Peach is in lots of games but you can't really play as her. Her dress is so long and she trips. She has Perry the umbrella to help her. What if Hammer Brother throws a hammer and takes Perry to sabotage. WEAKLING PEACH? What if Daisy or any other female takes the lead of Peach? Pauline is who should - Nintnedo lies about a fake Pauline. (Pauline was the one on Donkey Kong until this craphead joins her spot. She needs Mario and Luigi's help. She can't fight by herself? Do you know how much girls in Mario should of had her place?

Annoying damsel in distress. Even when she had her main game, what's her special power? Crying. What. She's weak, not independent and is basically a old princess stereotype. Ugh.

I have to go with Peach. I don't mind any Mario character but I find her the most annoying. "Oh did I win" "I am the princess" SHUT UP.

Agreed! If Peach always says "oh, did I win" why does she let herself join in the party? -_- - wariolady

Would you all shut up and stop ripping on peach! She may be annoying and she may be bad but please just stop! Every time I go to a Mario related top ten list, there must be some one talking bad about peach! I don't mean to be mean but please just stop! The top tens would be a better place if you would stop talking about her! Thank you, very much. From:?

Peach is the worst character in the whole Mario series. She does nothing but get captured by Bowser or someone else all the time and does not do anything! But when Mario saves her she does not gives him anything in return at all (but in some games she does something but its not in every single game). This is why I always want to play Legend Of Zelda because at least Princess Zelda at least she actually does something useful.

I hate Peach. Yeah, I just said it. She is a stupid, ditsy blond who gets kidnapped and wants people to save her. She's not even hot, and her dress is ugly. And no one has a more annoying voice than her. Why can't there be one female character that actually does something? Although I do like Roselina.

Why did Peach replace Paulina? "Oh I'm so cute! I'm going to kill Pauline beacsue everyone stikll loves me! My daughter baby peach can't stop crying and I let toad die becaUSE I'm so cute and I don't want to die. I want Mario to save me from Bowser because I'm so cute and I don't'e want to die. " All this I'm so cute crap. Peach thinks everything revolves around her. She should of let Pauline lead the girls, Pauline and Daisy look more like sisters. Besdies Peach WAS NOT the girl on super show that was Paulina. The girl on super show is a genuis Peach is like the opposite.

I hate her! More, her fans. "Oh rosalina is so mean to peach she's copying her she's so Rude she takes over everything." I LOVE ROSALINA SHE HAD A HARD LIFE and she was still nice I hate her fans! HATE!

I don't think Rosalina is rude. People just like her way too much.
"she had a hard life" Oh you're referring back to Super Mario Galaxy when she actually had personality?
She isn't calm anymore. - Qryzx


I mainly hate her because she always ignores luigi as if she's more important. Loads of people in the Mushroom Kingdom say he's useless and cowardly. Um, hello? In superstar saga, when Mario is ill, she expects luigi to do her bidding and save Mario whilst she just stands there with the doctor who is actually being a doctor.

Also, in partners in time (I'm really going off the RPGs ) once Mario and co. Find peach, she doesn't care that the two toads she was with could be dead! The first thing that comes into her mind and out her mouth is 'oh! Mario has come to save me! ' Also, she didn't have to wait to tell them about not putting the cobalt star together! It's as if she wanted her brave heroes to fight for her!

Of course Peach has to have #1 because she's the only character on the list who's been written TWICE. Check #17 or #18. Also she's too girly like Daisy. Why did she have her own game? She says "that was easy" and hat do you know? Perry does all the work. I hate Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. I wish Pauline was in another Mario character. It was a tie for the first Mario character. (Mario, Pauline)

Oh god she's just the definition of damsel in distress, just because you're a princess, doesn't mean that you have to sit around and wait for a man to rescue you. Honestly she's probably worried about chipping a nail or getting her hands dirty. I just feel bad for Mario.

I just think she's really annoying and selfish, and let's think about this:Mario rescues her in every game pretty much, and Peach doesn't even try to defend herself (although she can), and how does Mario get thanked? A slice of cake. Nothing else. And... And... That VOICE. - Garythesnail

I AGREE. Peach is always useless in Mario games. Plus cheapest character in smash who I think shouldn't be in. Save her for nothing. She sucks! Just damsel nothing else.

She does nothing, She lets mario do all the work, she does not think to upgrade the security of the mushroom kingdom, she is very full of herself and stereotypical. At least some of the other characters on this list have originality.

Most overrated Mario character. I can't believe very little people believe that. Princess Peach was positively received in general. Princess Daisy has a mixed to mediocre reception. Rosalina got overall a mixed to positive reaction from fans but mostly positive from critics.

Princess Peach is even more overrated than the mediocre Yoshi, Geno (who is still great) and Mario, the main main who actually needs to be overrated.

I must ask, what makes you think shes overrated? Because there's actually people out there that like her, and you think there should be none?

Peach ruins Mario games by making Mario and Bowser, who are awesome, look stupid, like they've got a crush on her or something. Plus it's mostly her fault Mario game plotlines stink. Peach makes Mario games look uncool, despite the fact that most of them are the best.

How does Princess Peach make Bowser and Mario look stupid, as if they like her? How do Mario plotlines stink because of her? You mean the plot that never changes? That isn't just Peach's fault, it's also Mario's because you would expect while Peach is captured that he would spend Peach's funds to build a security system, or that he would call Rosalina to help him. - Qryzx

She wears a disguise. Why like this worthless piece of trash over Daisy or Rosalina. She does nothing but waste poor Mario's time. Serve her right when the Mario bros are dead, and she is killed. Then she'll wish she learned being strong and not a wimp. She will suffer the rest of her life in a cage. Ha. She will wish she hadn't relied on the Mario bros. Even Daisy and Rosalina won't bother. They'll want her to learn a lesson.

Peach is just a stupid princess who gets stolen by bowser some number of times so that Mario has to work his ass off trying to save her - Ajkloth

On deviantart, people love to say that Rosalina fans are the rabid ones, and I'm sorry but while there are rabid fans for every character, not everyone who likes Rosalina is rabid. If you ask me, Peach fans are way worse with their whole "Daisy and Rosalina are just Peach clones! " bull. I don't so much as dislike Peach as much as I dislike her fanbase, since Peach is just a fictional character. I'm just tired of the hypocrisy from a lot of her fans.

And do you know what? I'M YOUNGER than 9. That's why I'm anonymous. So except that I don't like peach. Okay. In ONE game (No not super peach) Bowsers inside story she decided to use her brain and throw bowser out the window with her powers. But she never used it again. In the other games, she's just a WEAKLING PEACH. Everybody has an opinion so stop calling my heart 2 times small. And guys, I would rather mario rescue daisy, as much as I hate her she does SOMETHING. And I don't hate her because she's a Tom boy (I am she's not._. ) ITS BECAUSE SHE'S THE OPPOSITE OF TOMBOY! -_-

Peach stinks. She sits around HELP ME! Scale of what I like 1-10. Peach. 0. Daisy.1 Pauline.5 Rosalina.1000000000! But peach? Punch him! Use your brain " oh I know I'll just call Mario! " No. YOUR BRAIN!

I think you lost a few million brain cells while typing at Rosalina's name.
Scale of what I like from -100 to 10. Your crap. -100. Rosalina. -10 (super overrated). Pauline. 0 (she's okay but I just prefer her less). Daisy. 5. Peach. OVER 9 000! (lol just kidding she gets a ten for many different reasons but I bet you can't count that high).
Do you ever think she's paralyzed when she doesn't move? That is a possibility. - Qryzx

People either say that Peach is the best or Rosalina is best. If you say you support one side then the other's fanbase will horde where you made that comment and tell you all the reasons why you're wrong. Why can't people just like both? They both have their place in the Mario series. Peach is the reason you go fight Bowser. You are trying to right a wrong. Rosalina is a celestial lady that helps Mario save Peach. Peach is and was meant to stay as the damsel in distress or the female character in the Party, Kart, and Sport games. Rosalina on the other hand only continued on because of popularity, instead of just being a one-off character. Just because someone has an "annoying voice", "terrible responsibility", "horrible personality" doesn't mean a character who you don't often in the main series is the worst character ever. Save your complaints on characters who deserve it. Anyway, I like both Peach and Rosalina the same and can't we stop hating on ...more

I don't usually be a hater, but I honestly never liked her. I know she's not guilty of being an eternal useless damsel in distress because she was created for this role, but even so, she's a boring and generic princess, her concept is girly in excess, she's like a barbie doll in the games. Pink is my least favorite color too. - Palmeiras

Peach is a jerk. She sucks, badly. I don't think I can name a single Mario character aside from maybe Toadette who is worse than her. She's BAD. Here's a list of reasons:

1. Mario, Luigi, and several Yoshis and Toads risk their lives for her. What do they get? Knighted? Celebration? Rewards? Nothing. Peach just gives them kisses on the cheek and maybe a cake if she's feeling generous, but nothing special. In fact, with the exception of the Yoshis, Peach is the only one who gets that satisfying happy ever after, everyone else just waits for the next time she gets kidnapped.

2. She isn't even necessary. People site her as the reason Mario games have plots, but that's not the case. Bowser does the dirty work, he kidnaps the princess, he gets beaten up by Mario and maybe Luigi and some Toads, and Peach takes the credit for his hard work. In fact, Bowser has proven that Mario games don't need Peach to be kidnapped in order to have a plot, he kidnapped the Sprites without a ...more - tiffanyfrozen5110

Also, I have another thing to say. Visitors and bad users needs to shut their trap about the replacement of Peach for making Daisy, Rosalina and Pauline playable in these games. Not to mention you have full up your hypocrisy to every comments about the bad feminine personality of this so called "overrated princess" in some lists that are related to Sonic games or other non-Mario topic, which is really a douche move to do that. And god forbid, will you at least quit repeating that Princess Peach is ruining the Mario games all because of her voice and personality? That's some narrow-minded and false statement I see on this every single time I go to a list. The hatedom of Princess Peach is really toxic and overrated. I suggest you better cut the false lies and recycled garbage words, and start finding some fair evidences on this instead of the playback overrated word all over again! End of the line. - yamionthetrap

The ultimate damsel in distress. And that's NOT a good thing.