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121 Cosmic Rosalina

Rosalina is just Space Peach with a fancy Comet Observatory. Nothing more; nothing less. All she wants is for Mario to do something which apparently she refuses to do herself. Seriously, lady, hire a babysitter and fix the Observatory yourself!

Okay is Rosalina on this list twice or what?

Watch how she is in Mario Kart 9 with Rosalina! Lol. - DCfnaf

NO NO NO NO NO! Cosmic Rosalina is a big help! She's also mystyrios wich I like about her!

122 Nabbit Nabbit

He's a pointless character.

Most people say Dag Nabbit whenever Nabbit steals an item from a toad house in NSMBU.


At least he kept me awake playing nsmbu - Randomator

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123 Francis
124 Black Ink Piranha Plant

Black Ink Piranha Plant is an enemy in Super Mario 3D Land, that inflicts the same effect as Blooper item in the Mario Kart series

Half of these don't even exist or they are not in the Mario franchise

125 Hungry Luma V 2 Comments
126 Prankster Comet Luma

Luma: do you want a comet bro
Me: yea
Luma: *makes me waste 20 star bits on nothing* haha I scammed you it wasn't real
Me: shoot. - TeamRocket747

127 Lady Bow V 1 Comment
128 Watt
129 Goombario V 1 Comment
130 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

How did she make it in this list? She is no where near a Mario character she isn't even made by Nintendo why is she here?

Shes not even a mario charecter lmao

131 Phil Board

He's just a sign. A SIGN.

132 Bill Board
133 Fly Guys

It's shy guy with a propeller on his head.

It's shy guy with a propeller on his head.

It's shy guy with a propeller on his head.

It's shy guy with a propeller on its head.

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134 Toad Toad Toad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. He assists Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom and will do whatever it takes to help her. He first appeared in the classic game, Super Mario Bros. 2 for the USA. Since then he has been a reoccurring character in the more.

"The princess never commanded the Toads to protect her"

Then what are millions of them doing in her castle, just hanging out there to discuss how pointless and useless they are that there's not even one of their kind can be able to defend her despite at least one commenting on how 'he's the best'? Yes a couple could be servants, cooks (they'd most likely be in the kitchen though), one be a messenger etc... But I'm sure the kingdom would try and get some guards to protect the castle/princess especially when a certain dragon-turtle does not give up and know he can't die/isn't dead yet. And guess what? Mario isn't a guard. She never ordered Mario that he has to protect her. Yet every time he sees Peach in Bowser's clutches he goes and stops him while these pathetic morons don't even try but makes someone else do it that's not even his job to do so.

"He's a mushroom civilian. Of course he runs from Bowser's Army. What did he ever do to Luigi? (one or two ...more

"Toad is cute and awesome, he shouldn't be on this list! "

No you only see him as awesome cause he's cute. But deep down Toad is a pathetic hideous monster. Why would you like SOMETHING that picks on poor innocent Luigi for the same problem he has? Why like something that never does IT'S job and forces someone else to do it, yet clam he's the best when he runs away from Bowser and his minions? He should be #1 so don't kid yourself

He's a mushroom civilian. Of course he runs from Bowser's Army. What did he ever do to Luigi? (one or two incidents of teasing don't count.) - Berger

He seriously need to have fun as he keeps being a referee or a host or a sidekick in Mario party 1 to 4 and advance, Mario tennis, Mario golf, Mario and sonic, and Mario football and Mario baseball. It's unfair if he can't have fun!

I h8 him - WendyIsQueen

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135 Blue Cheep Cheep

Are you insane? Blue Cheep Cheep isn't the least seen! I think you'll find that Blue Cheep Cheep was the main villain in Mario and Luigi: The Thousand Year Door!

Who is adding all these minor characters. But blue cheep cheep has got to be the least seen

136 Lubba

How Is he 161! I despise this false luma. He just says Swhoo and replaced Rosalina in that gAme. Do you know where is evidence that he is the worst character ever? HE IS IN NO OTHER GAMES! HIS STARSHIP WAS TRASH AND HE TELLS Mario TO TAKE BREAKS IN 10 MINUTES. PLUS HOW CAN HE BE THE GUARDIAN OF LUMAS IF THEY HAVE A MOTHER. HE REPLACED HER. I HATE THIS STUPID LUMA PLUS WHY DOES HE WEAR PANTS? WORST CHARACTER EVER

137 Arianna

Arianna is not baby wario

I'm sorry, who is she?

138 Brighton

Brighton is not baby waluigi

Who the heck is that?

139 Kandy Kong

She Actually Shouldn't Be Number One On This List, Because She's Not Even A Mario Character.

Should be number 1. Sexualized apes are not cool

Uh... Why Does This Character Even Exist?!?

Her name is Candy not Kandy.

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140 Twila
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