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21 Luigi x Toad

You must hate Luigi if u like this. Toads only put Luigi down when he did nothing to him.

You meant Luigi X Toad"ette", but still these two don't make out. They are just friends. No need for a fan couple here.

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22 Mario x Daisy

I cannot stand this one. It's Daisy and Luigi and Mario and Peach, people need to get that in their head!

I HATE THIS COUPLE! The game theory fanboys put this one here. - DCfnaf

I like it.

23 Wario x Birdo

Just... Ew. I actually saw this once. As porn. O.o

24 Yoshi x Rosalina

Gross...just gross - ParkerFang

Yoshi x Birdo is way better. O_O

First off, the pairing of a dinosaur and the protector of the universe makes me wanna vomit. Don't believe me it's a real couple? Type in yoshi and rosalina and see pics of them kissing(especially SSB4 ones)There's one fanfic about it.

25 Luigi x Peach

This couple is disgusting the theory isn't even real why bother believing it when mario x peach is confirmed canon

26 Wario x Mona

Mona finds him ugly, she's still in school while wario I'm sure is been out of high school for years, wario doesn't treat her any different from his other friends & underpaies & takes the money for himself, and Mona is just fanservice garbage who is the biggest Mary Sue in gaming (uses animals to get away from the police, does tons of different jobs, is a prissy cheerleader as well, and had a guy crush on her for no reason). Mona should just die

Okay, when was Wario a pedo? Okay? That's all I gotta say about this. Mona is 16 and Wario's like 30! - DCfnaf

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27 Metal Mario x Pink Gold Peach

Worst Video Game Couple EVER. Period - VideoGamefan5

28 Link x Peach
29 Shy Guy x Wiggler
30 Toad x Toadette

This ship makes no sense to me

Awful - ToadF1

31 Peach x Rosalina
32 Waluigi X Luigi

Ok yeah I know a lot of people won't like this ship because they're enemies but I can't help but love it like oml - PhantomHunter1987

33 Pauline x Donkey Kong

This is absolutely disgusting. He kidnaps her!

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