Top 10 Worst Mario Games

Mario has been in great video games, but there are some that failed.

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1 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario

This comment will be a really long one, so sit tight.

Hotel Mario gets a 5/10 score.

Mario's Early Years: Preschool Fun gets a 2/10 score.

Mario's Time Machine (minus the NES version) gets a 2/10 score.

Mario Teaches Typing gets a 3/10 score.

Mario is Missing gets a 2/10 score.

Mario Clash gets an 8/10 score.

Mario Party 9 gets a 1/10 score.

Wrecking Crew gets a 9/10 score.

Mario Teaches Typing 2 gets a 6/10 score.

Super Mario Bros. 2 gets a 6/10 score.

Mario Bros. (Atari 2600) gets a 6/10 score.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 gets a 4/10 score.

Mario Tennis (Virtual Boy) gets a 7/10 score.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star gets a 3/10 score.

Mario's Playschool gets a 2/10 score.

Mario Tennis Open gets a 2/10 score.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets a 5/10 score.

Mario's Game Gallery gets a 6.5/10 score.

Luigi's Mansion gets a 3/10 score.

Super Mario Bros. gets an ...more

The fact that you gave New Super Mario Bros a lower score than 2 shows me that you have terrible scoring. - recaller

Mario:Nice 4 the princess to invite us 2 a picnic, eh Luigi?
Luigi:I hope she lotsa spaghetti!
This dudu totally copied everything from screwattack! - sagat2010

This game is bad because the voice and music are terrible, the quest is saving the Princess, it's not made by Nintendo, and you CLOSE DOORS. It's easily the worst Mario game of all time, and you don't disagree with this.

This might be bad, but not even close to the worst games ever. (sonic was in it, I'm sorry) I still love mario no matter what.

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2 Mario's Time Machine Mario's Time Machine

You may think putting Mario in a time machine is awesome, but instead they put questions that we have to answer by learning the stuff in school.

This should be #1. While Hotel Mario definitely does suck, at least it's not educational. This game is about taking stolen artifacts back to their certain times and places and there are quizzes involved within the game too. How could anyone have fun with this game? It doesn't even teach you anything because you don't even know where to go or what to do. Also, the quizzes have way too many possible answer choices. This game is unplayable and the most boring game ever created. Do not ever play it!

This game is educational. I thought this game would be fun traveling back in time and solving things in the past but no you have to answer hard questions and when you defeat Bowser he can't attack you if you are near him nothing happens but you have to jump on him to win. Do not buy this game worst game ever!

This is misleading. - TeamRocket747

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3 Mario is Missing! Mario is Missing!

What does this even have to do with Mario being missing besides all the way in the beginning and the end? And why do we have to return King Kong to New York? Why are we even returning stuff, we should be saving Mario! This game.._. - HELLADERE120

Imagine if Princess Peach angrily yelled with her hair down "STAY BESIDE OR IN FRONT OF ME! NOT A CHOICE! "!

This game states right away that Mario won't even be in it. That should tell you everything.

It wasn't much of a mario game/

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4 Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun

This game had the worst voice in video game history. Example : You.. Chouse.. The.. Triangle

God! The graphic and sounds are horrible! What was Nintendo thinking?!?! I don't understand how kids can learn from this crappy game. Most pre schoolers don't even play video games!

Worst educational game ever! The music is boring, the games are too easy, and... And... AND... That... Voice...

Who the heck even is the voice? - Idontneedausername

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5 Mario Teaches Typing Mario Teaches Typing

The only problem is the music it was supposed to sound the music in Super Mario World, but the sound was awful in the early computers.

Mario Teaches Typing is good in some parts, but I'd give this game 5929 stars out of 10000 anyways.

This game is kind of underrated. Also, I'd give this game mixed reception.

I have mixed feelings on this one.

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6 Mario Party Advance Mario Party Advance

This is truly the worst Mario game in existence. How is this not on the List?!?

This isn't even Mario Party. Trust me it's bad; so bad in fact that it's the worst selling Mario game of all time! - lolimmaninja

An absolute disgrace to Mario Party. Everyone know that playing boring mini games on a small, cramped screen by yourself is a lot of fun right? No, it's literally the exact opposite. - Cobalt

Yes, I actually have this game and it still works. I love how nintendo tried something new with this game. - cabennett18

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7 Mario's Playschool

This game is so underrated & Super Princess Peach shall be top 1.

How about the Mario franchise gets back to T.V. shows & starts a series called "Mario X' that completely rips off Sonic X?

"Mario X" will always be a crossover, & so will "Pac-Man X".

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8 Mario Clash Mario Clash

Why the hell is this game so high on this list? This game is brilliant!

Think about the graphics, decade when the game was released & the music! This game is awesome!

This game is AWESOME! The Virtual Boy Mario games are great, but Daisy still should've replaced Peach.

A lot of these are clearly added by someone who's never played Mario and was never taught the definition of the word "Fun". Super Mario Land is the only game where Daisy is saved, and dude when you're saying "Mario just walks around, you have to do quests" you're totally thinking of it the wrong way.

Honestly All Virtual Boy Games Are bad Except For That Wario One - VideoGamefan5

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9 Mario Teaches Typing 2 Mario Teaches Typing 2

Mario Teaches Typing 2 is so underrated!

I'd give this game 7025 stars out of 10000.

The only decent thing about this game is the creepy Mario head.

I know Mario as an action platformer. Not an educational typing game.

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10 Mario Bros. (Atari 2000)

First, everything is a block, the pipes are blocks, the POW Block is just a bland, yellow block, even the coins are blocks!

Another thing, the non-bonus levels are EXACTLY THE SAME!

Finally, the soundtrack feels like it was recorded with a potato!

This game is kind of underrated.

I'd give it 7 stars out of 10.

This is just a no and should never have existed. It's basically torture to a kid who only plays Atari. It's basically the ugly yet and barely functional sister to Flicker-man (Pac Man for Atari)

It's ok but the nes version is better.

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The Newcomers

? Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

I actually liked this game until I beat it. Then I just got bored. - cabennett18

Kill me already. This game is Paper Mario sticker star but more cringe - TeamRocket747

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11 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 9

There are few features I like about this game. The graphics are good, and also the minigames, but the worst part is the party mode. I mean, what is there to like about party mode? You don't even get to wander around on your own. You are stuck in a car with three other people for the whole game. There is no certain turn limit, which is terrible. That means no last minute traps to play on your friends or relatives. The only power-ups are mushrooms. Most of the power-ups end the game even earlier! You only roll to six? Why don't you get to roll to ten? I mean, it makes sense to roll to six, but Mario Party isn't suppose to make sense! You don't get coins either! You collect stars for the whole game! Oh, what a touch to add on! The only up-side to party mode is the minigames. The minigames are awesome! I love them. They also unlocked all the minigames for you. Well almost all of them. So there is no fun in ulocking them. That means no moment when you scream in joy when you unlock that ...more - Ragingcow11

Rosalina could've replaced Princess Peach.

Rosalina fanboy alert! Peach will be in every Mario Game because she's one of the main characters so deal with it! REPLACE NO ONE! - DCfnaf

Hate this version...Mario Party has been ruined forever with the new silly system of all being together...the fun was being solo and fighting to get the star NOT all these silly little little stars which means the whole bonus star at the end is POINTLESS! - Dalice

I like this game! The gameplay is nice, theminigames are GREAT, and the graphics are good.

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12 Paper Mario 3DS Paper Mario 3DS

This was a total switch from all the good moments in all other paper Mario games, I got this game thinking it was like the other paper Mario games when in reality was just the complete opposite. This game had no allies and bad game mechanics like the stickers. the stickers made everything for me not enjoyable, because if you didn't have the right amount of stickers you were screwed witch made the game even longer. this game also had hidden luigis hidden in some of the levels, which, in my prospective thought I could play as luigi (being better than Mario in many ways),but was sadly mistaken. Nintendo what is the point of finding all the luigis in the game if you only get a luigi flag and a luigi at the credits. the story line for this game was trash, heck I don't think there was a story line in that game like all the others. over all the only major point of why this game is terrible is the lack of level ups and allies

Let's explain why this is the ABSOLUTE WORST Mario RPG EVER!

1. No EXP.

NO EXPERIENCE FROM BATTLES! You defeat enemies to get coins, then you use those coins to buy more stickers and you use those stickers to fight enemies to get coins...yeah WHAT'S THE POINT?

2. The Story

Bowser kidnaps Peach, unlike EVERY OTHER Mario RPG! The story is super basic and nothing interesting happens! Then, there are these 8 Royal stickers I'm supposed to collect. But WHY? The only explanation we're given is that they're powerful! Why should I care about these dumb stickers? When have stickers ever mattered in the Mushroom Kingdom?

3. The Characters

No original characters. Every character is a Toad!

4. The Bosses

No unique bosses! All of them are a bigger version of a common enemy! Megasparkle Goomba, Mr. Blizzard, Petey Piranha. COME ON!



Do you know how many times I got lost ...more - DCfnaf

I always wanted to get this (underrated) game. But everyone's ruining my chances.

Get the game and judge it for yourself. Don't let our opinions influence yours. I personally hate this game. - DCfnaf

I'm Starting To Think This Game Sucks - VideoGamefan5

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13 Mario's Time Machine Mario's Time Machine

I hate this game. It involves doors that take you to the same place

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14 New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Super Mario Bros. 2

I was surprised that I hated this game. Most of the levels are pretty easy an simple to beat, and the worst thing about NSMB2 is the whole coin thing. Having so many coins that can make you get 1-ups multiple times ruins the challenge in it. One of the worst mario games ever - TheGameBoy815

It sucks where gold coins broke my eyeballs. It is more unhealthy than McDonald's every week.

It seems cool that the main gimmick is coins. But what are the problems?

1. The Purpose

What Purpose is there to get loads of coins anyway? You never use those coins to buy ANYTHING so I fail to see the point.

2. When's the last time you got a game over?

You didn't because you gained massive wealth and lives.

3. The Bosses

Once again, Koopalings and Bowser. The Bowser fight here is the absolute worst in the series. It's a lazy rehash of the fight from New Super Mario Bros Wii!

Overall Rating: 5/10 - DCfnaf

Worst Game Out Of The 4 New Super Series Games, But NOT A BAD GAME! - VideoGamefan5

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15 Mario's Super Picross Mario's Super Picross
16 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Mario Tennis:  Ultra Smash

How much innovation is there? Oh wait, none. This is one major reason why Classic Nintendo is way better than Modern Mario Sports. What a weak game.

This game lacks in every way. Characters, modes, courts, everything!

Is this even out - NESSquid

I'm not a fan - DCfnaf

17 Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 2

I've had enough of the haters for this game, yes we all know wart is dumb. But it shows potential!

It isn't that bad it just doesn't feel like a Mario game but its still fun but I recommend super Mario bros 3 or the first one

I remember when I got this game. It was fun, but it was very odd and didn't feel like a Mario game. After SMB 3 came out, it felt like SMB 2 was the awkward kid who sits at the back of the classroom because he didn't fit in. It wasn't until years later when I learned it was ported from Doki Doki Panic that I realized why it was so weird and different from the others. Still a fun game, but still not a true Mario title in my opinion.

This Game Sucks - VideoGamefan5

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18 Mario Tennis Mario Tennis

Uhh... The picture next here is Mario POWER tennis not the virtual boy version. Its supposed to be the prequel not the sequel!

Why is that game there I think it's the best Mario tennis game ever (apart from the 3ds version)

Past this point it's good games if you read on your gonna get mad at your favourite games probably there

This was still better than the Wii U version.Giant Mushrooms totally ruined everything

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19 Mario's Fundamentals

Just 1 Year before the great Super Mario 64 was realased, Nintendo made a game for you to do whatever you want with the plumber... like play chess or go fish.
One intrusting note through this was the first time players heard the current voice of Mario.

Mario's Fundamentals is so underrated!

I'd give this game 13 stars out of 20.

The game seemed a bit interesting... But it's so underrated some how

A bit underrated, considering it was the first time Charles Martinet provided Mario's voice. - Cobalt

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20 Mario Party: Island Tour Mario Party: Island Tour

Come on. How is this not on here? Bowser's Tower (the story mode) is just a bunch of minigames, which you can just play in Free Play mode, anyway. Speaking of the story, it's really cringeworthy (even more so than the other games) It goes like this: OH NO Bowser TURNED THE SKY PURPLE! WE NEED TO KILL Bowser TO TURN THE SKY BLUE AGAIN! Also, the minigames are SO BORING and are definitely the worst in the series. Oh, and I haven't even got to the worst part... THE EXTRAS. You can ONLY unlock NOISES and the BORING-AS-HELL tunes from the game. No, I'm serious. If you are interested in a little Mario Party, just get any other game in the series. I'M BEGGING YOU!

Mario Party: Island Tour? More like Bowser Party: Koopa Tour!

Why does Princess Peach appear in every Mario Party game? She doesn't even bother to compete for stars since Mario Party 3.


This game sucks, but isn't that supposed to be interesting if a sky turns an extraordinary color instead of the way it normally is? I see how it's lazy writing.

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