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Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland.


I no Nintendo says she's tomboy... but nope I honestly don't see it. All Nintendo does is say she's tomboy, but doesn't really show it. It would b like me writing my own story, & saying my character is strong, but all she does throughout the story is get kidnapped a be a DiD. Not only does Daisy most of the time we see her wear a dress, makeup, & Jewelry (she only needs her tiara, not all of that for being a princess), but she does girly poses (air kisses, touching her butt, etc...) and throwing a fit when she loses shoes she's a sore loser, & most females (especially back then) where hot-headed/short tempered. Also her interest in sports isn't enough. Even girly girl peach is shown to like and is good (the NPC that pisses people off) at them.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm just indifferent to Daisy. Don't hate her (most her fans can go play in busy traffic to make the world a better place & same with most Rosalina fans & I'm saying this as a Rosalina fan). I also think a tomboy ...more

"Being a tomboy is not BAD! It is awesome! "

Except she's not a tomboy, just some poser

The rabid fans of Mario princesses really get on my nerves, but if I could call one of them my least favorite, it would be Daisy, probably. She just doesn't really have much of a role in the games. She appeared in Super Mario Land, sure, but she seems like she only appears in spin-offs, usually. - Garythesnail

Daisy is so annoying like their deluded fans! Her fans are always saying that she has a lot of personality and character... Where? She just appeared on a main game and the rest in spin-off... How she can have "a lot of personality"? Because she scream like SUBNORMAL? She does NOTHING MORE than that, nothing to give her a personality. All she has is her annoying voice, her shout. But come on! All characters shout in the spin-off. Just she does so annoying and subnormal. Up makes her look pathetic and silly.

I think that Daisy is getting so much hate over absolutely nothing! Just because of her "Hi I'm Daisy! " line, people discriminate, judge, and hate her. She has so much spark and life in her. When she races in Mario Kart Wii she yells stuff like, "YAHOO, I'M THE BEST, I DID IT, OUT OF THE WAY, GO, OH YEAH, YES DAISY, and, WOOHOO" That's her personality and she has a lot of it to go around, so I don't see where people say she doesn't. She's not being prissy by any stretch of the imagination, she's being spirited. She's not being rude she's being competitive. And yes, heck yeah she screams! The Mario Kart fandom at large needs to get over the fact that she screams. She's not a soft voiced little nothing like Peach, always in need of rescuing. She's not a maternal "house wife" who knows how to have fun once in a while like Rosalina. She's wild and free daisy who's full of joy and yells to the top of her lungs to express it! That kind of person cannot be ...more

SO TRUE! The people who put a thumbs down for this are just little loser crybabies who can't beat her and hate how amazing she is! - PRINCESSDAISY

She's mean, useless, actually prissy, so annoying, makes the Mario franchise look like it's for babies because of her childish facial appearance/spoiled personality! She should be top 1!

Way too overrated. Her fans are annoying, and judge any game that Peach is in just because Daisy isn't in it. Daisy has never been anything else than a filler in the sports games. The fans just need to grow up and accept that Daisy will never get her own game or be the one who gets kidnapped. Also, I found her voice WAY more annoying the Peach's.

Whiners want to say how much she's 'underrated' no if she was underrated she would've never came back for spinoffs. She still comes around in party, kart, and sport games. And the only reason people like her is for her slaped on fake 'tomboy' label they shoved on her. They don't have to describe any personality for the other characters. It's sad they have to do it for daisy to be liked. I wonder if daisy fans would still think she's 'so tomboy' with first meeting Bowser in MP3 if the creators never said she was in the first place. I mean, she screamed at him when he arrived, was going for the beauty (not the strength) stamp, and used a petty excuse for why she slapped Bowser in the first place. There's a thing called 'show, not tell' well they fail to show daisy being tomboy.

I've seen loads of hate for Daisy, and around the internet, the most common reason is one of the most ridiculous reasons to hate a character. What's that you may ask? "Hi I'm Daisy! "

Well, if "Hi I'm Daisy! " is a reason people should hate Daisy, then people should hate the following characters for the following quotes:

Mario: "It's-a me, Mario! " (this one is similar to "Hi I'm Daisy! ")

Luigi: "Oh yeah! Luigi! " "Luigi time! "

Peach: "Oh, did I win? "

Waluigi: "Waluigi time! " "WALUIIIGI NUMBUH-RA ONE! "

Bowser: his monster noises.

Bowser Junior: His tantrums.

Wario: "Wario time! " "I'm-a Wario! I'm-a gonna ween! " "It's-a me Wario! " (the last one is also like "Hi I'm Daisy! ")

Donkey Kong: His gorilla noises.

Yoshi: His falsetto noises. - ArthurEngine

Why is Daisy in the top 10 worst mario characters. Seriously I don't find her annoying and I think she is awesome. No one can replace her as my favorite character. I do have to agree about Peach, what is the point of her being in a mario game if she can not defend herself. A princess probably needs some self defense if her kingdom is attacked. It shows in smash but not in any other game mostly.

Daisy annoys me... Sorry daisy fans!

Am I the only one who likes Daisy? She was only kidnapped once, and that was from Tatanga. I've seen a lot of hate for her. Her fanbase isn't as annoying as Rosalina's. Out of the 3, Daisy is my favorite, Rosalina is in the middle, and Peach is my least favorite. Some people hate her for "Hi, I'm Daisy! " but Mario says "It's-a me, Mario! ". Jeez people, calm yourselves down. I don't dislike Rosalina for her fanbase. Nintendo keeps putting her everywhere! Her fans make other characters look bad and they act like she's a "god". I don't hate Rosalina as much as I hate Peach though.

I like daisy but I hate her voice. Every time she opens her mouth I want to jump into sarssaland and strangle the life out of that annoying princess. Daisy rules a kingdom no one has ever heard of or seen. Peach is my least favorite mario character because she basically does nothing except get kidnapped by bowser but daisy is just downright annoying. I'm the superstar! Hi I'm daisy! SHUT UP.

So you hate Peach because she gets kidnapped by Bowser? Then you should hate Bowser. - ArthurEngine

The voice is SO ANNOYING! Plus, they call Daisy a tomboy, and she is super girly.

Daisy is my absolute favorite. She is a tomboy, like me, and is very competitive and aggressive. She is a lot like me (except I hate dresses and don't really like flowers, though I like the smell of flowers). It really surprises me how people prefer Rosalina over Daisy.

They need to Grow up? You guys need to grow up, seriously. And get real, Just because some character has a "annoying voice" Doesn't give you a accurate reason to hate her. Hating a fictional character because of how her voice is a stupid reason. - TeenTitansGoSucks

Excellent Point, Man! Thank you! Look, you cannot blame Daisy for her annoying voice. Is it her fault? No. Those haters can blame Deanna Mustard /Nintendo if they want to. Anyway, Daisy is supposed to be loud. Those dislikes from your comment came from those haters who can't think of a good reason to hate her.

"Daisy shouldn't be on this list, she's pretty and she have a lot of personality, in fact, how many other female characters in this series are a tomboy? NO ONE! "
Oh yes. Tomboy. That's A LOT of personality /rolls eyes

And another who believes in her lies. She isn't even a tomboy. All she is is a childish poser. That personality is just as unlikeable as cartoon Wendy O. Koopa's in my humble opinion.

As far as I recall from my Female Pals, Tomboys don't wear dresses.

Daisy is just drop dead annoying. Peach, Rosalina, and Pauline are good characters but Daisy is a character who Nintendo throws in there. Daisy isn't the worst, Birdo is but birdo has way too much hate already. Stop hating Rosalina what did she do?

Because Daisy's annoying fans accuse Rosalina of replacing her...HOW? Because of Smash Bros? Why would you want to play as her over Rosa anyway? What would her power be? FLOWERS? And if she's replacing Daisy, why are they in all the games together? TOGETHER? Even Sakurai hates Daisy and is probably trying to slowly remove her. - DCfnaf

Daisy is one of those characters with a REALLY annoying voice. In Mario Kart, when I unlocked her and played her, I actually liked her voice. She sounded optimistic and positive. But now? Every time she runs be me and screams "WOO-HOO! " or "OH YEAH" or "YAY! " I want to rip my ears off! I think Daisy has a good design but PLEASE change her voice.

I hate that she is so overrated because her fans accused Rosalina for lackluster and no reason at all. I agree with the Rosalina fans right there

Thank you God! How the heck is she lackluster? Perfect? Empty? Are you serious people? She's awesome! People just hate Rosalina because everyone was brainwashed into thinking she's replacing Daisy. SHE'S NOT. - DCfnaf

Relatively speaking, Daisy is a filler and that's the only reason she exists. Her identity and design are dull, and she has zero depth and absolutely no backstory. The other Mario females have much more to offer than just being another Peach with short hair, it's time to let her go. Rosalina already fulfills the Peach-partner role.

Daisy fans are full of it, she's not underrated. No way there are other characters more underrated than her. All that crying that she needs to be in more games is crocodile tears.

Daisy's face makes me wince and groan.

Daisy is the most annoying b**** in the Nintendoverse! Apparently she's also useless because she only appears in spinoffs.