress", But I'm pretty sure Birdo is a female... why? JUST LOOK AT HER! Not to mention that she was refered as a female much more often than she was refered as a male and in a Baseball game a Prach special shot has an effect on male characters only and it has no effect on Birdo, also, like female animals, Birdo can do eggs, Yoshi can do eggs but he's a male... THINK ABOUT IT!

Next is Wario:
This guy is hated because is gross, ok opinions, but Wario is not just gross, he's bad, funny, loves money etc. and how Waluigi can be a better anti-hero than him? Wario has stalen Mario's castle! Waluigi can do only jokes on Luigi like Wario can.

Now we have Bowser jr:
Hated because he has stealed Koopalings spot... what are you talking about? KOOPALINGS STILL APPEAR A LOT IN RECENT GAMES! They're in Mario kart 8 and Paper Mario Color Splash but jr isn't!

And now we have Wendy:
Wendy, the only female koopaling, she's jated because she's a spoiled brat... in the Cartoons shows, the cartoon Wendy IS NOT THE REAL WENDY! Because that cartoon is not even canon, just a cartoon made after Mario's popularity, Wendy appearences in video games are much better.

And finally Mario:
You perfectly know who he is, the's the most famous video game character ever, but why he's hated? He's hated because Game Theory said that he's mental and abusive with Luigi and Yoshi. Fun fact: WHAT GAME THEORY SAIS IS NOT CANON! It's just... a theory, It's called Game THEORY after all not Game Facts, he hates Mario and loves Luigi, stop beliving anything he says.

Wow this was really long! Well, hopefully this will stop you on twlling LIES and UNNECESSARY HATE! Bye everyone ;)


Best post on thetoptens by FAR. I'm pissed that Rosalina got on the damn list.

To add on the hate of Bowser Jr: "HE'S REPLACED THE KOOPALINGS AND LUDWIG AS THE RIGHT HAND MAN! " So you're telling me...that a character with a personality, motive, development, good boss battles, etc. Is a horrible character but those seven uninspired, flat, uninteresting, pathetic filler bosses are not? Sorry, but I've really had it with those damn Koopalings. When they appeared in Paper Jam and Color Splash, I started to dislike them. Not to mention, the Koopalings appear MORE THAN B.J. AND ROSALINA AND ARE LAZY! (There you go, I'm complaining about the recent appearances of those damn Krapalings)

To add on the hate of Wario: His Haters are shallow because he farts. I thought Sans made fart jokes and apparently he's the most loved Undertale Character. Wario is a badass with a hilarious personality and far more interesting gameplay and abilities compared to Mario. I feel like he's got a much more refreshing personality compared to Mario, Toad, Yoshi, etc., characters that are just kind, brave, and heroic. Wario is the opposite, greedy, rude, nasty, and selfish. However, he has a soft spot and SOME feelings for others, which makes him complex like Bowser. Why does Bowser get love for being diverse and not Wario? Wario also has a tragic backstory. This is not the first time a Mario character has had backstory (Rosalina, Count Bleck, Vivian, Admiral Bobbery, even a little in Bowser and Luigi). Characters like Rosalina get a pass with the backstory business for being "sexy" and Wario doesn't. Nobody talks about Wario's backstory at all! And if they did, he'd be one of the most popular Mario characters! Wario's backstory is honestly the saddest one. While Rosalina lost her Mom at a young age and ended up living with the Lumas, Wario lived with NOBODY! Yeah, he was an orphan and never had a home, parents, etc. (I don't think Waluigi is his brother). Pretty Sad right? Yet you are all SHALLOW because he's fat and he farts! If you gave him a hug and a present of friendship, he would probably cry...give all of the Warios out there a big hug. They truly do need it. 😉😢 - DCfnaf

Good Post - VideoGamefan5

Oh, and Game Theory sucks. - DCfnaf

I agree with everything. Rosalina and Daisy are my favorite Mario characters. I was even picked on for liking Daisy on my old account. It's called an opinion to the people who picked on me for liking a character... They acted like my opinion was wrong and their opinion was right. I can't stand these kinds of users who can't accept my opinion. If you accept my opinion, I'll accept yours but if you don't, it's a done deal. Daisy is awesome and I want her amiibo for christmas and I also want her to have her own game or have Luigi save her from Tatanga. The game should be called "Tatanga Returns" and it should be for the Nintendo NX and Wii u and the 3ds. I think Daisy is the prettiest out of them all along with Rosalina in 2nd place and Peach 3rd place. Nothing personal, Peach but I still like you though but not as much as Daisy and Rosalina. I voted for Daisy to be in Smash multiple times and I was so pissed off that some Fire Emblem character and some Final Fantasy character got in like, who voted for them? I saw Daisy being voted, Banjo and Kazooie, Birdo, Conker, Shrek, Elsa, Britney Spears, and a lot more characters being voted in. I was actually worried that Daisy wouldn't win and when I saw the news that Cloud and Corrin being in smash, I screamed and I cried of anger and sadness. Some people don't understand how hard we Daisy fans fight for her to be in more Mario games, it's sad. - visitor

Yeah, screw MatPat. He's untrustworthy and spouts out LIES to his audience. - DCfnaf

Dude this is like a debunk - Carsrule300

I like how you said about Rosalina and Daisy. They get hated for stupid and obvious reasons. - yunafreya648

Nice Post - JPK

Then for Toad:

"Thank you Mario, But our Princess is in Another Castle" UGH! HE'S SO ANNOYING! "

It was Years ago and it is about a Game that didn't Feature him at all! And Yoshi Fans always Go on that Yoshi is Cute and Toad is Useless! I'm sick of it, you Know Yoshi is EXTREMELY OVERRATED! What's People's Problem with Toad nowadays? - visitor

I truly despise Daisy and Rosalina haters by how agressive they are nowadays - ParkerFang