Top 10 Worst Mario Games

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101 Game & Watch Gallery 4 V 1 Comment
102 Mario Superstar Baseball

Come on... This Hitler Baseball just annoying... Why let the ugly monster such as King Browser will home run the ball... I hope this Hitler game will be sucked by other good baseball games than this... - AldoFitrian

103 Mario Super Sluggers
104 Yoshi Touch and Go

Honestly wasint a fan of this game

105 Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
106 Mario Party DS


107 Picross 2
108 Mario Golf

The only bad thing about this game is Princess Peach's voice. This game is the first to have Princess Peach's annoying "HELP ME! Mario! " voice. Nonetheless, this game is awesome. Go N64!

109 Mario Party-E

What is Mario party e

Mario Party-E is not a Kirby game

It's a Board Game for Gba add on e-reader. Why is it a board game?

110 Yoshi

Ho put this game here, this game is fun.

111 Yoshi's Story V 1 Comment
112 New Super Mario Bros

Another, awesome game I played.

Whoever put this on this list is drunk. Call of Duty FANBOY FOUND.

Augh... This Game Is Too Hard!

Another, horrible game I played.

113 Wario World

This actualy fub but for me its 5/10.

My sec. Favorite. Mario game,but its pretty bad.

114 Dr. Mario V 1 Comment
115 WarioWare D.I.Y.
116 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Um do you people realize that Donkey Kong has his own franchise? - Rue

117 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

This game is enjoyable

118 Smash Tour

As a single player like myself This mode is rather boring and It doesn't give me much motivation to play it. Better with friends.

Me and my bro love smash tour

Smash Tour Sucks And A Ripoff Of Mario Party And They Should Of Keeped Adventure Mode On Smash Bros

This isn't even a Mario game. It's a mini game in Smash for Wii U. And I want to say that Smash Run for the 3DS is so much better! Too bad the big N gave us SSBU users this to compare with that greatness. Still, this shouldn't be on here.

119 Donkey Kong Jr.
120 Donkey Kong Jr. Math
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