Top Ten Worst Mario Bros. Characters

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121 Nabbit Nabbit

He's a pointless character.

Most people say Dag Nabbit whenever Nabbit steals an item from a toad house in NSMBU.


At least he kept me awake playing nsmbu - Randomator

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122 Francis
123 Black Ink Piranha Plant

Black Ink Piranha Plant is an enemy in Super Mario 3D Land, that inflicts the same effect as Blooper item in the Mario Kart series

Half of these don't even exist or they are not in the Mario franchise

124 Hungry Luma V 2 Comments
125 Lady Bow V 1 Comment
126 Watt
127 Goombario V 1 Comment
128 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

How did she make it in this list? She is no where near a Mario character she isn't even made by Nintendo why is she here?

Shes not even a mario charecter lmao

129 Arianna

Arianna is not baby wario

I'm sorry, who is she?

130 Brighton

Brighton is not baby waluigi

Who the heck is that?

131 Kandy Kong

She Actually Shouldn't Be Number One On This List, Because She's Not Even A Mario Character.

Should be number 1. Sexualized apes are not cool

Uh... Why Does This Character Even Exist?!?

Her name is Candy not Kandy.

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132 Twila
133 Princess Eclair

How is she bad! We don't even know what she looks like, sounds like or ANYTHING!

Oh! Now You Guys Are Just Putting Mario Characters That Didn't Even Any Appearances?!? YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!

For the guy who doesn't know her, she was mentioned in Paper Mario.

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134 Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is a fictional character in the Donkey Kong series of video games, first appearing in the 1994 game Donkey Kong Country.

He would be a rival to Classic Sonic and Lemme Koopa.

I'm happy they got rid of him in Mario Kart.

Diddy Kong haters must get their ribs punched.

Classic sonic and clasic tails can kick de de Kong ass - anthonyj

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135 Mr. Luggs

He is a stupid fat ghost who will not stop eating an will throw food at you! He really sucks!

136 King Kaliente
137 Major Burrows V 1 Comment
138 Broulder
139 Count Bleck Count Bleck

Count Bleck is a unique villain in Super Paper Mario

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140 Hooktail

Well, not this gal! Hooktail seems to be one of the bravest female Nintendo characters ever! Hooktail is only cowardly because she is a bully & is taught many lessons to scare her. So are her older brothers. Such cowardly men. And why doesn't Bonetail have the ability to talk?! The OG Paper Mario & Super Paper Mario are much better than this average game. Also, Princess Peach was much better in Super Paper Mario than Paper Mari: The Thousand Year Door.

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