Top Ten Worst Mario Couples

If there are Mario couples you just can't stand, or pairings you dislike a lot, feel free to post them here. This is the place.

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1 Mario x Luigi

One word. Incest. Frigging incest. I don't... Who invents these kinds of pairings?

There Brothers for gosh sake! Why do people make these kind of shippings? - nintendofan126

The amount of incest here though. - DCfnaf


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2 King Boo x Luigi

Strangely enough... I tolerate this one... But I just hate this one so much. They're enemies... And for one thing, King Boo kidnapped Luigi's brother. So... Why? Is there a point to this? Like, at all?

What? That's a thing now? - ParkerFang

King boo should attack daisy. That’d be a little more interesting.

3 Waluigi x Daisy

Daisy deserves better than that thing you call Waluigi - ParkerFang

Actually it is canon that waluigi has a crush on daisy. (luigi is confirmed to as well) it is sad though, its joked at by references like their Mario party team is called: bad team or something.

Waluigi deserves better than the but thing called Daisy eeech

Daisy deserves better than the thing called Waluigi eww

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4 Bowser x Yoshi

This one... I can't... I can't even... My brain hurts. What's wrong with you people?

My eyes... - ParkerFang


WHAT?! Bowser x Yoshi?! No No No I prefer Birdo x Yoshi (just My opinion respect that please)

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5 Donkey Kong x Mario

I hate this one so much. They're not even the same species. This makes no sense, whatsoever.

No it's not right! 1,they're not the same species. 2, they're boys.And 3, that means they're GAY! That's why I think "No way! "

6 Wario x Peach

My eyes! They burn! What is wrong with you people?!

What is this? They're just friends! Also Wario should date Captain Syrup or Princess Shokora (forget Mona, she's annoying) - DCfnaf

! peach loves Mario! why don't people understand!

My eyes - ParkerFang

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7 Wario x Waluigi

The problem is less that they're both boys than the fact that they may be blood relatives hasn't been completely ruled out.

Just a couple of weird guys being weird together. Nothing to see here, folks.

No! There both BOYS! It doesn't make sense! You shouldn't want to be GAY!

My eyes... - ParkerFang

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8 Peach x Daisy

If they weren't cousins or whatever it would be a pretty good couple!

I like most GirlxGirl shippings, but this an exception. From what I've heard, some people say they're cousins or sisters, so if they are (if it becomes canon pretty sure it won't) it's pretty much incest.

Daisy deserves better than this... - ParkerFang

What the heck,...IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!

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9 Waluigi x Rosalina

THANK YOU! This couple is SO ANNOYING! Everyone shoves it in my FACE like it's canon! IT'S NOT OFFICIAL - DCfnaf

This couple is awful. It doesn't make a lick of sense - mnglaze

The only reason why they're a "couple" is because of their height. Like what? Rosalina definitely deserves better or should stay single - ParkerFang

I hate this so much it hurts

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10 Mario x Peach

This couple has no reason to exist. Everyone's reason why they love it is because "It's the main couple of Nintendo" When it was never confirmed. How can Mario have a relationship with Peach if she's so childish now. Their only similarity they have is being nice, but that's almost HALF of the amount of Mario characters. This couple is overrated garbage and sets a perfect example of how stupid people are when they make a couple.

Peach is a skank and she got in between a couple because Mario's girlfriend is Pauline. Besides she's always getting "kidnapped" by Bowser but we all know the real reason.

I hate her how dare she cheat on him with Luigi and Bowser.

How is this higher than ToadXMario? That pairing is worse than this - ParkerFang

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11 Toad x Mario

Whoever made this is insane and needs to see a doctor. Right now. I hate this one, mainly because Toad is a horrible character and because this pairing's basically pedophilia. Don't think this is a real pairing? Look it up on DeviantArt.

What the heck! I'm only 8 and people are making these couples! No! This isn't right!


My eyes... - ParkerFang

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12 Mario x Pauline

I like this one a lot. In fact I love it!

This is okay, but I don't ship it. - DCfnaf

This one needs to die in a fire. I don't give a crap if you people like this, but I hate it. That's that.

It's awesome - ParkerFang

13 Peach x Bowser

The point of a ship is 50% of making cute scenarios and 50% of making cute children, right?

The latter option is impossible; if they had a child, it would be a monstrous beast that died in two minutes.

I know that Birdo & Yoshi may different species but this is not even close to right!

"if they had a child, it would be a monstrous beast that died in two minutes" Which is also why she can't be Bowser Jr or the other Koopalings's mother

Peach doesn't even show any love towards Bowser. She flat out hates him.

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14 Luigi × Rosalina

This one ain't bad at all in fact Luigi is better off with her than that mean, self-centered, bratty, poser daisy!

I hate that...For me that not makes really sense...And...Their personalities isn't well in a couple (? )
I'm suck at english yeah

LOVE IT LOVE IF LOVE IT! This is one of my favorite couples! How did it get ruined? STUPID GAME THEORY! "Peach and Luigi had Rosalina" <- Yeah, GT. Stop ruining our lives. - DCfnaf

This couple doesn't make ANY sense at all to me. First if all, Luigi - Daisy is not fake because...
- On Daisy Circuit, you can see a statue of Luigi and Daisy.
- Opposites attract. Luigi is shy, while daisy is loud and outgoing. Rosalina is quiet, like Luigi. OPPOSITES ATTRACT.

Second of all, when did they even become canon? I haven't seen them do anything romantic in any Mario games. Where did you guys even see Luigi x Rosalina? People's fanart? Just because you see fanart of Luigi x Rosalina doesn't mean it's canon!
I have to admit I thought that about Yoshi - Rosalina, but now I LOVE Yoshi - Birdo. People, Luigi - Rosalina is fake. I just think that some people (Most likely Daisy haters) hated daisy and wanted Luigi to be with Rosalina instead. And thus the Luigi x Rosalina fans began.

Seriously, this FAKE couple was so overrated, that I went onto "Best Mario Couples" and Luigi x Rosalina was at second place, right before Yoshi - Birdo (Which is my ...more

15 Luigi x Daisy

People only wanna pair this couple together because they're both supposedly the "sidekicks" to Mario and Peach. Other than that, their compatibility is not that great. Guys, you don't have to force people together. Let rumors stay rumors.

NOW YOU'RE TALKING! I hate this couple I'm sorry! It's not gonna happen people! Plus Luigi has shown affection to Peach! And he's even been around Rosalina more! - DCfnaf

If you people are gonna spam/hate someone just for having a different opinion, that's already acting like Daisy.

The overrated pairing with the most rudest fans on deviantart - ParkerFang

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16 Luigi x Ęclair

Does she even exist? I've heard of her before, but she hasn't been in any of the games, which makes this pairing pointless. To my eyes.

Luigi was cheating on Daisy

Luigi & E..clair? What is wrong with people now-a-days?

17 Mario x Bowser

Mario Twilight with Smg4 enough said. - ParkerFang


I hate this one I don't know its just horrible and their RIVALS! people these days...

18 Donkey Kong x Cranky Kong

That's A THING NOW?! My eyes right now.. - ParkerFang

Ew that's his dad

Isn't that his GRANDFATHER?

#1 right here I mean for fffs sake it's an old gorrella & his grandchild 🤢

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19 Luigi x Peasley

Peasley's too much of an arrogant pretty boy for ANYONE to tolerate being in a relationship with


20 Bowser Jr. x Toadette

My God, it's Dumb and Stupid - ToadF1

What the hell

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