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201 King Dedede King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Dedede isn't a Mario character, he's from the Kirby series...

He's awesome! But seriously, not a Mario character. - Garythesnail

For the last time! Stop putting my favorite characters on this list!

King DeDeDe is a partner in Paper Mario, and can only be unlocked by pressing a secret combination of buttons. Just Google it.

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202 Princess Maria
203 Blue Cheep Cheep

Are you insane? Blue Cheep Cheep isn't the least seen! I think you'll find that Blue Cheep Cheep was the main villain in Mario and Luigi: The Thousand Year Door!

Who is adding all these minor characters. But blue cheep cheep has got to be the least seen

204 Fly Guys

It's shy guy with a propeller on his head.

It's shy guy with a propeller on his head.

It's shy guy with a propeller on his head.

It's shy guy with a propeller on its head.

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205 Cat Luigi

He is a green cat and green is the color of boogers

206 Dr. Luigi

He was District 835's female tribute in the hunger games

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207 Mailtoad

Mailtoad, SERIOUSLY? He appeared in like 2 games!

Actually he's made cameo appearances since Super Smash Mothers Bawl

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