Worst Mario Character Fanbases


The Top Ten

1 Waluigi Fanbase

Well duh. There's literally nothing to like about them. - DCfnaf

2 Daisy Fans
3 Yoshi Fans
4 Rosalina Fans

They are just so awful - HiImFarty

The absolute worst

5 Luigi Fans
6 Koopaling Fans

Yes, tell me about it. As soon as it's confirmed that the Koopalings are no longer Bowser's kids, just his minions, the fanbase through a fuss over it and got into war with each other for no reason. -_- At least I'm a sane Koopaling fan who accepts the fact no matter what.

7 Pink Gold Peach Fans
8 Toad Fans
9 Toadette Fans
10 Dry Bowser Fans

The Contenders

11 Wario Fans
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