Worst Mario Games of the 2010s


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1 Super Mario Run

They added Daisy so it’s automatically garbage

They should have just made the app itself 10 bucks, but they made it free so they can show you that you wasted your time waiting for it to download. - 445956

Why is this the worst? I actually like this game, but I like Super Mario Odyssey and other games, too.

Roster is terrible, and so is gameplay! You have to play 10 bucks for the game! Like seriously! - darthvadern

2 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Haven't played it. Even though the hate is pretty annoying, it definitely has some flaws, you don't level up. But I don't think it's that terrible, it did at least try something new like Modern Mario Party. - darthvadern

3 Mario Party 10

Has Crapalina and led to Stupid Mario Party on Switch

The only thing I like about this party game is that you can play as Bowser, but everything else is the same and is too fast and easy to beat

In my opinion this is the best Mario Party game (Yes I know, 9 used to be my favourite, but I realized it was mostly nostalgia and that 10 was better in my opinion), amazing boards and boss battles. Minigames were really fun (especially Meanie Match). Bowser Party is fun but a bit unfair sometimes. Amiibo Party in my opinion is pretty fun too, though the weakest of the main modes. I loved the extra games though, Badminton Bash is super fun to play in my opinion. - darthvadern

If you disagree with me that’s fine I respect your opinion but in my opinion this game’s Mario Party mode is literally a Mario Party 9 wannabe sequel which is Not a good thing. At least Mario Party 9 was it’s own game but this Mario Party is a carbon copy. I’d rather play Mario Party 9 thanks. Amiibo party is a joke. while it’s the original formula it’s so bare bones it’s not even enjoyable also if you don’t have an amiibo you can’t play a third of this game. Bowser party is really the only redeeming quality but even that’s flawed rarely is it back and forth. The mini games are okay but you don’t don’t even play them that often - Randomator

4 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Has the immensely hated Rosalina and led into the terrible Mario Tennis Aces garbage.

The character roster is great, but everything else is super bad! I haven't played it but I have heard it was garbage! Only one court? No story mode? Just basic gameplay! - darthvadern

I've played this and found the gameplay kinda bland to say the least - it felt as if they were putting more focus on the graphics than anything else. It's quite a shame, as Mario Power Tennis was actually really decent. - Entranced98

Good roster but horrible everything else. - Randomator

5 Mario Kart Tour

This game is not coming

Probably some Super Mario Run sequel, will probably involving real money too. - darthvadern

I can’t wait for this one

This game isn’t even out yet! Rarely, any info was released!

6 New Super Mario Bros. 2

It's pretty much a handheld port of NSMBWii! No new soundtracks apart from Reznor theme, I liked the level design though. - darthvadern

7 Mario Party: The Top 100

Rosalina instead of Donkey Kong, Toad, and Toadette; the mini games aren't that good; worst of all some have too little while others have too much. A very bad game.

It feels and references Mario Galaxy, therefore it's bad.

I think I overreacted back in the day, I think this game is good, but it's not as good as other Modern mario party games due to the lack of a party mode. - darthvadern

8 New Super Mario Bros.U Deluxe
9 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

A new battle mode and more characters and a couple of new items doesn't make a game revolutionary! This game made me worried if Nintendo wil ever make MK9 on the Switch. - darthvadern

They should’ve done more with it and give it a different title

10 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

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11 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

What? This game is great! It might not be nearly as good as other Mario & Luigi games but it's great for what it is! - darthvadern

This is awesome why do people hate it?!

I heard people hate it. It does have koopalings. - darthvadern

12 Mario Party 9

This is excellent - darthvadern

13 Mario Tennis Aces
14 New Super Mario Bros. U

It's a great game, but not as good as many others. - darthvadern

15 Paper Mario: Color Splash

I haven't played, but I heard people hate it. - darthvadern

16 Mario Sports Superstars

Nobody likes this crap, let alone rehashed crap of the worst bits from already done games

Haven't played it but why is PGP in this game? - darthvadern

17 Mario Party Star Rush
18 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I found this game boring. I only played it for less than an hour. Thankfully I got it on sale. I would never pay full price for this. Not worth $60.

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