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41 Ashley (WarioWare)

Why does Nintendo keep promoting her and forgetting about the other Wario Ware characters? I'm getting tired of seeing her face while the others sink in obscurity.

I hate her because she's popular and gets more noticed because she's a dumb loli. There's more interesting Wario Ware charact ers that do my ever get noticed.

I think Ashley is awesome, along with EVERYONE ELSE on this list.

Respect people's opinions guys. This guy is allowed to like everyone else, even though I do think that peach sucks. - HeavyDonkeyKong

She is a Ripoff of Kamek the Magikoopa

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42 Princess Pico

Holy crap, why is Rosalina on this list? Just because she replaced her? She didn't even exist! Seriously, which moron created this fake character and thinks she is better than Rosalina? I searched on Google, and nothing! Just some dog.

Princess pico is not even a character who ever created this character is a dumbass

Too much princesses and Pico has glittery wardrobe clothes. She raises baby bears and babysits Toad. Also Waluigi's wife. Both vicious and the smartest.

No, I am Princess Pico. I exist

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43 Dr. Mario Dr. Mario

We could have had Toad or Birdo, but no we get this stupid clone character who should have never existed in Smash. - Drawbox

Doctor Mario throws pills at you to "heal" you.

How many Mario clones are there?

So help me if he ever appears in Mario Kart...

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44 Shy Guy Shy Guy

Hey he's not horrible at all, neither is donkey kong! PEOPLE THINK BEFORE you DO

Wonder what's under that mask of his...

Shy Guy is awesome. I like how he always has a mask-kinda mysterious. - Garythesnail

Shy guys awesome - top10epic

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45 Thwomp

WAH! Oh, girls, today, we're having Mario and Goomba soup!

They are incapable of moving left and right

I hate them because their debut was in Super Mario Bros. 3.

46 Phantamanta
47 Paragoomba
48 Boolossus

King Boo - The Crown + Yellow Eyes = Boolossus

49 Kootie Pie

She is a spoiled brat!

All she does is piss and all over Bowser's castle all day and is spoiled.

She is Wendy Koopa

The sole reason people hate wendy - Randomator

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50 Roy Koopa Roy Koopa

Roy sucks as a character and a boss.

Roy is a bland character and a terrible boss. He does the same thing over and over again in all of the games. - DCfnaf

More dull and lifeless than Honey Queen to be honest - Randomator

He's just Boom Boom wearing shades.

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51 Baby Waluigi

There is no Baby Waluigi! Stupids!

He's so bad he doesn't even exist

Shut up don't give Nintendo character ideas - Randomator

He doesn't even exist, yet.

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52 Mimi

You know that disturbing spider girl from super paper Mario with the slaves and the terrible boss battles and her bratty personality. Yeah, that's Mimi!

I hate this.

Hypocrisy is the one thing that I despise, and Mimi is so full of it.

This isn't just my worst Mario character, she my worst character, EVER. - ThatOneRacer

Spider girl who is named Mimi for mimic as she copies you and chases you in a haunted mansion... Yea

Mimi is a ripoff of Lemmy Koopa

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53 Baby Luigi Baby Luigi

Since when are babies ever ugly, I like little Baby Luigi. Haters are probably thinking that he crys a lot and doesn't contain much attention of when he receives a major role in Partners in Time. He is NOT useless. Nor is Baby Mario. Just because in the Yoshi's Island series that he has the damsel-in-distress, doesn't mean he was a useless NPC, and if whoever thinks that Baby Luigi should never exist should also think that without this little guy, there would be no Luigi serving as a second player command in any games ever since the first title.

They should have dropped the stupid babies instead of the unique characters. No one that matters even likes the babies.

He is so hideous and annoying.

He's ugly

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54 Captain Toad Captain Toad Captain Toad is a variation of the major character, Toad in the Super Mario Bros. Franchise. He first appeared as a playable character in Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World and later appeared as a playable character alongside Captain Toadette in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Hate him, I actually like this guy better than Toad. And the good thing about him is that he got his own game, he appears in the perfect amount of games he should at least be in, and he has exploring gear to make himself overcome all of the other Toads. If you would hate one of them the most, then hate that lazy Yellow Toad from Galaxy, he is overrated and is the one you should be saying all of this Captain Toad nonsense towards.

Do we even need this guy? What if the gem was actually Wingo's? He is so worthless and doesn't deserve to exist! - tiffanyfrozen5110

His theme is my jam


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55 Fiery Dino Piranha
56 Piranha Plant
57 Paratroopa Paratroopa
58 Tiny Kong Tiny Kong

Her older sister ducks more than 7 times and has a little penis.

Tiny Kong shouldn't hang with girls & ave rivalries with girls. She is bossy & annoying.

Did you say her sister has a little
Penis? - anthonyj

59 Wiggler Wiggler

He makes me as bowser eat I giant carrot for 1 minute 1 MINUTE! What the heck and finally after that after saving guess what HE GOT MAD BECAUSE I ATE HIS CARROT are yoy kidding me even bowser got mad and says YOU TOLD ME TO EAT THE CARROT YOU IDIOT! And after that we battle him and I though he's going to be easy right? But no HE GROWS A GARDEN TO ATTACK what? And that's why I hate him in this game.

Snot comes out of Wigglers' big, black & bulbous noses.

The best Mario character, someone made a mistake

He is so cute

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60 Tanooki Mario Tanooki Mario

Lousy filler character. - DCfnaf

Should be higher - Randomator

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