Top 10 Worst Mario Games

Mario has been in great video games, but there are some that failed.

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21 Luigi's Mansion

Why is this on the list? I love this game except that when you get game over you don't start with full health, instead you start with however much health you had when you last saved.

The Only Problem I Have With This Game Is That It Was Way Too Short Same Thing With Wario World. The Sequel Was Definitely Better Than This.

The only problem to this game is that it was way too short.


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22 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

At first, the title catches your attention the the best. Once you played for a while, it gets boring and boring then pointless. The lack of game-modes makes it unattractive. The graphics only make it pretty good, but you'll find it very terrible to play. After a couple of tries, you'll regret your choice deeply. Mega Ball Rally only depends on AI for your teammates. What I'm trying to say is the higher the difficulity for Mega Ball Rally, the more boring it is. The more it ends quicker. Ace = Ends quickly. Pro = Ends in a while. Expert = Ends very slowly (almost when it reaches 100). Knockout Challenge however makes me wanna keep coming back more to play it only because I have a Gold Mario Amiibo. I'd rather have you play Mario Tennis Open than this. If you're still yearning back to this game because it's the only game you have, you have my deepest, saddest emotions for you because this was mediocre. Also, not to mention the chance shots were decreased (what a shame Nintendo, what a ...more

There is literally nothing to do in this game. You might enjoy it for the first few minutes you play it, but then you'll immediately regret buying it due to its lack of game modes. I don't mind the selection of characters (even if some of the voice acting is annoying), but there is literally nothing to do. This game should be free.

How much innovation is there? Oh wait, none. This is one major reason why Classic Nintendo is way better than Modern Mario Sports. What a weak game.

More like Mario Tennis: Ultra Disappointment.

They were SO lazy with the stadiums, as there's only ONE. ONE STADIUM. There's just skins to use for the only stadium. - GengarGuy

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23 New Super Luigi U

Are you idiots done yapping about Peach? I'm sick of hearing you complaining about her. I hate her, but no need to complain about her 24/7. - TheYoshiOverlord

When I heard this was going to be an extra feature, I was thrilled. We all know the dread of deciding who has to be Mario. Everyone is tired of being Mario. Can we be Luigi or a Toad? Nintendo screwed up with a time limit for another character. Why don't we just have a character selection in the title screen? You could be anyone you wanted to, and not just Mario or Luigi. You would get to choose from the original 4, no matter how many players.

The time limit makes it so annoying. The levels may be shorter but it doesn't make that much of a difference.

I forgot about this game... just a cheap ripoff of an unoriginal game
Worst Mario game ever. - DaisyandRosalina

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24 Mario vs Donkey Kong

Awesome, underrated game with unique puzzles and visuals, with exceptional gameplay. The only thing lacking here is the story, but it's not really important in a game like this. - Cobalt

What moron put this on here? - Devilking190

Why is this game here? I played it a couple of years ago on an emulator and it is amazing. It got clever puzzles the controls are actually fluid and the graphics are so colorful. The storyline is recycled thoug, no originality here. Saving Daisy from the mighty ape. It is like saving Peach(Toadstool) from the mighty King of the Koopas. But the gameplay is MIND BLOWING. Like literally. - OldSchoolGamer1983

25 Wrecking Crew

This game is great! It's better than Wreck it Ralph!

Also, Wrecking Crew is too underrated! This game is cool! Memorable graphics, great music, a purple Luigi, masculinity, the bonus, the level amount's proportion, & even this game isn't confusing! It also takes place at night! :D So this game could be low on this list.

Did nobody notice, that was Disney taking this game and was made like Wreck it Ralph the movie?

That game is not really that good, it is actually bad one.

Wrecking Crew isn't as bad as everyone says, it's actually quite enjoyable. - recaller

We all Know the Mario Bros's jobs are plumbers, but in this they done construction? An early game in the NES Library Wrecking Crew was about as boring as Luigi was purple.

I wouldn't really consider this a Mario game, more of a game with Mario plastered into it. - GengarGuy

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26 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

I'd still play it.

Dixie Kong just ruined it!

Dixie Kong looks like a stupid version of Daisy Duck.

Diddy & Dixie are bitches. Despite Dixie Kong's severe courage, she sucks anyway, but won't be worse than Princess Peach. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog in person was actually supposed to be in this game, not just his shoes. The best part of the game is the King K. Rool levels whereas you get Diddy & Dixie actually encountering Link from Zelda.

27 Mario's Super Picross

Hitler's Super Picross sucks... (*Bweck*) - AldoFitrian

Why are you making a Hitler joke? Even if you hate the game, still. It's not funny. - TeamRocket747

28 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

This game is absolute trash it's passed with nothing but forced tutorials and when they don't don't show up the gameplay consists of long and tedious gimmicky battles. The characters are the same old boring cast and the new villain is missed potential because he is tossed aside.

Peach may have been kinda cold, but this game still had a ton of creative characters, creative worlds and humor! In my opinion this was the last good Mario RPG so far.

Whoever put this on the list is crazy! This game is awesome... 40 billion out of 10! Only bad thing is the Giant Bowser battle.


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29 Mario's Game Gallery

Princess Daisy & Pauline both were supposed to be in this overall great game, not Princess Peach (despite not being as bad in this game).

Don't you dare criticize this game. This game is a masterpiece!

You know, this is just Mario's (so called) FUNdamentals ALL OVER AGAIN!

It's only 5 games!

30 Mario's Fundamentals

Just 1 Year before the great Super Mario 64 was realased, Nintendo made a game for you to do whatever you want with the plumber... like play chess or go fish.
One intrusting note through this was the first time players heard the current voice of Mario.

Mario's Fundamentals is so underrated!

I'd give this game 13 stars out of 20.

The game seemed a bit interesting... But it's so underrated some how

Come here fishy fishy! CHII----- what is with the cut? - BlueSheepYT

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31 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Great game should be lower

If I see other people ay anything bad about the criminally underrated presentation of older RPGs than Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (especially the ones released in the 2nd millennium's end) I will shoot myself.

I prefer Sonic and Tails: Superstar Saga.

1. sonic and tails super star saga sounds terrible reason have you played the sonic cronicals 2. I loved this game it had awesome music.

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32 Yoshi's Cookie

Don't play. There is no super Mario touch in this game. Just some lame puzzles and boring junk that you get in school. What were Nintendo thinking when they made this game?

33 Paper Mario Color Smash

It's basically Sticker Star 2. - noo7na7

It's Sticker Star 2 for the Wii U. (Need I say more? )

It's Not Even Out Yet!

The game is actually good, it actually has a plot, heartwarming seqences, and a better battle system, ok the battles are still based on sticker star, but you acctually get something. I say get it later.

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34 Mario Tennis

Uhh... The picture next here is Mario POWER tennis not the virtual boy version. Its supposed to be the prequel not the sequel!

Past this point it's good games if you read on your gonna get mad at your favourite games probably there

Why is that game there I think it's the best Mario tennis game ever (apart from the 3ds version)

Yeah it sucks because the Intro is cringe

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35 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit was an even more swanky Kart spinoff than Double Dash, 7, Wii, and 8? NO! It was weak! I hated the fact that you can only play Yoshi in Balloon Battle and the lack of unlockable characters. The roster was supposed to be Super Sluggers sized and have Honey Queen, Dixie Kong, King Boo, Shy Guy, Dry Bones, Funky Kong, Lemmy and the other Koopalings in the game instead of just a tiny roster size with only 8 characters! Peach was traditionally supposed to be replaced by Daisy or Rosalina. Nice try, but modern Mario Kart is better, and old Mario Kart sucks because the games that were older than Double Dash have no unlockable characters and the roster is so minuscule. Shy Guy Falls, Bone-Dry Dunes, Mount Wario, and Sweet Sweet Canyon from Mario Kart 8 have a better background and are much more impressive than the lame remixes of the generic Mario Circuits and the Bowser Castles in Super Circuit. I give this game only 1 star out of 10.

Wait why is this here this game kicks ass. - Artattack

This game is so underrated but I do not really like the fact that Daisy didn't replace Peach.

I'd give this game 9 stars out of 10.

Worst Mariokart 0/10.

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36 Yoshi's Story

So Happy! - NCS

37 Paper Mario: Color Splash

Worse than hotel Mario? Nothing is worse than hotel Mario

I think this game is underrated, and I will fight you on this opinion. - GengarGuy

Worse than hotel Mario? Man, people have weird opinions

Screw This Game

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38 Super Mario 3D Land

Most of the people who hate this game are rabid Peach haters. But the reason why I don't really like this game much are the Special Worlds. Most of the levels in them are just harder rehashes of older levels in the game. And if the game is called Super Mario 3D LAND, then why don't you at least put some reference to Super Mario Land? Anyway, this was just a disappointment.

This disappoints at it's finest

What do the principles apply to? It's just another game in Mario history where Mario saves Peach and Daisy from Bowser. And now 3D? My sister died from a 3DS. The goomba is stupid too, no offensive to Goomba lovers.

Listen up, please. This is probably the only time I will ever agree with a Daisy fan(the rowdy ones.) Daisy should have been in this game. It's called Super Mario 3D Land. And there's a game called Super Mario Land and it was Daisy's first game. It would make sense to put Daisy as the damsel, but still, this game is great! - Drawbox

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39 Mario Strikers Charged

Say what now?! This game is the best game

The Mario Strikers series could've taken place in British Columbia where Next Level Games actually is. & why was Super Mario Spikers discontinued?

This game is cool but could use improvements.

Are you guys high? This game is hella awesome - Hater

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40 Paper Mario

You gotta be kidding me. How the heck is this game on this list? This game was the epitome of fun on the Nintendo 64 and virtual console.

I don't want to raise a finger of objection, but let's look at this game with a bit of critique. First of, the gameplay is always important. And given this was Mario's second coming into the RPG genre, the story needed to be kept simple for new gamers. Unfortunately, that does not excuse poor writing. And its boss fights aren't that creative either. Very minor nitpicks, but it's worth noticing.

Why the heck is this game on the list?!?! This game is amazing! Take this off! - Aaa2

What, this game rules! What's next, TTYD? - SonicFan4Life

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