Worst Mario Character Fanbases


The Top Ten

1 Waluigi Fanbase

Should be higher than Daisy's. They bully Daisy and Rosalina fans.

Far annoying than Daisy's

Well duh. There's literally nothing to like about them. - DCfnaf

2 Daisy Fans

IN my opinion, they are the worse and I have experienced that. They stalk and send death threats way too much

The worse one here. See Rosalina fans in this list.

Just plain annoying

They're the worse of them all

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3 Rosalina Fans

They're completely awful, and interlope with the equally bad minority that's the disgusting Kirby fanbase

They are just so awful - HiImFarty

The absolute worst

4 Luigi Fans
5 Yoshi Fans

In my opinion the most blind fan base of all. I mean seriously everyone at least somewhat likes Yoshi but this fan base will not shut up about how cute he is. They want every human being to praise him like a god

They are annoying - ParkerFang

6 Koopaling Fans

Yes, tell me about it. As soon as it's confirmed that the Koopalings are no longer Bowser's kids, just his minions, the fanbase through a fuss over it and got into war with each other for no reason. -_- At least I'm a sane Koopaling fan who accepts the fact no matter what.

7 Pink Gold Peach Fans
8 Larry Koopa Fans

I am sick of these 7 year old turds - Randomator

9 Wendy Koopa Fans

Wow this is higher than Peach and Wario fans - yunafreya648

*Cough WendyisQueen *cough cough* - Randomator

Should be at #1 - ToadF1

10 Dry Bowser Fans

He's a clone of Bowser and he gets a pass because he's cool? - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Toadette Fans
12 Ludwig Von Koopa Fans

Their Dumb - ToadF1

13 Toad Fans

Who added this Here? - ToadF1

14 Wario Fans

Lol Wario the first bootleg Mario amongst the collection of Mario clones except no one likes him because he's just toilet humor Mario.

No one even likes him he's the least popular of the four. How bout that?

Some is trying to piss off DC Fnaf I dunno why - ParkerFang

They r tr4sh

15 Donkey Kong Fans

They seem okay right? Wait nevermind "Mario is Mental" they got insane and hated Mario. Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, DK, Sonic, and Call of Duty fans hate Mario - ParkerFang

What? - ToadF1

16 Peach Fans

The worst other than Rosalina and Daisy's.

Rude towards Daisy and Rosalina. Not in this website though

17 Metal Mario Metal Mario
18 Funky Kong Fans Funky Kong Fans
19 Candy Kong Fans

They Suck - ToadF1

20 Bowser Jr. Fans
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