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Mario is the main character in the Mario Bros. Franchise, who was created by the creative director and video game designer at Nintendo of Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in almost every Mario Game, including spinoff series, as a playable character, with few exceptions including New Super more.


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY deserves to watch the Game Theory Mario is Mental. The Game Theorists suck insane. This list is HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Mario is a great hero! The Why is Mario Not a Hero list is just some inferior list created by some mentally retarded fanboy! Whoever said that Mario is mental is a lanky sucker! Destroying the Lemmy, Iggy, Larry, and the other Koopaling airships in New Super Mario Bros you was a good thing, not a mean thing! You're pointless!

Quite frankly, anyone who believes that theory doesn't deserve to play any Mario games. - DCfnaf

"Mario sucks, He's a big jerk to Luigi, kills thousands of Toads, betrays Yoshi, cheats on multiple girlfriends, abuses his pet ape, (Donkey Kong) and he's just so overrated! "

"Wow. What an original sentence for me to write. It's not like I watched that stupid Game Theory Video"

The whole video was a joke. He's allowed to be a jerk to Luigi from time to time. "Killing" Toads. How do you know every block is a Toad? He does not betray Yoshi. That is the player's choice. He does not cheat on multiple girlfriends. You could say Peach is cheating on multiple boyfriends too. She kisses Mario and Luigi. He does not abuse Donkey Kong. Jumpman and Cranky Kong are not Donkey Kong and Mario. He's not overrated, he underrated! Nobody ever uses him in spinoff titles over other characters! And if he is overrated, he's the MAIN CHARACTER! - DCfnaf

"He's not bossy and an overrated stalker like Peach."

That's messed about/ You don't have to LIE about another character to put Mario in good eyes. How does Peach stalk her? She doesn't. How is she bossy? She isn't. Admit it, you'd scream for help too if you were kidnapped. She never even stalked Mario as well. They are friends and Mario is the one that likes him as shown in 64 when Peach kissed him on the nose. And she still refers to him as just a 'friend. ' Why would a stalker refer to someone they want as a friend. Your stupid I hope you don't reproduce we don't need more stupid for this world.

I hate Mario for treating everyone else like garbage except Peach. In the original super Mario brothers every time you destroy a block you kill a toad. Super Mario 64 he throws the baby penguin off a cliff. Really? Why Mario? He abuses Yoshi. Why? After all that Yoshi went through risking his life to save you and this is how you treat him? Mario punches him to make him stick out his tongue and when he needs to go a little higher to avoid dying he jumps off of Yoshi leaving him to die. Mario even treats his own brother Luigi like garbage. First Mario pushes Luigi into his shadow. Whenever Luigi saves Mario does Luigi get thanked? No. In Mario tennis on the GameCube Mario steps on Luigis foot. In New super Mario bros Luigi holds the door open for Mario and peach in the hot air balloon and Mario doesn't care. They just fly off without thinking about Luigi. Wow what a bully.

Most overrated Mario character is Mario himself.

Luigi is very overrated. He is a green version of Mario, and all of a sudden he has a Mario hating fan base. - RalphBob

WHAT? Mario is on the list take him off he is Nintendo's mascot he does not deserve this the same goes to his loyal trusty brother/sidekick Luigi remove them both in my opinion they are Nintendo's mascot.

The reason for this hatred against Mario has a name, and it's: Matthew Robert Patrick. - Lmrpirate

People say that Mario is better than Sonic... I may not like the latter, but at least he has a personality.

Mario is just bland, even moreso than his expy Zee-Tee from Eversion. His motivations are lacking and he has to sacrifice his spare time just to save some stupid princess that doesn't deserve to be saved. While he does manage to bring back the much weaker but better Mushroom Retainers there isn't a point to going through World 8 just to bring her back for the one millionth time.

Mario isn't terrible, but he is really bland. As I have mentioned before, Sonic has an actual personality and he tries to save the WORLD rather than some dumb princess. - KennyRulz244444

Actually he does try to save the world, if you play Super Mario Galaxy, you'll see that he's not only saving the princess, but saving the WHOLE UNIVERSE which is bigger than a WORLD! - GamingGoku757

Take Mario off this list Mario is cool

Mario Sucks. Think about it. Who plays as him in Mariokart or any of the sports games or even in smash brothers? Literally nobody in Mario galaxy after I unlock Luigi I only play as Luigi just so I don't have to play as Mario. And in 3D World I don't even have to play as him at all. He's simply the wost character in the game. Luigi can jump higher, toad can run faster, peach can float. Mario just controls easy. Really? Really? He does NOT deserve to be the star of the franchise. Literally anyone else would be better. What if they just exclude him from his own game. The world would be a better place.

Uh... dumb kid Mario saved the gaming industry dumb stupid retarded kid! - GamingGoku757

The only reason why he is here is because of that god awful game theory video - Randomator

"Mario is worse than Daisy. The only reason people like him is because he's the main character, also Luigi is just a clone/color swap."

Yes and no. At least Mario is not a childish poser, but on the other hand at least Daisy has SOME (bad) character and can talk

Hey game theory fanboy and Xbox PlayStation, luigi, Call of Duty, link, sonic fanboy the Mario is mental video was debunked deal with it its debunk by allot a people Mario saved gaming and if you like luigi allot I guess he, s a sycopath too beacause he has 2 girlfriends peach and daisy and he murders toads too in original smb he, s not a bland character that's in the 80s and the 90s he's happy now watch the debunked video also take off Mario and luigi beacause they don't deserve to be on here

That's a messed up opinion. Mario is the greatest video game character of all time.

This Character Had No Right To Even Make It On The List! Admit It! I Bet You Only Put Him Here Because You're Trying To Put Every Mario Character On This List!

What are you up to? Why is Mario on this list? He is like the star of every video game. Take him OFF this list.

What's all the hate about Mario is mental? Mat Pat is just stating his opinion. Doesn't mean you hate him for disagreeing with you. I am not a fan of Mario is Mental but I find it funny that everyone takes it so seriously. We all forget his saying. ITS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY.

I love Mario! He is nearly flawless. Here are his flaws, though.

Top 1 flaw: Princess Peach is his love interest/Mareach instead of Princess Daisy.

Top 2 flaw: He always dresses modestly (please wear Daisy Dukes, Mario)

Top 3 flaw: He always has to rescue Princess Peach.

Top 4 flaw: He has no extra siblings (There could be Guido Mario, Grande Mario & etc other than just Luigi Mario and Mario Mario).

Top 5 flaw: Some of his games such as Mario's Early Years (all games), Mario Party 6 and Mario Party: Island Tour.

WOW. Mario is on here. Get him off right now. He literally saved gaming. So get your heads out of you asses, Mario haters, and get him off here! - evil7

Mario is not a horrible character. Because he is the important character in every Mario game.

Why is this thing on here? He's like the star of every video game. He's not bossy and an overrated stalker like Peach. Take him off this list, IDIOTS!

You Know If You Hate Mario So Much How About You Don't Play Any Of His Games Well That Make You Feel Any Better.

Most people who voted for this are game theorists - Wojt3kk777

Game theory fans might be the ones who added this. - Fullwalking2

"Mario treats his brother like crap and treats yoshi like crap too? "

'Mario is Mental' is just bs just like all his videos are. Mario is real kind to his brother he is allowed to tease/pick on/embarrass his brother once in awhile that's what siblings do. And the while 'punching Yoshi' bs really it was graphical limitations that made it look like he was he could've been punching the air or pointing Yoshi where to go.

You Game Theory Fanbrats are so silly. What's MatPrick's catchphrase again? "It's just a theory, a GAME THEORY! " I don't remember him ever saying "It's just a fact, a GAME FACT! " Since you idiots like to ignore canon evidence like "the star door saying Mario has a kind heart" and "praises Luigi for being a hero on Dark Moon" just to praise your "gaming god" who really just wants to troll the fanbases. - DCfnaf